Bear Force One

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Bear Force One
Abbreviation: BFO
Group Numbers: 5
Leadership: Jonnie QQ, Courtney QQ, Raymond Davison
Goals: Survive
Recruitment Policy: None

We are here to destroy the zombie infestation! Hit us with your best shot slimy creatures of death. Bear Force One is here to eliminate, destroy and rebuild in Malton.

General Information

Bear Force One is a Task Force group that has decided to fight against the zombie invasion in Malton. We are here to survive, and help others survive. We destroy the infestation!

Current Status

Currently taking refuge in Rhodenbank as of March 25th, 2008. Majority of the Task Force is held up in the Carlyle Building (NT).


Jonnie QQ
Courtney QQ
Raymond Davison
Mr Burndown

Contact Information

AIM: I am Tomalot

Contact me through either of those means if you are interested in joining or have been referred to this page for further recruitment.

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