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Guests of Honor - Those Who Rallied to the Call of BEER!
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Biertag '08


While not quite as glorious as the first Biertag festival, Biertag '08 was at the very least the continuation of Malton's favorite pastime. No, not zombie killing, beer drinking. Biertag '08 was still considered a success by the Burchell Arms Regulars (B.A.R.) and festival co-founder, noted NecroTech scientist Caleb Usher. At this time it is still unclear whether any parties were held at the other churches across Malton, as for now only records exist for the party at St. Arnold's Church in Rolt Heights.

The celebration in Rolt Heights was hosted by the B.A.R. who made a point of showing up and drinking as much as possible. Other guests varied from group to group, most showing up unannounced to party for a while before leaving. Even though by the end of the day not as many people showed up for Biertag '08 as they had for Biertag '07, a factor attributed to the fact that noted NecroTech scientist Caleb Usher was no longer in Malton to help promote the holiday as he had in the previous year. This factor alone, given the mercurial nature of survivor groups over the course of an entire year, may have accounted for the lower turn-out. Even so, the celebration was still considered a success insomuch as people showed up, drank beers, and had some fun. Maybe next year more advertising will help spread the word and increase the number of celebrants. Only time will tell.

Guests of Honor

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While its generally considered that anyone who shows up at Biertag is considered "special", if only for their ability to drink epic quantities of alcohol that would kill a lesser man (or woman), there were still a few notable individuals who attended Biertag '08 that should be mentioned because of one reason or another. Those individuals were:

Special Guests Who are they...? Famous for what...?
Tommy Monahan Co-Leader of the Burchell Arms Regulars A man with a dream... a dream of free beer dispensed from every faucet in Malton. Now there's a dream worth fighting for!
Blanemcc Leader of the Browncoats For his good sense of humor.
RichTee Leader of the Rambling Drunks In March '08 RichTee took up the mantle as leader of the Rambling Drunks. What better way to celebrate the occasion than with a drink, or 3? Or more. Actually we're still counting...
Evildemon989 Head of Foreign and Domestic Affairs for Metal Fox. For drunk and disorderly conduct that made every other drunk proud. There's only one real way to be drunk and he showed it.
The'Joker Co-Leader of the The Watchmen He may be a killer, but the man loves Bob Dylan. How can anyone hate a man who loves Dylan? He even sang "All Along the Watchtower".

Those Who Rallied to the Call of BEER!

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In addition to the guests of honor, there were survivors from a variety of groups which showed up at the Biertag beer festival to help celebrate. Listed are the group they were affiliated with (at the time at least), and thus, showed their group's support for the holiday. It should also be mentioned that there may have been other groups present that might have been overlooked, which is a serious possibility as most of the people there were blitzed out of their minds, but here are the groups who we know had representatives (and yes, we use that term loosely) at the various festivals:

Groups Home Suburb(s) Affiliation
2 Cool logo.JPG 2 Cool
  • Nomadic...
Ato1.2.JPG Allied Travellers Organisation Survivors
Beatbox.jpg Beatbox Kids Survivors
Browncoats log.jpg Browncoats PKers
BAR small.jpg Burchell Arms Regulars, The
CPM 2.jpg Communist Party of Malton Survivors
Medicsymbol.jpg D.I.T.P.S Survivors
Elt.gif Electric Light Torchestra, The Survivors
Metal Fox small.jpg Metal Fox Survivors
RamblingDrunks.jpg Rambling Drunks, The Survivors
REDRUM small.jpg Red Rum
  • Nomadic...
Gun.jpg Rolt Heights Vigilante Patrol Survivors
UBA.png United Bar Alliance Survivors
Wayofthegun horz.jpg Watchmen, The
  • Nomadic...

Beer Pledge '08

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Biertag '08, as the Biertags before it, has now passed in Malton's history books, but these are the people who originally planned to drop by and join in the celebrations. This sign-up list was considered extra important for those survivors who happened to have a murderous background, as it would have allowed others to recognize that they were at the church to kill a few beers, not people. Later this offer was extended to zombies as well, although most were revived during the festival in order for them to join in the drinking:

Sign-Up List for the Rolt Heights Party

  1. Caleb Usher - NecroTech - "He was a wise man who invented beer. Science + Beer = Good."
  2. Evildemon989 - Metal Fox - "For 1, Caleb watches too many Mythbusters, and 2, I will be there."
  3. Vortexx - Rhodenbank Civil Defense Corps - "I'll do anything for the holy drink: Beer! *glug glug* Sorry, I'm headin' to Fort Perryn. I'm not able to get to the Biertag in time anymore.
  4. RichTee - The Rambling Drunks - "The Rambling Drunks! Practicing for Biertag 24/7 365! Cheers!"
  5. soberdoc - D.I.T.P.S - "Beer is proof that God loves us! I'm goin'."
  6. The'Joker - The Watchmen - "I think I'll practice my vocal cords for Bob Dylans 'Hurricane' this time. Hmm note to self: bring more Grolsch, Methelated spirits = 3 week hangover."
  7. DanceDanceRevolution - Allied Travellers Organisation - "If I'm allowed I'll show you guys some rad dance moves."
  8. Guy The Firefighter - Allied Travellers Organisation - "Now if I could only remember which one I put the Rohypnol in..."
  9. NickNickNickNick - 2 Cool - "I think I'll have enough to start going for the fat chicks. Fat chicks are gaggin for it!"
  10. Colin A. - Electric Light Torchestra - "Hell yes! Best efforts will be made to get down there- I'll even bring some of my LP's, get some funky music playin'!"
  11. malmutekid - The Burchell Arms Regulars - "What else could i do? I'm B.A.R. dudes!"
  12. MrGomez - The Burchell Arms Regulars - "Biertag and Mr. Gomez go together like Beer and Mr. Gomez... Perfectly!"
  13. Manapua - United Bar Alliance - "It took me weeks to recover from last year's party. This year's festivities might do me in."
  14. MichaelRead - Beatbox Kids - "Hells yeah, who's up for Beer Goggles?...Goon of Fortune anyone?"
  15. GomerPyle41 - Beatbox Kids - "Fingers in the middle, fingers on your diddle, GOGGLES ON!"
  16. Leo Leonardo III - The Burchell Arms Regulars - "Could someone help me find my beer goggles?"
  17. Crazyloop - Communist Party of Malton - "Happy Biertag!!"

Pub Banter

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All the best parties start their planning a month in advance. That or the BAR plans to collect and consume a month's worth of beer in one night. I'm not a betting man, but the odds look fairly even on either possibility.

Biertag08 01.png

Biertag IS awesome. If you ever doubted me, then listen to Mr. Gomez here. Would he steer you wrong?

Biertag08 02.png

Below we see an all too common sight among BAR members. After you mention free beer most people just stop reading. Also when you're drunk June and July are basically the same month. Like seriously they couldn't have made it more confusing putting the only two J-months in the year right next to each other and with the same number of letters? What's up with that? Anyway drunkeness and planning don't go well together, but when you're drunk you usually don't care about what you planned anyway.

Biertag08 03.png

While science hasn't proven if everyone who missed Biertag '07 felt this way... we assume that's the case.

Biertag08 04.png

Video Footage

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The following video footage was taken during Biertag '08. As always Biertag's are known for their general rowdiness, and this year was no exception. People got hurt and bandaged up all in the same night. Above all else people drank and had fun.

Since your last turn:

  • A flare was fired 5 blocks to the south. (19 hours and 50 minutes ago)
  • vickie said "Hi all" (19 hours and 44 minutes ago)
  • A Filipino shot you with a shotgun for 8 damage. (16 hours and 2 minutes ago)
  • A Filipino shot you with a pistol for 4 damage. (16 hours and 2 minutes ago) ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. (16 hours and 1 minute ago) ...and again. (16 hours and 1 minute ago) ...and again. (16 hours and 1 minute ago) ...and again. (16 hours and 1 minute ago) ...and again. (16 hours and 1 minute ago) ...and again. (16 hours and 1 minute ago) ...and again. (16 hours and 1 minute ago) ...and again. (exactly 16 hours ago)
  • A Filipino said "Jaaam, that's for attacking me with a beer bottle. You ever hear the expression don't bring a knife to a gun fight? The same rules applies to bottles, jerk." (15 hours and 59 minutes ago)
  • A Filipino said "If I ever see you again, I will finish you off." (15 hours and 58 minutes ago)
  • A flare was fired 1 block to the west and 10 blocks to the south. (15 hours and 36 minutes ago)
  • Fioreail healed you for 10 HP. (13 hours and 30 minutes ago) ...and again.
  • A flare was fired 11 blocks to the east and 5 blocks to the north. (13 hours and 13 minutes ago)
  • Doj'ab said "Everyone seemed calmer during Biertag... Lets recelebrate for the hours we missed after we had our blackouts! *raises a beer*" (12 hours and 18 minutes ago)
  • A flare was fired 8 blocks to the west and 10 blocks to the south. (12 hours and 13 minutes ago)
  • A flare was fired 6 blocks to the east and 8 blocks to the south. (11 hours and 3 minutes ago)
  • Vladeus healed you for 10 HP. (10 hours and 38 minutes ago) ...and again.
  • Elvis Nash refuelled the generator. (9 hours and 28 minutes ago)
  • Stanley the Gardener said "I am infected. I will try not to move now." (7 hours and 29 minutes ago)
  • Stanley the Gardener said "Thank you Doj'ab. I will try to remember that." (7 hours and 19 minutes ago)
  • Stanley the Gardener said "Someday I shall get them all to leave my lawn..all of them." (7 hours and 16 minutes ago)
  • Doj'ab said "You're welcome :)" (7 hours and 15 minutes ago)
  • A flare was fired 14 blocks to the east and 4 blocks to the north. (6 hours and 53 minutes ago)
  • Kaibear said "So, I must wait untill tomorrow, than I have enough AP to reach next level, after next Level I can see HP of other Survivors and can help people who are in the same situation how Stanley was!" (6 hours and 38 minutes ago)
  • A flare was fired 1 block to the east and 13 blocks to the north. (5 hours and 3 minutes ago)
  • slate100 said "Anyone need a heal?" (4 hours and 15 minutes ago)
  • slate100 healed you for 5 HP. (4 hours and 15 minutes ago) ...and again. (4 hours and 14 minutes ago) ...and again. (4 hours and 14 minutes ago)
  • A flare was fired 2 blocks to the west and 8 blocks to the south. (3 hours and 10 minutes ago)

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