Battle of Walrond Square

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Battle of Walrond Square
Conflict Urban dead
Date July 14th
Place Walrond Square
Result Stallone Victory
Stallones Zombies, PKers, and Zerg Hunters
Stallone, Stallone Zerg, Gay Stallone, Stallone's Mom, Super Gay Stallone, Stallone's tiny nuts, Stallone's bone, Stallone's manjuice, The Stallone Violator, Stallone Avenger, Stallone Wannabe, and more. Valafar, Clobber Girl, SharkSkinMan, Anime Sucks, Michelle Sim, Cyberbob, and others including zombies.

93 Zergs

Several Zombies, PKers, and Zerg Hunters

30 The whole revive point!

It began in the wee hours of July 14th. A man named Stallone created a zerg army that would make Sauron and Saruman quiver. With this mighty army Stallone destroyed the Walrond Square revive point used by Giddings Mall.

The Beginning

Hundreds of years ago, in the times of Alexander the Great, there was a treasure. The treasue was said to be the largest in all the lands, owned by Darius of Persia. When Alexander defeated Darius he took that money and invested it in "Skynet", the company that created the Terminators.

Years later Skynet would release their robot army on the Eastern Roman Empire. To cover up this attack the CIA blamed the Huns. Alexander saw the threat and gathered an army of over two million to battle the Skynet Terminators.

Alexander traveled all over the world and even into space to find those willing to fight for justice. The Elves, Dwarves, Special ED students, Bothan Spies, Greedos, Autobots, and Velociraptors answered Alexander's call. With his army of Atlantians and his allied military they met the Terminators in Paris.

The Original Battle

In Paris the two armies collided. Alexander ordered his army to flank the Terminators but it was no use, they were no match to Machine Gun fire. In the end there were only a few left in Alexander's army of Atlantians, including General Stallone. The leader of the Terminator army, Arnold Schwarzenegger, ordered the others to stand around in a circle to trap Alexander.

In a fight to the death the two fought to see who would rule the planet. Alexander's fleshy fists were no match for Arnold Schwarzenegger's metal face and he collapsed to the ground. Arnold saw this oppurtunity and decapitated Alexander.

Stallone rushed towards Arnold but was fatally wounded by a sword in the chest. Arnold saw the battle was over and walked away. But Stallone stood up. Both Stallone and Arnold were in shock, Stallone was an Immortal. He grabbed his sword and chopped off Arnold's head. With their leader gone the Terminators shut down. The battle was over.

The Return of a King

Zombie Arnold would return at the beginning of the outbreak with an army of zombies, Tarkata warriors, Sith, and Ninjas. The world would once again be embroiled in a war that would decide its fate.

Stallone created an army of past allies and new. Every battle that he met Zombie Arnold at he'd lose. Soon he was running out of men and allies. Realizing that he had no other alternatives he cloned himself 92 times. With his army of 93, including himself, he met Zombie Arnold on the battlefield of Walrond Square.

In another epic battle Stallone defeated Zombie Arnold and his army. When Arnold fell Stallone ran to see who his enemy was and Arnold revealed himself. After the battle, zombies, PKers, and Zerg Hunters went after Stallone calling him a zerger. Little did they know that he saved the universe from being ruled by the Terminator. According to some Arnold was banished back to California. Other say he was banished to bad movies.

I think I'm a clone now

What few people seem to realize is that cloning is not without its difficulties, especially with the brain of Stallone. As a result some of the clones, were, well, not perfect. Sometimes the clones would come out delusional (more-so than usual) or emphasizing a particular body part or personality attribute. Here's a run down of some of the clone types.

  • StalloneZerg - These were the first generation of StalloneClones. They were perfect copies of the original.
  • StallonesTinyNuts - These clones confirmed what we all suspected: steroids are not good for testicles, nor are they good for clones that come out as only shrunken testicles.
  • StallonesManJuice - These were the generation that came after StallonesTinyNuts, also noted for being the weakest of the clones due to the shrunken nature of his nuts.
  • StallonesMom - A clone of Stallone in which the Y chromosone wasnot transferred, so we got a copy of Stallone's mom. Interesting enough she shot, probably because no one stopped.
  • Stallonesgotaboner - Not an acutal Stallone clone, this was actually one of his many groupies.
  • GayStallone - One of the few perfect copies of stallone.
  • SuperGayStallone - Much stronger (and with smaller testicles) than the original.
  • StalloneAvenger - one of the last generations of Stallones. Outraged over the death of his clone brothers he put on tights and cape and went to avenge his brothers. Interestingly enough he seemed to know his size in tights already.
  • Iwanttobeastallone - Another of Stallone\'s groupies. Not an actual stallone.
  • ViolatedbyStallone - The weakest of the Stallones and preyed on by all other Stallones. Known to complain about the lack of cuddling.
  • CDFvictim(numbers) - After being PKed by CDF members one too many times for zerging, stallone's created this strain.

The End

After the battle was over the many Stallones gathered to celebrate their new victory. But out of no where came Kevan with his ban-sword. Screaming, "There can be only one!", Kevan chopped off each and every Stallone head. And thus The Game was over with Kevan as the true champion.

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