Blabey Park

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Blabey Park

Gatcombeton [28, 17]

Scard Grove Smyth Boulevard wasteland
St. Matthew's Hospital Blabey Park Brocklesby Boulevard
Pedel Avenue Railway Station Spekington Drive Warrne Cinema

Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.

Blabey Park


A quaint, tiny pocket park, which is constantly shadowed by the neighboring hospital. Although it was once the site of a stunning, rare breed of flower known only to north Malton in the River Kevan area, it is now quite desolate with few overgrown unkempt trees lining the dead grass bordered walkways. The walkways thenselves are hard to traverse with the now overgrown roots cracking through the cement.


Originally the land where Blabey park would later be, was used as a surplus emergency operation field. Where tents were erected to operate on world war one troops who required less sterile environments. This land continued to remain an empty paved lot until the hospital was reconstructed with the advwnt of modern engineering and built upward so that surrounding land could be better utilized for some other civic purpose. From 1964 to 1971 the future park was used as a car lot for the hospital staff. The requirement for ample parking spaces declined when a plethora of underground stations were constructed walking distance to the hospital. Gatcombeton's thentime mayor decided to construct a public space for patients and staff to enjoy to enhance thw atmosphere. The park was named after famed WW1 Royal Army Surgeon Thomas Adonijah Willard Blabey for his contributions to the hospital.


In Malton's current timeline, the park serves as The RegCon's Gatcombeton Revivication Point.

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