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Announcements: Thanks for coming, guys. Big Bash 3 has now ended. To those of you that attended at one point, a hearty BARHAH to you! To those of you that missed it, better luck next time. To those we ate, thanks for the BRA!NZ. To those we missed, maybe you'll dance with us next time. To everyone else, you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here. Oh, and check out a list of groups you might consider now that the party is over. Have fun, and we'll see you at Big Bash 4! 03:56, 6 October 2010 (BST)

Administration Stuff

If you're one of the organizers for Big Bash 3 in charge of managing the wiki, this page is your quick reference guide for modifying stuff around here.

Change the suburb

You can just change the suburb info in these two places, and all textual references to the suburb we're in, including the templates people are using, will be updated automatically. As a nice bonus, the barricade plan map on the Location page is updated by changing #1 here.

  1. Put the name of the new suburb(s) here.
  2. Put the witty catch phrase for the suburb here.
    • It should be able to be prefixed by "We're" (e.g. We're "bashing Buttonville" or We're "ripping apart Ridleybank" or We're "having a ball in Heytown").
  3. Go here and say something
    • Try to keep it short enough that it fits on one line when you save your edit.

Update the maps

You only need to change one page in order to have all of the maps of the Bash's progress update to match each other. The maps do support multiple hordes, so you can have multiple current locations and multiple suburbs with the mouseover effect.

  1. Go here
  2. Modify the map squares
    • Put "curr" (meaning current) for the one(s) you're in now
    • Put "past" for the ones you've visited but aren't in
    • Put "NVR" for the ones you've never been to
  3. Change the "XXt=The Big Bash" line so that the "XX" matches the suburb number for where you wrote "curr" earlier
    • If there are multiple hordes, or the horde spans a few suburbs, you can make multiple "XXt" lines, one for each horde
    • Mouse over the map if you forget which suburb is which

(In)activate the strike teams

Whenever we do or don't need the strike teams, you only need to change one page and all of the relevant text and status boxes will change accordingly.

  1. Go here
  2. Change it to say "Yes" if they are active, or "No" if they are not

Change the announcements

As with the others, it's a "change once and it's fixed everywhere" deal.

  1. Go here
  2. Clear out announcements that no longer apply (older than two weeks? One?)
  3. If there are no announcements, simply erase everything (it'll make the Announcements box disappear)
  4. For additional announcements, add a <br> on the same line as the last announcement, then start writing right after it
    • Keep it short since it pushes everything else down on the page


If something breaks or something unexpected comes up, ask Aichon for how it should be fixed or modified.

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