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Survivor Tactics
The information on this page or section discusses a survivor strategy.

Beerhah is the blessed state of survivor bliss that comes from working with other survivors to ensure that life goes on throughout Malton, as well as a good mix of intoxication.


While "Beerhah" is a loose concept, most groups that practice Beerhah hold the following ideals as core principles.

1. All survivors should work together for the betterment of Malton.
2. Survivors who participate in the metagame shouldn't be given special status. Revives, advice, and help should be given to all survivors in Malton. This protection should extend even to survivors who may not know what they're doing.
3. Revivification is the chosen means of survival in Malton.
4. Drama is to be avoided at all costs. Rivalries between groups or personalities only serve to exacerbate problems in combatting the dead and bringing life across Malton.
5. Urban Dead is meant to be a fun game for both survivors and zombies.

Groups Who Have Received Beerhah

In the interest of not favoring survivors who metagame, any single survivor may receive Beerhah. Some may not be identified as belonging to a group, some may only put "Beerhah Survivor" in their profile. However, many groups hold Beerhah to be sacred. Among these groups are...

How To Get Involved

If one wants to truly get involved with the Beerhah movement, it is suggested that they visit The Beerhah Forum, and sign up asking to become a Beerhah Survivor. If one is zombified, it may be appropriate to inquire where one may get a revive.

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