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Black Delta

Are you tired of spending all you action points looking for supplies then getting back to your safe house and finding it completely ruined and out of action points?

Are you tired of being alone and not sure if you will be alive or if you will have to shamble down to the nearest revive point tomorrow?

Are you just tired of randomly killing zombies with no real goal?

We currently are the only active pro surviver group in the Mockridge Heights besides the DEM so if you live in the area become a member to help save your suburb from the zombie terror.

This is a growing group why not be part of the first wave of recruits? All new recruits are gurrented a safe place to sleep and help from more experince players.

Why join a group who just gets on and plays for 10 mins a day most of the time there is always a member on the wiki thinking and planning are next Operation.

Well why not join a group that is kinda new but hey since its new you will be able to help us mold it into something to be proud of instead of joining one of those big groups where you don't stand a chance in making a difference why not join a group you can discuss with us what the group should do next.

--Sgt MacDonald 21:31, 1 July 2009 (BST)

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