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Bastion High

Bastion High is a pro-survivor group which is currently acting as a semi-permanent security force in Calvert Mall. We may uproot at some point in the distant future, but for now we watch over Calvert and the surrounding area like a hawk. A hawk with a telescope taped to a magnifying glass. In space. With X-Ray vision. Where was I going with-

Right, so we try to stress safety over combat. Barricading, reviving, and healing are the three most important parts of Bastion High. However, buildings full of zombies need to be cleared out, especially if the building is ransacked or ruined. If you have a combat oriented character, rest assured that we need you, too.

You are important as an individual cog in the Bastion High machine. We at Bastion High believe that a good idea is a good idea, no matter who comes up with it. Anyone who finds a solution to a problem or an improvement to a tactic is welcome to propose it.

We accept members of all levels. If you would like to join, please register here, at our message boards. Feel free to contact Xshu regarding further information.

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