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Guests of Honor - Those Who Rallied to the Call of BEER! - Beer Pledge '07
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Biertag '07


In what will be known as the first Biertag festival since the zombie epidemic struck Malton, Biertag '07 was considered a success by the Burchell Arms Regulars (BAR) and co-festival founder Caleb Usher. While it is true that St. Arnold's Church in Roftwood did not celebrate the event and St. Arnold's Church in Judgewood was overrun by the zombies of Extinction, who killed the local celebrating members of The Grove, there were still parties at the other two churches.

The main celebration was of course in Rolt Heights at the St. Arnold's Church where the BAR first met and discussed their plans to bring back the beer festival that Malton had lost to the zombie panic. The BAR's love of beer was legendary, so in the months following the Rolt Heights War they planned the Biertag festival like the precision of a military operation, only with more beer. Lots more beer. Then on July 8th, 2007, having invited beer-loving survivors and groups from far and wide, Biertag officially opened its doors to everyone.

Meanwhile in another suburb The Grove Tour made a special stop-over at St. Arnold's Church in Brooke Hills with the sole purpose of starting up a Biertag festival there. While lacking the numbers of the main Biertag festival over in Rolt Heights, The Grove more than made up for the lack of guests with their sheer enthusiasm and classic party-hearty style. As the saying goes, "They work hard and party harder."

Guests of Honor

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While its generally considered that anyone who shows up at Biertag is considered "special", if only for their ability to drink epic quantities of alcohol that would kill a lesser man (or woman), there were still a few notable individuals who attended Biertag '07 that should be mentioned because of one reason or another. Those individuals were:

Special Guests Who are they...? Famous for what...?
Jim Phil Leader of the Burchell Arms Regulars The man whose dedication to all things BEER helped bring back Biertag to the thirsty masses!
Colonel Walter Kurtz
Cpt Benjamin Willard
Drama Club Performed the famous ending scene from the movie "Apocalypse Now" at St. Arnold's Church in Rolt Heights.
Sexy Rexy Grossman Leader of the Dribbling Beavers He once drank 10, no wait 15, actually better make it 20 mugs, no wait gallons, of beer! Honest to God! He also recorded almost 48 hours worth of the event.
Barroom Hero Leader of the Rambling Drunks For bringing a shipment of alcohol through thirsty enemy lines without losing a single keg or bottle. I mean to the enemy. Hey, it's a thirsty job! Bottoms up!
Lemonhead7t7 Leader of the Pescodside Defense Alliance For mixing up the meanest drink this side of Malton, the "Sour Toe Cocktail". Given the zombie situation the toe ingredient was easy enough to procure...
Goolina Co-Leader of the RRF Gore Corps Other than commanding one of the deadliest pro-zombie groups she was also so "smokin' hot" as to distract more than a few partiers from their drinking.
Zoutroi Co-Leader of the RRF Gore Corps As above, except he wasn't all that "hot". He did bust a few moves, and we're sure a few heads when BAR security wasn't looking. Don't mess with this guy.
Evildemon989 Head of Foreign and Domestic Affairs for Metal Fox. For drunk and disorderly conduct that made every other drunk proud. There's only one real way to be drunk and he showed it.
The'Joker Co-Leader of the The Watchmen He may be a killer, but the man loves Bob Dylan. How can anyone hate a man who loves Dylan? He even sang "All Along the Watchtower".

Those Who Rallied to the Call of BEER!

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In addition to the guests of honor, there were survivors from a variety of groups which showed up at the Biertag beer festival to help celebrate. Listed are the group they were affiliated with (at the time at least), and thus, showed their group's support for the holiday. It should also be mentioned that there may have been other groups present that might have been overlooked, which is a serious possibility as most of the people there were blitzed out of their minds, but here are the groups who we know had representatives (and yes, we use that term loosely) at the various festivals:

Groups Home Suburb(s) Affiliation
Redskull.jpg Brotherhood of the Reckoning
  • Nomadic...
BAR small.jpg Burchell Arms Regulars, The
DeadvsBlue small.jpg Dead vs Blue Survivors
Dribblingbeaver.jpg Dribbling Beavers, The Survivors
Medicsymbol.jpg D.I.T.P.S Survivors
FiveCritics.jpg Drama Club
  • Nomadic...
FotFL GroupIcon.jpg Friends of the Featherstone Library Survivors
BGPD.jpg Grove, The
MMI small.jpg Malton Music Industry Survivors
Metal Fox small.jpg Metal Fox Survivors
PDA small.jpg Pescodside Defense Alliance Survivors
ThePlague small.jpg Plague, The Zombies
RamblingDrunks.jpg Rambling Drunks, The Survivors
REDRUM small.jpg Red Rum
  • Nomadic...
RCDC logomini.jpg RCDC Survivors
Ridleybank-sam.jpeg Ridleybank Resistance Front, The
Gun.jpg Rolt Heights Vigilante Patrol Survivors
Logo 2.JPG Rouge Heart Aces
  • Nomadic...
UBA.png United Bar Alliance Survivors
Wayofthegun horz.jpg Watchmen, The
  • Nomadic...

Beer Pledge '07

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Biertag '07 has now passed in Malton's history books, but these are the people who originally planned to drop by and join in the celebrations. This sign-up list was considered extra important for those survivors who happened to have a murderous background, as it would have allowed others to recognize that they were at the church to kill a few beers, not people. Later this offer was extended to zombies as well, although most were revived during the festival in order for them to join in the drinking:

Sign-Up List for the Rolt Heights Party

  1. Caleb Usher - NecroTech - "As a scientist I know not all chemicals are bad. Without chemicals such as hydrogen and oxygen, for example, there would be no way to make water, a vital ingredient in beer."
  2. MrGomez - The Burchell Arms Regulars - "I'll be in Rolt Heights. You want to have a real party, you party with the Regulars!"
  3. Jaydepps - Metal Fox - "I'll be there."
  4. Dominique Pinon - The Burchell Arms Regulars - "Chug a lug chug a lug. Makes me wanta holler hidey ho."
  5. Guy Granger - The Burchell Arms Regulars - "..."
  6. Red Balfour - The Burchell Arms Regulars - "Count me in! I'll bring my Guinness Book of Guinness."
  7. Clint Harbringer - The Burchell Arms Regulars - "I'm sure I can take a break from my managerial responsibilities in Santlerville! I'll be there!"
  8. Hintasur Gastaunt - The Burchell Arms Regulars - "Assuming my revivers aren't wasted already, I shall attend to commemorate my journey across Malton, culminating in Biertag, and the Burchell Arms Regulars."
  9. Tommy Monahan - The Burchell Arms Regulars - "We've got the beer, and I'll make the time!"
  10. Torjim - The Burchell Arms Regulars - "I'm not sure if I'll make it but hell if I won't do my best to get there!"
  11. Crispinchicken - Malton Music Industry - "There's no way I'd miss out on a chance to chug some beer and blast some zeds!"
  12. Strata - Red Rum - "Friends?...No. Truce & Beer? Sounds great."
  13. Warstorm - The Burchell Arms Regulars - "Can't wait for this event!"
  14. ColdBones - The Burchell Arms Regulars - "Mmmmm.....Beeeeer!"
  15. SPECTER77 - The Burchell Arms Regulars - "No comment."
  16. Evildemon989 - Metal Fox - "You know, as long as I'm not too drunk(or in bed), I will be there."
  17. Vortexx - Rhodenbank Civil Defense Corps - "Whares ma bier... Nah... I'm nat drank..."
  18. Zombie Widower - Metal Fox - "I'll join in the alcoholic fun."
  19. Ghosthalo - Metal Fox - "Mmmm... Beer."
  20. Sridatta - Metal Fox - "*Hic* I'm not drunk yet!"
  21. Cleatus Stinkbottom - The Burchell Arms Regulars - "Cheers to Beers"
  22. Manapua - United Bar Alliance - "A worthwhile pilgrimage."
  23. Sergeant Shultz - City of Malton Pipes and Drums - "As long as he's not in combat, he'll be there."
  24. Sgt Beebus - Rouge Heart Aces - "A representative of Rouge Heart Aces, showing our group's good intentions in socialising with others of different backgrounds."
  25. Knightmonger - The Brotherhood of the Reckoning - "I love Ale and malt liquor."
  26. Sexy Rexy Grossman - The Dribbling Beavers - "I owe the BAR a round for their excellent help during The Battle of Santlerville. Many other Beavers shall come as well."
  27. Barroom Hero - The Rambling Drunks - "I'll be there, along with several other Rambling Drunks Members... Hopefully."
  28. James Ennis - Freelancer - "I could use a break from hunting zeds down in Dunningwood. I'll do my best to make it!"
  29. iphoenixsongi - The Dribbling Beavers - "I know where I'll be! BIERTAG!!!!"
  30. Vigeous - Rouge Heart Aces - "Beer, and people that two months ago I was hunting, and we aren't killing each other? Sounds good to me. Oh shit, bounty hunter..."
  31. Zephram Dagrath - Metal Fox - "Sounds like a plan!"
  32. soberdoc - D.I.T.P.S - "I may be soberdoc, but I can still drink!"
  33. Byggvir - D.I.T.P.S - "Sounds like fun. I'll show up, drink until I can't see straight, and get right back to performing surgery."
  34. Jim Phil - The Burchell Arms Regulars - "What the hell? How is it I haven't signed up yet? Christ, what a tool..."
  35. Mark Fredrick - The Burchell Arms Regulars - "I put the arty in party. Or something..."
  36. RichTee - The Rambling Drunks - "I'm as slober as nudge ocifer *hic* Show me the way to go home, I'm tired an I wanna to go to bed...I had little drink bout an hour ago n it's gone right to me head...."
  37. The'Joker - The Watchmen - Officers version! "Indicate to me the way to my abode,I'm fatigued and I wish to retire,I had a small beverage sixty minutes ago,and it went right to my cranium" .... The Watchmen are already stocking up on meths should the beer run out. Hmmm ah yes "Tiiiny Bubbles in my beeer make me happy, makes me full of cheers..."
  38. Kornkob - The Rambling Drunks - "Take 'er easy for all the sinners of the world, dude. Abide. And amen. Duderonomy: Book 4, Verse 5"
  39. headbangerfear - The Rambling Drunks - "What's better than getting wasted on Bertag? That's right. Nothing!"
  40. hector malo - The Burchell Arms Regulars - "Awyea!"
  41. Reid Fleming - The Rambling Drunks - "Personally, I'd rawther be drinking a cold refreshing beer at Biertag than reading some old silly weeks old newspawper!"
  42. Martin Arrowsmith - D.I.T.P.S - "Surgery is very serious! I do not advocate intoxicated surgery. Unless, it's a really funny party game. Party on, Regulars!"
  43. Goolina - Gore Corps - "I'll be there on the arm of my date, Sexy Rexy Grossman...and hopefully on the arm of my other date, Braggledorth, too. Because, well, that's how I roll."
  44. Braggledorth - AU10 - "I'll be there!! And although Goolina might be showing up with Sexy Rexy Grossman she's going HOME with me. Because, well, that's how I roll."
  45. Evils Presley - The Dribbling Beavers - "If ever there were doubts as to whether I play as hard as I work, trust that they shall be allayed by July 9."
  46. Lemonhead7t7 - Pescodside Defense Alliance - "I'll be there to bid farewell to one of malton's finest, and to make some other announcements as well, while getting smashed."
  47. Heiki - Ridleybank Resistance Front - Gore Corps - "Ah Biertag. One of the few parties I go to that doesn't end in tears and bloor due to yours truely. Hay! Why does Goolina get two dates?!"
  48. zoutroi - Ridleybank Resistance Front - Gore Corps - "I never pass up a party..."
  49. Deacon Steele - The Burchell Arms Regulars - "Wow, how did I forget to sign up for Biertag?! Mmmmm beer..."
  50. Matt the zombie - The Plague - "Mmm, harmanz... Erm, I mean beer. Mmm, beer..."
  51. Major Striker - C.I.A. - "I may be busy all the time but even a CIA agent has to take a break sometimes and I figure this can be my break."

Sign-Up List for the Judgewood Party

  1. Puffthemagicdragon - The Grove - "We'll be hosting a small party in Judgewood, where we are normally based, to celebrate Biertag!"
  2. dancer - The Grove - "..."
  3. Tabac - The Grove - "..."
  4. SCO Jesse - Dead vs Blue - "..."
  5. R2 D2 - The Grove - "..."

Sign-Up List for the Brooke Hills Party

  1. TheSuperMagicDragon - The Grove - "The Grove Tour will be attending the Brooke Hills party to enjoy Biertag!"
  2. bilko - The Grove - "Whoo!"
  3. Ramsus - The Grove - "Whooo!"
  4. Miang - The Grove - "Whoooo!"
  5. Dan Stone - The Grove - "Whooooo!"
  6. John H Rambo - The Grove - "Whoooooo!"
  7. Jabolown - The Grove - "Whooooooo!"
  8. Officer Glackin - Dead vs Blue - "Hmmm? What?"
  9. temjin - The Grove - "Whoooooooo!"
  10. Lisa Stone - The Grove - "Whooooooooo!"
  11. han solo - The Grove - "Whoooooooooo!"
  12. DaPadre - The Grove - "Whooooooooooo!"
  13. Waaaaaghh - The Grove - "Whoooooooooooo!"

Memorable Moments...

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Memories are great, especially of special events like Biertag. Unfortunately science has proven that drinking excessive quantities of alcohol can impair ones memory, which in turn leads to a specific lack of memorable moments. Rather than do the unthinkable (i.e. not drink alcohol) partiers opted to record the event with a video camera or two. Thanks go out to Sexy Rexy Grossman and MrGomez for actually following through with this idea, and Caleb Usher for his superb video (read: Wiki) editing skills. So without further delay, let's begin by popping-in Sexy Rexy's video tape into the old VCR and see what happened from Sunday July 8th (referred to as "yesterday") to Monday July 9th:


Phantom dog said "Cursed zerging rules, this is the kind of occasion that having three characters at should be allowed =( alas, I am forced to leave the others in separate 'burbs." (yesterday)
Bobs Aturd said "Hey Rexy." (yesterday)
Heiki said "Yo! It's good to see you here, Rexy! :D" (yesterday)
A zombie brought down the last of the barricades. (yesterday)
A zombie said "Ha brrrag, haramz!" (yesterday)
You heard a loud groaning from very close by. (yesterday)
A zombie said "Baarnag! Manbag!" (yesterday)
ColdBones killed a zombie. (yesterday)
ColdBones began to rebuild the barricades, using a lectern. (yesterday)
hector malo said "Ooftah!" (yesterday)
Evils Presley said "As mentioned previously, I've already got a gallon or two of homebrew and a case of Robo in the fridge, but did somebody say PBR?" (yesterday)
Evils Presley said "Cripes. And I thought today of all days I wouldn't have to worry about barricades. I'll be goddamned! *hic*" (yesterday)
RedBalfour said "Jesus H Christ Cray, are you still naked? I'd have thought it'd be pretty damn chilly, running round soaked in beer like that." (yesterday)
RedBalfour said "Hey Ray Stanwick, I know Jerico, but I'm up to series 2 :P here, have some Beer!" (yesterday)
RedBalfour said "A long time ago, way back in history, when all there was to drink was nothin' but cups of tea, along came a man by the name of Charlie Mops, and he invented a wonderful drink and he made it out of hops!" (yesterday)
RedBalfour said "He must have been an admiral, a sultan or a king, and to his praises we shall always sing. Look what he has done for us, he's filled us up with cheer! Lord bless Charlie Mops, the man who invented beer beer beer, tiddly, beer beer beer." (yesterday)
RedBalfour said "The Curtis bar, the James' Pub, the Hole in the Wall as well, one thing you can be sure of, it's Charlie's beer they sell. So all ye lads a lasses at eleven O'clock ye stop, for five short seconds, remember Charlie Mops... 1 2 3 4 5." (yesterday)
RedBalfour said "He must have been an admiral, a sultan or a king, and to his praises we shall always sing. Look what he has done for us, he's filled us up with cheer! Lord bless Charlie Mops, the man who invented beer beer beer, tiddly, beer beer beer." (yesterday)
RedBalfour said "A barrel of malt, a bushel of hops, you stir it around with a stick, the kind of lubrication to make your engine tick, 40 pints of wallop a day will keep away the quacks. Its only eight pence hapenny and one and six in tax... 1 2 3 4 5." (yesterday)
RedBalfour said "He must have been an admiral, a sultan or a king, and to his praises we shall always sing. Look what he has done for us, he's filled us up with cheer! Lord bless Charlie Mops, the man who invented beer beer beer, tiddly, beer beer beer!" (yesterday)
RedBalfour said "Tell me, WAS THAT THE FIRST DRINKING SONG OF THE FESTIVAL?" (yesterday)
26.06 MHz: "Lets keep Club Hesse an entry-point, thanks all." (yesterday)
tommy monahan said "Woo-Hoo!!! I've brought another 5 kegs. I'll just set them up over here. Pray with me brothers & sisters. Oh, St Arnold, patron father of beer, deliver us to drunkeness. Amen." (yesterday)
Zombsquatch said "Woo-Hooo Biertag is finally here" (yesterday)
Zombsquatch said "Just say yes to beer." (yesterday) ...and again.
Survivor77 said "The Day of Beer is upon us!!!" (yesterday)
Br0adway17 said "The best way to spend July the 8th is unconscious on your back in a church... pass me more VODKA!! :collapses:" (yesterday)
Zombsquatch said "Yes, I do work out...12oz at a time. Thank you for noticing." (yesterday)
Zombsquatch said "Sometimes when I am feeling particularly motivated, I'll pump it up to 40oz." (yesterday)
MeoBenderson said "As a member of BOW you deserve to die." (yesterday)
MeoBenderson killed Azuindel. (yesterday)
pkworld said "Hey! Fine revelers, how's it going?" (yesterday)
pkworld said "I see Goolina and Rexy, Heiki and her boy... who will be my Juliet?" (yesterday)
Vortexx said "*glug glug glug* Haaay... Mah bier... Whares mah bier???!!! Nah... aam nat drank... *hic*" (yesterday)
Vortexx said "PKers beware: After this party, I WILL kill some PKers!" (yesterday)
Heiki said "Not before we kill you Vortexx. I have enough ammo to kill you, and enough AP. But I won't. 'cause I don't break promises." (yesterday)
Vortexx said "By the way, safariguy5, wanna come huntin' some Cult of the Fallen God members? I'll go." (yesterday)
Vortexx said "Yeah... I won't kill anyone while the party is on... But I'll start hunting when the party is over... *laughs manically*" (yesterday)
Vortexx said "My bier!!! Where's mah bier???!!! Mah mug is empty! Ah want sam maar bier!!!" (yesterday)
The'Joker said ":stands up: Fuck me that special brews got a fucking bite to it, ah shit *clutches head* sod it on to the Tiger that's some proper beer! :Grabs bottle and lights cigarette:" (yesterday)
Heiki said "Stop saying fuck you idiots. There are fucking children here who do not wish to here your fucking disgraceful language. :D" (yesterday)
Stagehand said "Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to Biertag! The show is about to begin!" (yesterday)
Colonel Walter Kurtz said "They train young men to drop fire on people, but their commanders won't allow them to write 'fuck' on their airplanes because..." (yesterday)
Colonel Walter Kurtz said "'s obscene." (yesterday)
Colonel Walter Kurtz said "...the horror..." (yesterday)
Colonel Walter Kurtz said "......the horror..." (yesterday)
Cpt Benjamin Willard killed Colonel Walter Kurtz. (yesterday)
Stagehand said "Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. That was the Apocalypse Now troupe of Drama Club." (yesterday)
Stagehand said "We hope you enjoyed the show." (yesterday)
Stagehand said "You can view a performance schedule, post a review of the show, and see a JPG of this performance from our wiki page at" (yesterday)
Stagehand said "Good night, and stay alive!" (yesterday)
The'Joker said "ENCORE!! DO THE BEACH LANDING SCENE!!" (yesterday)
tommy monahan said "Bravo! Bravo!! Three cheers for The Drama Club!!! :passes beers all around:" (yesterday)
The'Joker said "Ahh Sgt Beebus it's good to finally meet some more RHA associates. Business seems to be pretty good in this suburb." (yesterday)
tommy monahan said "Hey Sexy Rexy, good to see that you made it over here. Here, take these 2 beers. You have to make up for lost time! Let's get some more food out here. People are eating the hosts." (yesterday)
The'Joker said ":staggers into one of the pews and looks around vacantly for more Tiger beer.: There's nowhere near enough singing. I'm going to have to give you a rendition of All Along the Watchtower." (yesterday)
The'Joker said ":runs up to pulpit and clears through:" (yesterday)
The'Joker said "There must be some way out of here, said The'Joker to The'Thief." (yesterday)
The'Joker said "There's too much confusion, I can't get no relief. Businessmen, they drink my wine, plowmen dig my earth, None of them along the line know what any of it is worth." (yesterday)
The'Joker said "No reason to get excited, The'Thief, he kindly spoke, There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke. But you and I, we've been through that, and this is not our fate, So let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late." (yesterday)
The'Joker said "All along the watchtower, princes kept the view *Hic* While all the women came and went, barefoot servants, too. Outside in the distance a wildcat did growl, Two riders were approaching, the wind began to howl." (yesterday)
The'Joker said "Bob Dylan is God! Give him my regards Dark God's Daughter." (yesterday)
The'Joker said ":lights cigarette and falls down pulpit stairs:" (yesterday)
Sgt Beebus Junior said "Aye, another RHA is around, some good old English ale is in order." (yesterday)
The'Joker said "I hear that. Someone break out the Adnams." (yesterday)
Sgt Beebus Junior said "What the hell is this dead body doing in here? Let's draw a phallus on his forehead." (yesterday)
Sgt Beebus Junior said ":gets out the permanent marker and proceeds with the artistic drawing of a phallus on the dead body:" (yesterday)
Zombsquatch said "In a time when I was young I used to drink for the fun. Now I drink so all the voices sing the same song." (yesterday)
Sgt Beebus Junior said "Hey where's da music man? Did anyone bring the jukebox? :downs a pint: I said, anyone got some jukebox with them you know?" (yesterday)
Sgt Beebus Junior said "Wat the hell is a naked person doing in the church? That's a sin! Sin I tell thee!!!" (yesterday)
Sgt Beebus Junior said ":chucks a biscuit at him: Fetch dude. Put on a keg as clothing or something. Anyone hired a barmaid? Where's the barmaid?" (yesterday)
Sgt Beebus Junior said "Tag. You're it. Drunken games are cooool..... :falls asleep:" (yesterday)
MrGomez said "Ok, I'm conscious again. That moonshine we've been brewing is something strong..." (yesterday)
MrGomez said "I'M BLIND!!!" (yesterday)
MrGomez said "Oh, sleeping mask. Shut-up." (yesterday)
MrGomez said "And Arrowsmith, it's good to meet you. As it is the rest of you people. It can be fun to party with people you're usually killing." (yesterday)
MrGomez said "And Drama Club, nice show. Have you guys ever thought about doing the last scene from Boondock Saints? I'd gladly make an alt to participate in that." (yesterday)
Zombsquatch said "There was a time in history when there was no beer... They were sad times indeed." (yesterday)
Sgt Beebus Junior said "They had flying cars, wealthy economy, futuristic technology and no pollution, then someone invented beer. Everything went to shit." (yesterday)
Zombsquatch said "Beer frees your mind by killing weak brain cells." (yesterday)
The'Joker said "I think I found the funniest drunken quote ever!!!" (yesterday)
The'Joker said "It's from Winston Churchill, I think. Some woman went up to him and says: you're drunk!" (yesterday)
The'Joker said "So Churchill replies: Yes and you are ugly, but I'll be sober by morning..." (yesterday)
MrGomez said "That Churchill, he hated ugly women!" (yesterday)
Tetha said "Hey, everyone, I found the stuff to make pizza in an abandoned parlor in the mall and... :sets down about 15 boxes of pizza:" (yesterday)
Tetha said "Also, thanks again for allowing me and Maria to have our wedding at the Burchell Arms. We appreciate it." (yesterday)
BRANAGAN said "BIERTAG!!!" (yesterday)
26.06 MHz: "Hildabrand Mall Down Whole area infested" (yesterday)
26.06 MHz: "you have been warned" (yesterday)
Mark Carlowe said "How long will this party last?" (yesterday)
Zombsquatch said "My flashlight batteries are dead and now I can't make shadow puppets on the wall." (yesterday)
RayStanwick said "WHOOOO!!!! PAR-TEEEEE!!!!!!!!" (yesterday)
Zombsquatch said "Here, I found this Bucket 'o Beef Jerky out behind the dumpster... At least I think it is beef jerky..." (yesterday)
Evildemon989 said "Can somebody pass me a beer????!!!!!!" (yesterday)
Evildemon989 said "HELLO!!! BEER!!!!!" (yesterday)
RayStanwick said "Here you go, Evildemon. :gives a beer:" (yesterday)
Evildemon989 said "Thanks Ray!" (yesterday)
RayStanwick said "Here you go, Evildemon. :gives a beer:" (yesterday)
Evildemon989 said "Dis is some good stuff......" (yesterday)
RayStanwick said "Here you go, Evildemon. :gives a beer:" (yesterday)
Evildemon989 said "Dude don't overload me!......Ok, another won't hurt..." (yesterday)
RayStanwick said ":slams a few brews: Okay, I'm stepping out back to grab some more beers. Get that ice barrel ready!" (yesterday)
Evildemon989 said "Ok Ray, I have about fifty beers now!" (yesterday) ...and again.
Evildemon989 said "Dude, I'm always prepared!" (yesterday)
RayStanwick said "lol!!!!!" (yesterday)
Evildemon989 said "Hey Ray, you back yet!??!? I have 11 AP left." (yesterday)
Evildemon989 said "I see you are." (yesterday)
Evildemon989 said "Pass me a Guinness!" (yesterday)
Evildemon989 said "I see we have bounty hunter, PKers, RFFers, ZKer, and beer all in the same room! Now that's a mix!" (yesterday)
Zombsquatch said "I fired up the grill. Burgers and dogs out back." (yesterday)
Evildemon989 said "At midnight tonight, we should have a brawl! It won't be Biertag anymore!" (yesterday)
Evildemon989 said "Zombsquatch, make sure to dip them in beer!" (yesterday)
Zombsquatch said "That goes without saying. It wouldn't be Beirtag any other way." (yesterday)
Evildemon989 said "Ok, Ray and Zomb disappeared, so I'm by myself and all the rest are sleeping! I will just sing to myself. 99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer! Take one down pass it a round, 98 bottles of beir on the wall!" (yesterday)
Zombsquatch said "Hehe, I'm getting hammered. It's Biertag, not Beirtag." (yesterday)
Zombsquatch said "I'm still here. Just hanging out by the keg is all." (yesterday)
Evildemon989 said "Oh, so zomb didn't disappear... 95 bottles of bier on the wall! 95 bottles of bier on the wall 95 bottles of bier, take one down pass it around, 94 bottles of bier on the wall!" (yesterday)
Sgt Beebus Junior said "Toast, toast!!!" (yesterday)
MrGomez said "Let's play Edward 40 Fingers. It's a great drinking game! *hic* You tape a 40oz to each hand, and you can't take 'em off til they're both empty. Tape meh up!" (yesterday)
Evildemon989 said "7 bottles of bier on the wall, 87 bottles of rum! Take one down pass it around, 86 bottle of rum on the wall! Zomb, am I drank?" (yesterday)
Zombsquatch said "90 something bottles of beer on the wall... Who puts beer on a wall anyway? What a waste." (yesterday)
Evildemon989 said "Ok, Gomez! Lets do it!" (yesterday)
Evildemon989 said "I only have 3 AP, but then I just got 3 drinks!" (yesterday)
Zombsquatch said "My hands are too hairy for that." (yesterday)
Zombsquatch said "I'm almost out of AP too. I guess I'll go pass out behind the alter for a while." (yesterday)
Evildemon989 said "How many you got drunk yet, I'm still on 5!" (yesterday)
Sgt Beebus Junior said "Timmy?" (yesterday)
Zombsquatch said "Maybe 4. I am seeing everything doubled." (yesterday)
Evildemon989 said "Ok, I have some free bier, who wants it, just take it off my fingers. I'm out of AP!" (yesterday)
Lemonhead7t7 said "Hahahahaha bier!" (yesterday)
Zombsquatch said "It's been fun. Catch you later Evildemon. Be sure not to sleep in any vomit." (yesterday)
Maria Lombardi said "I'm gettin' sloshhhed, gonna eat shem pizzah..." (yesterday)
Vortexx said "Fuck it. I won't hunt PKers tonight and not tomorrow, if they won't hunt me, okay? (offer is available only in St. Arnold's Church)." (yesterday)
hector malo said "Never saw a church with a condom machine before..." (yesterday)
Evildemon989 said "Can somebody pass the damn Guinness??????????" (yesterday)
Tetha said ":Notices Maria passed out on the floor. Reaches for a bag with 'toys': Do you guys mind if I use the back room? I have too 'do things' to my wife, hehehe..." (yesterday)
Vortexx said ":passes Guinness to Evildemon989: and :drinks his own beer:" (yesterday)
Vortexx said "Suomi Finland Perkele!!!" (yesterday)
Matt the zombie said "Aha, here at last! They really shouldn't have a church and a hospital with the same name so near each other... I'm not sure what I drank in the hospital, but I suspect I'd regret it if I didn't already plan to be dead sometime tomorrow. Where's the beer?" (yesterday)
Matt the zombie said "Also, anyone got a FAK or three? I'd use my own, but I'll never get my inventory this full again..." (yesterday)
Mopfog said "Row row row your boat... gently down tha BIER... Beef and bier. Brats and bier. Bats in bier!" (yesterday)
hector malo said "I'm almost drunk enough to do that, Matt..." (yesterday)
hector malo said "I've been having a BLAST in Malton..." (yesterday)
hector malo said "...and my enemies have been receiving them!" (yesterday)
hector malo said "I think the BAR should start a rugby squad..." (yesterday)
hector malo said "...and we will go to the stadium in Barrville..." (yesterday)
hector malo said "...and just beat the hell out of everyone..." (yesterday)
hector malo said "Kinda like the Traveling Drunk Tank..." (yesterday)
hector malo said "...but it's like whatever." (yesterday)
hector malo said "Whoa, it could be like BARrville vs Barhahville!" (yesterday)
MrGomez said "Almost 1pm in my timezone, and I haven't had to kill anyone. This is going better than I expected." (yesterday)
Mark Carlowe said "Some cute girls around here?" (yesterday)
RichTee said ":wakes from hang over: ...I dreamt that...that I errr, was drunk walking the fair streets of Malton...and low, a noise of thunder and an Angel spoke unto me and said 'Thine path is weary, thine drink of Gods short, thine undead are here abroad!' and..." (yesterday)
RichTee said "...low a path shoneth before me...the Angel spoketh again! 'Follow thine path of Golden nectar...and the festivities shalt be abound thee'..." (yesterday)
RichTee said "And so I called into the night 'Come fellow drinkers! To Saint Arnold's we march! :unloads a crate of fine wines: - fellow drinkers of Malton! Enjoy!" (yesterday)
RichTee said "Reid! By god man! Are we the only ones to make it! :drunkly and over-enthusiastically man hugs Reid:" (yesterday)
Dark Hideous said "I kill thee, Iphoenixsongi, for repeatedly killing me. I shall hunt thee day and night until you rise no more. Sorry, guys, I'm just kicking the scumbags out of the party." (yesterday)
Dark Hideous killed iphoenixsongi. (yesterday)
Dark Hideous said "Damn, I'm exhausted. Someone hand me a Guinness please." (yesterday)
RichTee said "Killing on a festival day! Bit of a poor show I reckon...ahh well, make you toss fellow outside...along with the 'cream de month'." (yesterday)
RichTee said "Errrrrr...only MUR?pheys I'm afraid ;-)" (yesterday)
Dark God's Daughter said "Uh-huh............." (yesterday)
Vortexx said "No killing during the party, thank you. I do still have shotgun shells for FKers (Festival Killers)." (yesterday)
RichTee said ":drags crate in from outside: Mmmmm, Badgers Summer Ale anyone?" (yesterday)
RichTee said "Thought it was general amnesty for festivals...did I miss the Drama Club do Apocalypse Now?" (yesterday)
RichTee said "Anyone know some good songs?" (yesterday)
Undead Stalin said "Hey guys! Did you save a pint for me?" (yesterday)
Evildemon989 said "Ok, why did our poor friend phoenix die?" (yesterday)
26.06 MHz: "Oops! Those aren't first aid kits!" (yesterday)
Vortexx said "Dunno. By the way, when you said that there's PKers, ZKers, and a bounty hunter, was I the Bounty Hunter?" (yesterday)
Moses Cripes said "Happy Biertag!" (yesterday)
Vortexx said "*glug glug glug!* :Vortexx passes out:" (yesterday)
iphoenixsongi said "Sorry about that, folks. Dark Hideous (AKA Finis Valorum) can't stand being bested, so he has to kill me where he knows he can find me. It's all good. :) I might need some beer to clean off some of this blood, though... ;)" (yesterday)
Manapua said ":rises from a stupor and finds a bottle of Anchor Steam handy:" (yesterday)
Manapua said "Who's got a bottle opener? *hic*" (yesterday)
Goolina said "Habbah bahrzahg!" (yesterday)
Goolina said "Oops, I forgot I'm alive. Didn't think I'd make it after Roftwood. When I wasn't getting shot at by the USSR, I was shooting zambahz. Ah, the difficult and dangerous life that is mine." (yesterday)
Goolina said ":looks around: I see some of my brethren in the house :waves to fellow Gore Corps: and of course my star-crossed love Sexy Rexy." (yesterday)
A zombie brought down the last of the barricades. (yesterday)
A zombie said "Brrrag!" (yesterday) ...and again.
Dark God's Daughter said "Um..." (yesterday)
A zombie said "Brrrag!" (yesterday)
You heard a loud groaning from very close by. (yesterday)
Goolina said "Well hello zambah friend! I hope you're here in peace, to celebrate drunkenness in all its beauty on this glorious day." (yesterday)
A zombie said "Hrrrh!" (yesterday)
Goolina said "I wish Brags would get off the ground and come inside to join us. Must be the combination of alcohol and brain rot that got to him. Looks like he's sleeping it off pretty hard. Of course, the bullet to the skull certainly doesn't help matters." (yesterday)
Goolina said "If Brags (id=550653) makes it inside, please hand him a beer and don't kill him. Despite his zambah ways, he is quite friendly. All he wants to do is dance, drink, and rattle off a bit of sexual innuendo. What's not to like?" (yesterday)
A zombie said "Mrh! Mrh! Mrh!" (yesterday)
A zombie dragged Jim Phil out into the street. (yesterday)
You heard a low groaning from very close by. (yesterday)
MrGomez said "Just got Tiggerboy outside. He's the zed that dragged Jim Phil out. He could use a heal by the way. I came equipped for war, not triage." (23 hours and 56 minutes ago)
MrGomez began to rebuild the barricades, using a chair. (23 hours and 55 minutes ago)
Hintasur Gastaunt said "We have a party crasher. Dark Hideous just PK'ed someone round here. Gear up boys." (23 hours and 49 minutes ago)
MrGomez said "I'm low on AP, I just bought some time for Jim and removed Tiggy as a threat for today. Someone pop outside and heal Jim Phil please." (23 hours and 47 minutes ago)
Hintasur Gastaunt said "My work here is done...that was easy." (23 hours and 45 minutes ago)
Officer Cray said "FUCK YEAH I AM STILL NUDE!" (23 hours and 42 minutes ago)
Officer Cray said "I fucking hate Zombies...who munch on my nuts!" (23 hours and 38 minutes ago)
Officer Cray killed a zombie. (23 hours and 38 minutes ago)
safariguy5 said "Oh hello fellow RCDC members!" (23 hours and 37 minutes ago)
Officer Cray said "Alrighty then...back to my beering..." (23 hours and 37 minutes ago)
safariguy5 said "I would join in hunting some Cult members, but I promised DITPS to help defend their base." (23 hours and 36 minutes ago)
safariguy5 said "So, I gotta get back to NE Dulston after this partying." (23 hours and 36 minutes ago)
safariguy5 said "But until then, here's to the RCDC! Long may it stand!" (23 hours and 34 minutes ago)
Evildemon989 said "Cray, put your damn clothes back on, and Jim's a gonner, he died outside." (23 hours and 27 minutes ago)
26.06 MHz: "Opto is a PKer, killed 2 ppl in St. Boniface." (22 hours and 26 minutes ago)
A flare was fired in this block. (19 hours and 7 minutes ago)
26.06 MHz: "2 Zeds in the Anthony Building." (18 hours and 26 minutes ago)
Evils Presley said "That being said...I sure wish I could have actually been around to help partake. But for what it's worth..." (14 hours and 3 minutes ago)
Evils Presley said "Happy Biertag and thanks for having me...and from the inexplicable state of my person, I just might mean that literally." (14 hours and 2 minutes ago)
Joe Morris said ":Draws on Vortexx's face while he sleeps: ...And a moustache, and ASS on his forehead, OH yeah, and uh, Biertag is over! Happy Beirtag! Like my graffiti? I managed to get a burp in the paint!" (13 hours and 41 minutes ago)
SPECTER77 killed a zombie. (12 hours and 54 minutes ago)
hector malo said "Damn Jim that's rough..." (12 hours and 46 minutes ago)
hector malo said "Did you have more fun than me?" (12 hours and 46 minutes ago)
hector malo said "I seriously considered throwing myself out of a window @ Margesson..." (12 hours and 45 minutes ago)
safariguy5 said "Well, it's been fun guys, Happy Biertag BAR!" (12 hours and 42 minutes ago)
hector malo revivified a zombie. (12 hours and 17 minutes ago)
hector malo said "I hope he wanted a revive... gesturing can be fun too..." (12 hours and 15 minutes ago)
hector malo said "" (12 hours and 13 minutes ago)
RichTee said ":wakes up under pew: *YAWN* Oooww, my head....Biertag over? Already?...mmmmm hair of the dog..... :sees Officer Cray naked: OMG! :downs double shot of single malt: Holy Mother of Mary...that was a night 'n a half..." (11 hours and 18 minutes ago)
RichTee said ":shuffles over to Reid: - ahh fellow Rambler... :ties his shoe laces together: Hehehehehe :finds comfy spot back under another pew and dreams of Kate Austen: ZZZZzzzzzzzzz*hic*zzzzzzz." (11 hours and 16 minutes ago)
Goolina said "SPECTER77, why did you kill braggledorth? He was my date and my ride home. Talk about a cock block!" (11 hours and 11 minutes ago)
RayStanwick said "Yeah, phew, that was a rough one!" (11 hours and 10 minutes ago)
RayStanwick said "I figured more folks would show..... guess free beer ain't enough to get some away from the safety of the Malls. But hey, this ain't survivin', THIS is LIVIN!!!!!!!!!" (11 hours and 8 minutes ago)
Goolina said "I agree, RayStanwick. A toast to Saint Arnold, and to our gracious hosts. Bartender, a round for the house!" (11 hours and 7 minutes ago)
RayStanwick said "I'm taking off. It'd been a LOT of fun, everyone!!! BTW, just want to remind ya'll to watch the tv series JERICHO on CBS Friday nights... if you like post-apoc fiction AND great writing, SEE IT!!!! NUTZ about JERICHO- Ray. OUT! C-yas!" (11 hours and 4 minutes ago)
RichTee said "Errr what? A round for the house?...ok ok ok I'm on it. :crawls out from pew: ...what'll the lady have?" (10 hours and 49 minutes ago)
SPECTER77 said "Shoot, I'm so sorry Goolina, I haven't been thinking clearly lately because of things in my real life." (10 hours and 30 minutes ago)
SPECTER77 said "I forgot for that time I was on what day it was again, sorry again, I hope there's a way I can pay you back." (10 hours and 29 minutes ago)
Survivor77 said "I have been sitting here all day... Dark God's Daughter, your hot... :pokes and ends up falling back into a pew: *snores*" (10 hours and 20 minutes ago)
RichTee said "Oh well... :rubs back of head - starts sweeping up round people: ...mmm, who drew the moustache on Miss Val? :gently wipes off & carries on sweeping:" (10 hours and 11 minutes ago)
RichTee said ":ties SPECTER77 and Dark God's Daughter shoelaces together - starts whistling Roxys Musics Avalon:" (10 hours and 9 minutes ago)
RichTee said ":more whistling: ...unmmm, now the party's over an, I'm soooo I see you coming...out of now-w-here...much communication...daaa duh daaaa duh.... :pulls blanket up to KAustins chin, stops for a moment...then sweeps on: ....duh -da daa." (10 hours and 4 minutes ago)
26.06 MHz: "Bods needed in Vicari dudes, EP [69,21]" (9 hours and 58 minutes ago)
SPECTER77 said ":shoots 3 bullets in the air:" (9 hours and 35 minutes ago)
RichTee said "Hehehehehehehe - Sorry SPECTER77 couldn't of the dog?" (9 hours and 33 minutes ago)
SPECTER77 said "I didn't get it anyways." (9 hours and 33 minutes ago)
SPECTER77 said "Well Biertag was fun. I hope everyone else had fun too." (9 hours and 29 minutes ago)
Survivor77 said ":hits RichTee, unties Dark God's Daughter and Specter77 apart. Cuddles Dark God's Daughter:" (9 hours and 4 minutes ago)
RichTee said "*Owwww* Wha hat fur? If you weren't with a lady, and we was in a church you'd get one back grrrrrrr... :continues cleaning up church while whistling:" (8 hours and 50 minutes ago)
RichTee said ":whistling badly due to fat lip:" (8 hours and 49 minutes ago)
RichTee said "Hehehehehe :shaves off Survivor77's eyebrow and sticks to his top lip - and whispers: That'll teach ya for throwing punches for post-drunken pranks.....hehehehehehehe :starts whistling HarryJ's Liqudator: Better start collecting cans and bottles s'pose." (8 hours and 39 minutes ago)
RedBalfour said "Cray man, there's all kinds of cool bishop clothes back in the Vestry. Also, we're having a piss-up in there. Lack of breweries, you understand." (8 hours and 14 minutes ago)
Manapua said "Mahalo nui loa for the party. Any time you're in Gibsonton, stop by the Mounter Arms. I'll set you up with some nice rum drinks." (7 hours and 9 minutes ago)
Manapua said "Now I gotta go back to my bar and see if anybody trashed it when I was gone." (7 hours and 8 minutes ago)
Zombsquatch said "Wow, what a party. It's going to take a week to get all of these Cheese Doodles out of my hair." (6 hours and 52 minutes ago)
26.06 MHz: "The Chemist=PKer." (6 hours and 27 minutes ago)
Needleinya said "Ok who was the one that defiled the Baptismal pool? I can deal with the little rubber ducky, but did you have to leave a floater? Come on that was full of good beer! Now its all wasted. Well so am I so the hell with it. Viva La Biertag!" (exactly 6 hours ago)
Needleinya said "I've been holding up in here waiting a week for Biertag and to tell ya the truth. It was worth every min. of it. Only part I didn't like was the naked man dry humping the zed. Kinda grossed me out a bit. But all in all I'd say it was a success." (5 hours and 56 minutes ago)
26.06 MHz: "And remember to check the wiki daily for security updates." (5 hours and 48 minutes ago)
Survivor77 said "Gah! :wakes up and realizes what RichTee did. Throws a can at him:" (5 hours and 25 minutes ago)
Evildemon989 said "Well, I just woke up, but I must go too... Happy I'm back to Dwood!!!!" (5 hours and 20 minutes ago)
A flare was fired 1 block to the east and 2 blocks to the south. (4 hours and 11 minutes ago) ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. (4 hours and 10 minutes ago) ...and again. (4 hours and 9 minutes ago)
26.06 MHz: "Dowdney perimeter report. 0 Zeds within 2 blocks." (3 hours and 34 minutes ago)
Dark God's Daughter said "Huh...wha happened......Survivor77 you're drooling on me." (3 hours and 21 minutes ago)
26.06 MHz: "RRF have been spotted in SouthWest Santlerville. 6+ PKs today." (3 hours and 14 minutes ago)
Joe Morris said "Uhhh... my head. The Rum is gone! Why is the rum always gone?" (2 hours and 27 minutes ago)
Survivor77 said "Agh, 3 AP. And I thought so. Sorry Dark God's Daughter. You're still hot though. XD" (1 hour and 40 minutes ago)
Undead Stalin said "The party is over already?" (1 hour and 33 minutes ago)
Undead Stalin said "If so, *Sniffle* it was an honor being here." (1 hour and 32 minutes ago)
Undead Stalinsaid "Because later, it will go back to zombies VS survivors." (1 hour and 31 minutes ago)
Undead Stalin said "And I'm certain myself a few others will be knocking on the BAR's door." (1 hour and 30 minutes ago)
Undead Stalin said "Funny how beer brings everyone together... Although..." (1 hour and 29 minutes ago)
Undead Stalin said "I felt the urge to leave after witnessing some necrophiliac activities." (1 hour and 28 minutes ago)
Undead Stalin said "Later guys, and thanks fo everything. It was a good time just being here. Next time save some beer for me. =P" (1 hour and 26 minutes ago)
Survivor77 said "Oh, I love Dark God's Daughter!!! Yes I do!!! Oh, yes I do! :kisses her just to add to the claim of love:" (18 minutes ago)


Wasn't that awesome!?! No? Not even a little bit? Well if that display of excessive drinking, singing, and goofing-off didn't impress you perhaps the following snippets of video footage collected from Mr Gomez will turn that sober frown in a drunken smile. Better still, start drinking right now while his tapes are loaded into the VCR... oh, and one more thing, while these are all shown in chronological order, no one has a clue as to when they ocurred in relation to Sexy Rexy's drunken video footage. We leave it up to "best guess":

TAPE #1 - 9:33 PM, Saturday, July 7th to 12:29 AM, Sunday, July 8th

Biertag07 RoltHeights 01.jpg

TAPE #2 - 9:13 PM, Sunday, July 8th to 10:12 PM, Sunday, July 8th

Biertag07 RoltHeights 02.jpg

TAPE #3 - 10:43 PM, Sunday, July 8th to 12:05 AM, Monday, July 9th

Biertag07 RoltHeights 03.jpg

Tiger by the Tail

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While hardly a tradition, and in truth in no way connected with Biertag, the BAR had planned ahead on the fact that their long-time anti-BAR enemy Tiggermann (aka Tony T, aka T-Man, aka "That Bouncing Tiger") would eventually show up and try to spoil the festivities. To his credit Tiggermann did show up, but as a zombie. At first it appeared that all he wanted to do was just have some fun and enjoy the amnesty granted to all people on Biertag... but then in a sudden turn of events he dragged Jim Phil into the street and began to viciously maul him. Thank goodness Phil was drunk, or that would have really hurt. Still, this was considered poor sportsmanship on Tiggermann's part.

Not long afterwards though MrGomez, as a member of the Knight Watchmen team and Biertag anti-FKer (Festival Killer) security, stepped outside to deal with the situation and let Tiggermann "sleep it off", well at least for a little while:

Biertag07 RoltHeights 04.jpg