Basic Training

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Basic Training
Abbreviation: BT
Group Numbers: currently low
Leadership: [aka twitch]
Goals: Train and protect new survivors
Recruitment Policy: Survivors under Level 10, no griefers or cheaters. Ex-zombies are welcome.
Contact: talk page

aka twitch is currently operating out of the northern Nixbank area, and can be frequently found in St. Daniel's Hospital.

Objectives are simple:

(If you do stick around and train more, aka twitch urges you to buy Construction next - it's not as sexy as guns and axes, but zombies never die, you can only slow them down. Barricades are the most efficient way to do that.)

Until new players learn to budget their AP, scout out entry points and safehouses, and all that other good stuff, the best way to gain levels and buy basic skills is to hang out in a hospital and treat the wounded.

aka twitch is committed to keeping the barricades at St. Daniel's at VSB (unless under siege) so new players can train and get started in Urban Dead.

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