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Better Days
Abbreviation: BeDa
Group Numbers: 5 and recruiting
Leadership: Carl Newton, Deison Marx, shweazel
Goals: Survival & Restoration of vital buildings
Recruitment Policy: See Carl, Deison, or shweazel

Currently under construction. Will improve in time!

Basic History

While most groups put forward stories of harsh and glorious beginnings, Better Days attempts to do no such thing.
Put simply, Better Days was formed shortly after the quarantine by a small group of vacationers who became trapped. The reasons for the formation? Simply put, survival. BeDa has no aspirations of suburb control, no aspirations of zombie extermination, and no real dominant tendencies. BeDa strives simply for survival, in a unique way: by embracing the two emotions most essential in dealing with predators. Fear and anger.

BeDa's main objective is to survive through mingling. We do not setup HQ's and we do not turn ourselves into targets by remaining in one place. We move for safety, while simultaneously 'blending' with other groups, offering aid in the form of offense and defense while we visit their areas. While we mingle, we take on the problems and goals of the groups we live with, learning of them through listening to radio broadcasts, reading news, and engaging in conversations. However, BeDa will never mingle with groups that seek to harm innocent survivors.

Location & Grouping

The bulk of operations being carried out by better days are currently based out of Darvall Heights, sometimes in conjunction with the Soldiers of Crossman.

Recruitment Policies

See one of three members for details on joining: Carl Newton, Deison Marx, or shweazel.
If you're unable to find one of them, send an email to the email with 'Apply BeDa' as a subject header.

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