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Hang 'Em Higher

MainMounted DA HeadsHang 'Em Higher
The DA are having their annual Hang 'Em High competition and in typical DA style they choose only to play with themselves and their "Pro-Survivor" friends. Sort of like when America has a World Series...and then neglects to invite the world.
So, in the spirit of real competition the BCH are holding our own little event. Naw, we're not playing with ourselves. We're just going to keep track of how many times we kill them vs. how many times they kill us during their own insulated little circle jerk of a non-competition.
Our event will begin and end at the same time as the DA's Hang 'Em High. Should be fun.
Group Kills Totals
BCH Kills amaratsu Bastetmeow Yonnua Kopponen Noobert Rotten Ray Mark Ryerson Mark Ryerson RedHawkOne rest'in'pieces Yogibba Hunnia 11
DA/Allies Kills 0
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