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Barrville was once a beautiful section of our beloved city, Malton. Its ideal location in the middle of the city brought the entertainment business there. Barrville has one of the few Stadiums in Malton and is known worldwide because of it.

Early History

The First Leader

The land was first settled by a tribes leader named Barh. Barh was said to have been superhuman. He defied death many times and ruled his people for nearly two centuries. Historians cannot figure out what happened to him. There are two stories. One says that he returned to death where he slept until the day he was needed. The other claims that he went on a journey to hell. Neither story has been accepted as fact by the scientific community.


According to legend, Barrville was the first place to record music. The people living there were supposedly the most advanced culture on earth. Messages were recorded into the sides of pottery like vinyl records. Their pottery was sent all across the known world. The most famous piece of pottery was that which recorded the voice of Jesus commanding Lazarus to rise from the dead. This piece of pottery was thought to be very valuable and was shipped back to England and hid in Barrville. Followers of Barh used the pottery to raise him from the dead.

Once again according to legend, Barh stood once again except this time he was not truly there. His body was, but his mind was elsewhere. He attacked and killed every follower of his. The followers that died would rise just like he shouting, "Barhah!" Their shouts were supposedly heard for miles before falling silent.

Villagers from nearby areas, including Roman invaders, have written that "the ground was dead but chanted something I dare not speak aloud. 'Barhah! Barhah! Barhah!'"


Barrville officially got it's name on February 3rd, 1786. Sir Oswald Burchill, a known follower of the Barhah cult, renamed the area from Westropp to Barrville. This sparked a controversy among Christians, who viewed this as evil. Fearing an angry mob, Burchill ordered the burning of St Symmachus's Church while the people were locked inside. Burchill was caught by British soldiers and was hung from the tree which is now in front of Strange Bank.


Barrville became an important area once again when the British Movie Industry moved in to make their movies based on the area's mysterious past. The film was ultimately a flop but soon became a cult hit when some noted that the ghoulish figure of a man could be seen in the background of every scene. As the movie became more and more popular more and more images of ghoulish figures could be seen. People from all over came to record these "ghosts" hoping to make a fortune. Then one day every image of them was gone. Even old copies of the films would not show the ghouls. The films became worthless until after WWII a man named W.J. Kersley bought them all and hid them underneath one of the buildings which was dubbed "The Nix".


In 1948 a group of wannabe robbers broke into the Strange Bank. They climbed in through the roof and dropped down into the main lobby. Using dynamite, they blew open the vault door and grabbed as much money as they could. One of the robbers threw all the bills on the ground after reportedly seeing a ghoulish face on them. Terrified, he ran towards the vault but it quickly slammed on him. The screams of the three robbers was heard for nearly a mile, which alerted the police.

At 4:00 AM, the police arrived at the scene thinking it was another robbery. To their surprise, the vault door was still closed despite the locks having been broken by dynamite. When one of the officers tried to open the vault door he was unable to. At 11:00 AM a construction crew finally made it to the scene and pried the vault open. The contents of the vault would later be described as "a bloodbath of violence and horror that pushed the laws of science."

The vault room had been filled with blood up to the ceiling and had to be pumped out of the bank as it flooded outwards. Inside, the three would-be robbers were found torn apart in what was called a "ritual of Satanic worship". The skin had been flayed from each body before being pinned to the ceiling using their nails. Their eyeballs had been gauged out and placed within their mouths. The police report stopped describing the scene after that point but added "the only thing missing is their brains. It looks as if the skull was gnawed on and the brains were eaten out of it."

Building of Floyde Stadium

Floyde Stadium was built under heavy controversy. The owner, an alleged Barhah cultist, built it on the original location of St Symmachus's Church. The people of St Philomena's Church collected money to rebuild St Symmachus's Church southwest of its original location. Perhaps the biggest controversy was the lawsuit between the stadium and the band Pink Floyd. The stadium was originally painted pink and used its name and color to draw fans of the band. The band won the lawsuit and the stadium was forced to change its color.

When the biggest storm in Malton hit Barrville it killed over 5,000 people who were watching a Malton Rovers football game. A lightning bolt hit the four metal rods on each side of the stadium, which, for some unknown reason, had been connected to every seat in the field, killing everyone at the game. The mysterious owner was never found after this event. Many claim he planned it.

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