Billings Row Fire Station

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Billings Row Fire Station

Gulsonside [72,74]

a wasteland Dinovan Alley a warehouse
Mosedale Crescent Billings Row Fire Station the Gollop Building
Veale Towers Eaton Drive Tatchel Street

Basic Info:

  • Can be barricaded normally.


Billings Row Fire Station
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Billings Row Fire Station



An old-time red brick building with folding doors for the fire truck bays.


This station is formerly known as firefighters training facility formerly overseen by Captain McCaffery. His motto, taught to his cadets, was "You go, we go." meaning that they were to take the job of firefighting as a serious commitment, not unlike joining a family. His methods were severe, but fair and for a time Billings Row turned out some of the best firefighters in Malton.

Fire Marshall Severous, who followed after McCaffery's unfortunate demise, continued the tradition of Billings Row as a training facility, mentoring low-level survivors the same way his Captain did.

Billings Row Fire Station is one of two fire stations in Gulsonside.

Barricade Policy

VSB+2 for sheltering new cadets.

Current Status

Recently Billings Row Fire Station has been reactivated by Fire Marshall Severous of the MFD. It also has replaced Northcote Avenue Fire Station, claimed by KristiOTD, as the SE Division Head Quarters.