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The Bio-Mimetic Android Infestation Removal Corps is a group of government-created androids which were recently airdropped into Malton in order to gain reconnaissance on the situation and aid in the destruction of the zombie infestation, if it remains. Unfortunately, the androids, which were intended to be radio-controlled via satellite, had their transceivers hacked by some computer-savvy survivor shortly after their arrival. Lacking any free will, though possessed of a series of rudimentary AIs to aid in the performance of various tasks, the androids may be operated by any person who wishes to do so. They are operated by a simple Graphical User Interface which is accessed via internet at This interface allows for commands to be given, and near-realtime data to be received from the unit being accessed. It is unknown how many androids currently exist in Malton, though it is known that the initial series of 10, which were AI-controlled prototypes, cannot be controlled from outside Malton.

An android's physical appearance is much like that of a bald, genderless human, with blue skin. Their "blood" (actually a lubricating fluid which contains haemoglobin-based nanites for the extraction of carbon waste from their various internal components) is green in color, and their "eyes" are black and reflective, owing to their containing several sophisticated sensors.

Transceiver Codes for Known Hacked Androids:

Username: 000000011 Password: 000000011

Username: 000000012 Password: 000000012

Username: 000000013 Password: 000000013

Username: 000000014 Password: 000000014

Username: 000000015 Password: 000000015

Username: 000000016 Password: 000000016

Username: 000000017 Password: 000000017

Username: 000000018 Password: 000000018

Username: 000000019 Password: 000000019

Username: 000000020 Password: 000000020

Username: 000000021 Password: 000000021

Username: 000000022 Password: 000000022

Due to the androids' nature as bio-mimetic machines, their synthetic physiology is almost entirely similar to that of a human. This allows them to have self-repairing components, and allows them to use food and drink to power themselves. It also has the unfortunate side-effect of making them susceptible to the zombie infection. Thus, androids may also rise as "living" dead. However, it has been noted that this state has little bearing upon their controllability.

(Please note you are free to make your own BMAIRC android, but we do ask that you please make the name 9 digits long, and make both it and the password available on this page.)

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