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Bearcrofte Bank
EHB, unlit
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Bearcrofte Bank

Pescodside [98,11]

Lentell Walk Police Dept Leigh Walk the Prior Monument
the Jewell Museum Bearcrofte Bank the Petvin Museum
the Squires Building Newcombe Towers a junkyard

Basic Info:

  • All banks were emptied or looted prior to evacuation. Tagging a bank earns 1 XP.
  • Banks are Dark buildings.
  • Among the internal descriptions found in Banks:
    • "The vault lies open, its contents either looted or transferred."
  • Banks can be barricaded normally.

Bearcrofte Bank.jpg


Bearcrofte Bank was an old branch bank located in the suburb of Pescodside. "Was" is very literal, as the original Bearcrofte Bank closed its doors in mid-1998 after having provided service to Pescodside residents since it first opened in 1923. The bank had the misfortune of providing a sizable loan to the now defunct newspaper known as the Malton Press. When the newspaper company went bankrupt the bank found very few assets to seize during the fallout and only a few months later the bank was itself forced into bankruptcy.

Then in 2001 the building was purchased by a wealthy and eccentric old man named Roger Punkit. An architectural enthusiast, he bought the old bank and planned to remodel it into his new home. As Mr.Punkit failed to inform anyone of his plans though it was not long before suburb residents would, from time to time, enter his new home unannounced and request various bank transactions. This usually happened why Mr.Punkit was enjoying a particularly enjoyable cup of tea. Mr.Punkit, grouchy by nature of his old age, naturally became enraged by these frequent disturbances and initially began throwing people out the front doors by the scruff of their neck. Rather than discourage people it had the opposite effect as more people began to visit the "bank" in hopes of succeeding where everyone else had failed. That is to say, they wanted to open a new bank account. Before long an exasperated Mr.Punkit finally gave up and grudgingly started accepting his role as the owner of a bank. From what people say he seemed to perform his new role quiet admirably, considering that he never had any formal education in bank matters and was the only person actually working at his home, err, bank.

Ever since the "Malton Incident" the bank has been closed for business, but a few local survivors still hold onto their Punkit Bank card in hopes that one day after the epidemic ends they can return to bother old Mr.Punkit some more...

Barricade Policy

This building should be Extremely Heavily barricaded at all times. This is in accordance with the mutually agreed-upon Pescodside Barricade Plan set forth by local survivor groups and the Dulston Alliance, who routinely work together to monitor that the barricades for this building are at the aforementioned level. This building is meant to serve as a safehouse for Malton's veteran survivors.

Survivors who find the building's barricades below their assigned level are asked to assist in raising them back up in order to help ensure the safety of all the survivors staying inside the building. Any survivor found lowering the barricades may be directly "put to the question" by any member of the Dulston Alliance or a vigilante-minded survivor who catches the culprit in the act. If this happens the accused survivor must present a valid reason for their actions or be labeled a zombie spy/death cultist and be judged accordingly. So always be cautious lest you find yourself summarily executed for crimes against humanity.

Current Events

Nothing to report.

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