Battle of Calvert Mall

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Battle of Calvert Mall
Conflict Urban Dead
Date January
Place Calvert Mall
Result Zombie Victory
Survivors Zombies
Anton Eunus, Tsukigami Mighty Warlord Xyu
  • Cops, Firefighters, Consumers, Privates, Medics, Scouts, NecroTech Lab Assistants and Doctors


Almost everyone A lot of zombies died, but they still won.


October 22, 2005 - With news having been sketchy over the past few days, and the latest report being over two days old, the citizens in the Calvert Mall have become increasingly nervous. A recent report from a civilian reporter in the area tells us the following:

"Zombie activity has been on the rise over the past few days here in Quarlesbank. It is rumored that a full-scale zombie attack is scheduled on the mall to kill off the unsuspecting survivors inside. Anyone still inside the mall is either advised to heavily barricade the mall or seek other shelter, if possible. With rescue units still not mobilized, the situation looks grim for the residents of the mall. We need help. More reports as the situation develops." - Amanu Jaku, reporter WMTN TV 7 News October 30, 2005 - A light zombie attack consisting of around twenty zombies was repelled. Two of the four mall squares were taken down to loosely barricaded by the attacks, but the attack was eventually defeated with no survivor deaths.

January 18, 2005 - Shoppers have been preparing for the rumored threat of the Tour, and now a few mallgoers are trying to organize a resistance group. First obstacle: lack of a name.

January 19, 2005 - The Calvert United Resistance is calling itself that tentatively for sake of organization. Currently setting up a defense network.

January 25, 2006 - Advisory: All necrotech employees please stock up with as many syringes as possible. Everyone else, please purchase headshot, and move out of the mall - get to Caiger Mall to the SW and help make a final stand there.

January 27, 2006 - Mall taken by Mall Tour '06

The Battle....A Total Loss?

Acording to both Humans and Zombies the Mall was porly defended, and almost everyone inside died, It's unknown how defended the mall was but all the poeple who died will be deeply missed.