Billet Auto Repair

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Billet Auto Repair
"... interior of the building has been ruined for some time..."
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Billet Auto Repair

Dunell Hills [6,35]

North Lane Hartry Crescent the Fortune Building
Shilling Walk Billet Auto Repair Broadbelt Grove Police Department
the Dury Building Zephyrinus General Hospital Club Meade

Basic Info:

  • Auto Repair shops have no internal descriptions.
  • Auto Repairs can be barricaded normally.


Billet Auto Repair is located in the center of the suburb of Dunell Hills, and it's only Auto Repair in there.


Charles Billet built his Auto Repair Shop in his home suburb, Dunell Hills, and ran it 24/7 before the outbreak. It employed over 50 mechanics and 10 car painters. It was a successful car shop sometimes completely repairing or painting 15 - 20 cars a week.

6.6. a car exploded on the yard of Billet Auto Repair. Dunell Hills Police Department investigated it, but the reason why it exploded, is unknown. During the beginning of the outbreak zombies destroyed some police files from the Police Departments.

Subsequent investigations showed that the fire may have been started by someone attempting to steal a vehicle from the lot.

Current Status

You are standing outside Billet Auto Repair, a large red-brick building surrounded by railings. The building's doors have been left wide open, and you can see that the interior of the building has been ruined.

There is a dead body here.

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