Bin Laden's Daughter

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Bin Laden's Daughter
Abbreviation: BLD
Group Numbers: 3 at the moment
Leadership: Aladdin Sain/Guitar, Chemical Mike/Bass, Anime Princess Gogo/Drums
Goals: Drink, play, drink some more, invent new pedals with things lying around Necrotech buildings, find a singer more resistant to plane crashes
Recruitment Policy: Can you sing?
Contact: Try the webpage, mate

How'd we get here?

On tour out of Scotland, the members of "Arabesque Surfpunk" band Bin Laden's Daughter crowded onto a small plane to get to their next gig. No one is saying if it was the storm or if the pilot was sampling the band's liquid dinner, but a sharp couple thousand metres down put an end to the tour, the plane, most of the equipment, the singer and the drummer.

Coming to in Malton, guitarist Aladdin Sain and bassist Chemical Mike did the only sensible thing - they broke into an abandoned pub and got pissing drunk.

The next thing they did was chalk up the sighting of their shambling, dead vocalist pounding on the door to said drink.

When the singer was joined by the drummer, the pilot, an undead nun and a walking corpse in a Teletubby costume, the lads thought maybe they were in real trouble now (and were definitely not drunk enough to deal with it).

Now What?

Once or twice on the pavement with a needle in your neck and you start to get the hang of it, even if you never get to like it (although you find that if you mix revive fluid and ice, it's got a bit of a kick to it).

Seeing no reason not to keep the band going, such as it was, Mike and Aladdin made their way around Malton, learning the ropes, badgering Necrotech personnel into showing them how to work the equipment, taking apart Necrotech equipment to make new effects pedals, and playing in pubs and clubs - whether anyone asked them to or not.

Why Not?

While squatting in a club in Osmondville (and who's asking for rent, really?) the lads ran into Anime Princess Gogo, lugging in her lighting equipment. She was the first to arrive from the Night Ravers and, like she does, immediately took to the band.

The other Ravers followed, leading to the group's raves in Osmondville (See: Night Ravers' Places of Travel). Figuring that the Ravers seemed to have a steady supply of booze and "medicinals," in addition to being insane, Aladdin and Mike started travelling with them from club to club.

In due time, Gogo was convinced to give playing the drums a go and now at the band's gigs around town, "tears into them like a ferret in pink taffeta" as well as being coaxed into occasionally singing Zombina & the Skeletones covers.

We're With The Band

Who'd have thought it? Bin Laden's Daughter found a fan base:

Night Ravers

The Gingerbread Men

Malton Tours Inc.

Pirate Monkeys

Murder Death Kill

Mad Craskers

brainROT RUM

Give It a Listen!

Being trapped in a zombacalypse doesn't mean you can't keep up. NecroNet access lets Bin Laden's Daughter and their fans maintain a site or two. Choose from bootleg tracks smuggled out by Morlond, the EP they were touring for, or the band's own webpage.

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