Bassence Row Fire Station

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Bassence Row Fire Station
EthrDemon (talk) 00:06, 18 May 2020 (UTC)
Bassence Row Fire Station

Shore Hills [33,52]

Shearston Walk the Horner Building a junkyard
the Paull Building Bassence Row Fire Station Arbery Walk
the Sainsbury Building wasteland the Reading Building

Basic Info:

  • Can be barricaded normally.



Bassence Row Fire Station is Shore Hills only Fire Station.

this seems to be the reason why it is constantly attacked , shore hills is slowly becoming more dangerous

Barricade Policy

The fire station is a safe house for newbies, and the barricades are kept at VSB. was a safe house for newbies, now is almost constantly attacked and survivors try to keep at ehb,im moving now to barrville so im not going to be editing this page anymore--madmac356


11.12.09- ehb about 3 survivors left inside , genny now refueled about 5 dead bodies outside--madmac356 11.24.09- Is a functioning newbie safehouse.

11.29.09- An attack occurred. Barricades down from VSB to nothing. Doors were left wide open. Doors are now closed. There is one zombie inside, and 4 humans. Rebuilding efforts starting immediately.

12.1.09- Fully operational again. VSB. Running generator.

4.12.09- under attack with 3 zombies and 5 dead bodies outside. 6 survivors inside including me, one more coming from north blyville. vsb and low fuel in generator--madmac356

6.12.09- 8 dead bodies outside zombies got in and no1 has construction so the doors are just closed at the minute i might be able to buy construction at the end of today but any help would be apreciated--madmac356

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