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About us

Black Panther is a piker group near fort creedy. Please join. When you join please send an email to Put what skills you have into the email. If you join you will not be killed. We have about 100 members so resistance is pointless. most of our members don't put us in their group bo but will when inisiate operation black panther.

Black Panthers where origanally called dark moon.

Plan to take over fort creedy

All zombies out side creedy go inline at 16:00 British GMT (will add Americian times) and all attack while black panthers attack anyone with construction killing as many as possable. When zombies get in they won't attack black panthers. Black panthers will then attack the armoury along with the zombies, then the infirmity and finally both the barrocks. After that zombies and black panthers will attack near by building (times to be arranged).

Why Join us?

We aim to take over Fort Creedy, and give it back to the last owners. The rightful owners of the Fort itself. PIKERS!!!!! People in the Fort fight over control. Against each other rather than Zombies. Are great piker group aim to take it for the people, so they can choose how it is run. Fort Creedy must be taken, by Pikers!!

Also, provideing we have a member with lab experience skill, if you join us and send a revive request to we can garentee you will be revived with in 24hrs if there are no other zombies in the place where you are, if there are other zombies then move to an empty place. Please state where you are in the request.

Also, beibg a pker is so much FUN!! And its EVEN MORE fun when you are in a pker group that is able to take over creedy etc.


Eve009 please say whever you are going to join or not. :)

Extra Info

Idiot.gif BURN!!!
Black Panther love using fire for anybody that doesn't join The Greater Good!
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