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The Beer Cruzade

What is the Beer Cruzade?

Like the 5th of november event, the Beer Cruzade try to call any group & person who support it to one determinated Green Suburb (Called Fatherland) & from there attack in an Enormius coordination effort killing all the zombie presence in any suburb on them way, crossing suburb by suburb untile reach the target suburb (called Holyland)and clean any zombie presence in the area.

The Template itself of the Beer Cruzade contain all the information who the Cruzader need to know for join the cruzade (& be part of it), if you put it on your Group or User page, you are going to be able to know about any caractericstics of this cruzade.

-What suburb is the Meeting Suburb (Fatherland)

-Untile when the People & Groups gonna wait there before start them way to Holyland
(if they give a special amount of time, the normal is 1 month)

-Since when the order is active(see Sign on the Template)

-Who is calling this cruzade(see Sign on the Template)

& the most important of all...

-Against what groups (if are) we are going to fight in our travel (see others)

-Where are going to be the "Cruzaders Revive Hospitals" (Revive Points for Cruzaders)(see Holy Beer)

& of Course...

-What suburb is the Target Suburb (Holyland)

Who can Call to a Beer Cruzade?

Just the leaders of the Pro-Survivors Groups who are part of the Beer Cruzade, & just after all of them agreed about start it.

Alternatibly, they can notify after they'll agreed about start the new cruzade, this in place of notify with a time before for prepare, this have the advantage of make harder to the possible enemys to know from where & when start the cruzade untile is too late.

Why must add to the Beer Cruzade?

Because is your duty eliminate the Zombie Scum, and you know what is told, if you die on the beer cruzade, you go straigth to the Alcohol Heaven ;)

How i join the Beer Cruzade?

GE infantry.gif Beer Cruzade
(Your name or Group Name Here) is a participer of the Beer Cruzade and put all him's effor in the next cruzade to clean the path from the Fatherland to the Holyland of Unbelievers, Heretics & any other who dare to be against the name of the Holy Beer.

Signed:Example Sign 04:27, 16 November 2008 (UTC)

{{Blizkrieg|User=(Your name or Group Name Here)}}

Adding this Template to your user page or group page & Staying alert about any Call to Arms, when the leaders of the groups call to another beer cruzade, this template is gonna contain all the information & is going to be signed for the main head, the one who convince the other groups leaders about participate in this beer cruzade, this guy gonna be the one who gonna coordinate the Cruzaders operations between the groups members of the beer cruzade.

At the moment if you put this template in your user page, you'll gonna be a Cruzader in the next Beer Cruzade in the Sacred name of the Holy Beer!!!


<<<None Yet>>>

--Obsdark 02:18, 10 October 2008 (BST)