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The Black Bloc is a network of Anarchists and Anti-Authoritarians of Malton who freely coordinate with one another to advance the principles of Direct Democracy, Freedom, and Horizontal governance by the people.

As a loose network, We operate as free individuals held toguether by Ideals and Way of Life. Currently small, the Black Bloc is searching for new members and supports unity with other Anti-Authoritarian groups. Members are not forced to participate and maintain the freedom to oppose (vocally) actions perpetrated by the rest of the group. We are not held down to any suburb and operate as a guerrilla force anywere they like. Our main aims are to help independent survivors and are willing to cooperate with other groups through mutual aid and the maintaining of safehouses.

Our kind are rare and faraway, it seems, and communication is of the essence for revolution to occure. We must tell the world of of how this happened, the irresponsibility of those in power, with a monopoly of violence and playing at god though irresponsable science! Their irresponsability killed many innocents. But that is only a sympton of the evil that is government and oppressive, coersive society. The BB will oppose those who control and coerse, by any means nessesary, so the human spirit will remain free.

We are anti-braineaters, and do not hesitate to put them back to the grave. We oppose dictatorship, imposed government through Warlordism, and any or all oppression. For those reasons, as well as our heartfelt hate of Power, we work to defeat the Crabapple Warlords forces, and free West Boundwood from their hunger for wealth.

To Contact this Autonomous Group of Individuals, inquire at the m@f board, investigate it and you may find us... in Lamport Hills or West Boundwood or anywhere in between, we are underground and versatile

The Black Bloc is an associated organization of the Malton Anarchist Federation

We do not disclose our current activities, Our opinion is given to the M@F and helps determine policy. To join us you simply must find the idealists, and there amongst them, we hide, and we strick from the shadows, faceless and prepared to die for our ideals.

Some of you, when we meet, shall run, but others will welcome our presence. You should hope you will not have to run.

Peace, and Bread

from the Warlord Controlled zone of West Boundwood

Owl, Facilitator


Anarchytemp.jpg Anarchism
This User or Group supports the concept and ideals of Anarchism, and will fight against all kind of oppression and groups that want to establish the old capitalistic order.

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