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Biertag '09


Everyone knows that life in Malton can be hard, and no more so then this year as threats from both zombie hordes and criminals led to the lowest survivor turnout ever in the (short) history of Biertag. The Burchell Arms Regulars (B.A.R.), who sponsor the Biertag event, tried their best to take the day off so they could all attend the festivities held at St. Arnold's Church in Rolt Heights, but between unfortunate bouts of dying and a strong commitment to defending the suburb, few BAR members were available (or able) to be there.

As with Biertag '08, the loss (escape?) of noted NecroTech scientist Caleb Usher contributed to a marked decrease in promotion associated with the event when compared with prior years. The fact that zombie activity in northeast Malton has not diminshed since has further contributed to the lack of free time necessary for survivors to fully enjoy (or attend) the event.

Guests of Honor

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While its generally considered that anyone who shows up at Biertag is considered "special", if only for their ability to drink epic quantities of alcohol that would kill a lesser man (or woman), there were still a few notable individuals who attended Biertag '09 that should be mentioned because of one reason or another. Those individuals were:

Special Guests Who are they...? Famous for what...?
Tommy Monahan Leader of the Burchell Arms Regulars A man with a dream... a dream of free beer dispensed from every faucet in Malton. Now there's a dream worth fighting for!
MrGomez Burchell Arms Regulars Manager Famous for his obsession with killing zombies, which all things being considered is a good thing. He's also a mean drunk. Mean to zombies that is...
Tommy1504 Burchell Arms Regulars Manager It's a well known fact that the BAR has the highest percentage of survivors named Tommy working with them. This Tommy in particular is a credit to the name with his astounding ability to drink and shoot at the same time. That's not luck people, it's skill.

Those Who Rallied to the Call of BEER!

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In addition to the guests of honor, there were survivors from a variety of groups which showed up at the Biertag beer festival to help celebrate. Listed are the group they were affiliated with (at the time at least), and thus, showed their group's support for the holiday. It should also be mentioned that there may have been other groups present that might have been overlooked, which is a serious possibility as most of the people there were blitzed out of their minds, but here are the groups who we know had representatives (and yes, we use that term loosely) at the various festivals:

Groups Home Suburb(s) Affiliation
BAR small.jpg Burchell Arms Regulars, The
Ganglogo2.jpg Full-Custom Gospel Survivors
Kilt Store logo.JPG Kilt Store, The Survivors
Marshals.png Malton Marshals
  • Nomadic...
MPDGroupIcon.jpg Malton Police Department Survivors
Rottersreliefseal.gif Rotter's Relief
  • Nomadic...
SPA logo.jpg South Paynterton Aces Survivors

Beer Pledge '09

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Biertag '09, as the Biertags before it, has now passed in Malton's history books, but these are the people who originally planned to drop by and join in the celebrations. This sign-up list was considered extra important for those survivors who happened to have a murderous background, as it would have allowed others to recognize that they were at the church to kill a few beers, not people. Later this offer was extended to zombies as well, although most were revived during the festival in order for them to join in the drinking:

Sign-Up List for the Rolt Heights Party

  1. Caleb Usher - NecroTech - "Sometimes when I reflect back on all the beer I drink I feel ashamed. Then I look into the glass and think about the workers in the brewery and all of their hopes and dreams. If I didn't drink this beer, they might be out of work and their dreams would be shattered. Then I say to myself, ' It is better that I drink this beer and let their dreams come true than be selfish and worry about my liver.'"
  2. DanceDanceRevolution - The Kilt Store - "I have a world famous drink to mix for everybody. After that, I may just take to dancing and headbutting for the rest of the night."
  3. Raeder - Malton Marshals - "I reckon it's about time I take a break from my usual business and have some fun. So, how about it, boys? How about we let bygones be bygones and just have a good time here?"
  4. MrGomez - The Burchell Arms Regulars - "Once more for the sweet souvenir, we shall raise our glasses high, and our spirits even higher."
  5. Tommy Monahan - The Burchell Arms Regulars - "The 3rd annual Biertag will go on, same church, same bunch of drunks. Count me in."
  6. hector malo - The Burchell Arms Regulars - "Hell yes. Brew and song!"
  7. the Reverend Horton Heat - Full-Custom Gospel - "It's martini time!"
  8. Alka Selzer - NecroWatch Freelancer - "What German would be able to resist? It's Biertag after all! Ja Prost denn!"
  9. Cantero - South Paynterton Aces - "Let's see if you can drink more beers than a spanish firefighter"
  10. Mortenmensch - The Burchell Arms Regulars - "Darn you Caleb, you re-stole my signature beer quote for your pledge! And after I'd stolen it from someone else for all these years. I'll be there."
  11. Tommy Fishbone - The Burchell Arms Regulars - "Here's to alcohol, the cause of—and solution to—all life's problems. - Homer J. Simpson"
  12. Nick Crandell - The Burchell Arms Regulars - "A party with free booze, how can you pass that up!"
  13. MalmuteKid - The Burchell Arms Regulars - "Wooooooooo!"
  14. jarlan - Rotter's Relief - "Camaraderie and delicious beer!"
  15. Tommy1504 - The Burchell Arms Regulars - "I'll be there."

Sign-Up List for the Brooke Hills Party

  1. Kurt Sievers - Malton Police Department - Brooke Hills - "Ever since I first heard of Biertag, I always thought it would be the perfect opportunity for my crew to get to know the local population. Well, I must admit, I do love a good party, and beer, too. Actually, I think I'm a little too fond of beer, but let's not go there."
  2. Bill Zwanenburg - Brooke Hills - "I just heard of Biertag yesterday. So I packed me up with some beer and wandered to the St. Arnolds Church in Brooke Hills. As a german, I cannot resist to celebrate a Biertag."

Pub Banter

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Here we can see that BAR has placed their faith in Caleb Usher's (i.e. Mobius187's) advertising skills. And while his skills are definitely formidable, some might even say l33t, they were not match for him not being around anymore to promote the event. Those stacks of fliers he made don't hand themselves out apparently.
Biertag09 01.png

If it's one thing Caleb Usher knows, it's how to turn the screws, especially in a social environment. However there was a decided lack of peer pressure this year as Caleb was busy with other matters, which amounts to bringing a gun to the fight, but forgetting to bring the ammo. Yup. Next year Caleb plans on increasing propaganda, because this wagon ride was mostly empty of anyone who wasn't with the B.A.R.:
Biertag09 02.png

Leo Leonardo III was half right, it took more than just the zombies to wreck the party. As it was PKers made a real mess of things, when they should have been joining in the beer drinking. PKers obviously just don't understand the true spirit of Biertag. Meh.
Biertag09 03.png