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Abbreviation: none
Group Numbers: ??
Leadership: Scheherazade
Goals: Survival
Recruitment Policy: Anyone can join, just put Betrayed as your group, visit our forum and post your name and profile in the recruiting section.
Contact: Our Forum


Betrayed is going through some major changes after a long period of inactivity. Once a Zombie/Death Cultist/Pker group, we are now aligning ourselves with the survivors of Malton.

If you are interested in joining, please visit our forum and follow the instructions in the recruiting and new member areas.

Betrayed: A Survivor Group

We are Survivors of the Zombie Holocaust working together towards common goals.


  • To Preserve life and Support the Living.
  • To have fun.

Why should you join?

Let's face it, there are some perks to belonging to a group, and some people don't like the militaristic approach. Who wants to be told what to do all the time? As members of Betrayed, we work together out of common interest.

What is your playing style?

We offer different playing styles for different people. Hey, variety is the spice of life.

Do you like the loner approach?

If that's what you like, but you still want the perks of belonging to the group, we're happy to accommodate you.

Do you like things a little more organized?

We have a faction that likes highly organized assaults. You're free to get involved and to come and go with this as you wish. Just try to keep the commitments you make. If you need a little more freedom, you can return to the loner lifestyle at any time.

Friends and Allies

Interested in forming an alliance with Betrayed?

Please contact us on our [forums] or our talk page.

Joining the Group:

Recruiting Ad

Anyone is welcome to join the group. Just put Betrayed as your group, then post your name and profile on our Forum

We also have delicious home made cake!


Member Template

Betrayed.png BETRAYED!
<user name> is a member of Betrayed.

You can use this template by adding the following to your user page, at the point you want the design above to appear:

 {{Betrayed|Name=<user name>}}

Preferences and Policy

Aspyinourmist.png Forum Spies Suck
This user or group thinks that infiltrating another group's forum is a pathetic and disgusting waste of human potential, in contrast to in-game spying.
Skinned.jpg Just Say No To Text Rape!
Text rapists are idiots! Skin them alive and feed them to the zombies!

Known Text Rapists and what you should do about them (aside from hunting them down and killing them)