Bellis Park (Pegton)

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Bellis Park

Pegton [81, 57]

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Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.

Bellis Park (Pegton)


The glow-in-the-dark 'bunkers'.

Bellis Park, one of two bearing the name in Malton, is notable for its golf bunker-like landmarks, situated in a grassy clearing surrounded by trees.


Mayhew on the alert for aliens (or golfers).

Despite their similarity to golf bunkers (and indeed, Pegtonians often used the park for impromptu putting practice), the famous Bellis Park craters were actually caused by a UFO landing in the area in 1901. This event was witnessed only by the groundskeeper, Archie Mayhew, who declared (in his broad Pegtonian accent), "Och, ah've nivver seen its like in aw ma puff, it wiz oanly a wee roond shiny machine, ye ken, but it fair had me auld e'en poking oot ma heid so it did."

The alien craft apparently attempted several landings, leaving the distinctive depressions as it did so, before vanishing at a speed that left Mayhew awestruck for several hours until he was found by a man walking his dog. Despite Mayhew's best efforts, no grass ever grew where the craft had touched it, and Geiger counters still go off the scale when taken to the site. For this reason, golf practice was discouraged in the clearing. Some scientists believe the illicit golfers may have irradiated themselves so severely that the genetic mutations presented by Malton's present zombies were created.

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