Black Sheep

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Black Sheep
Omg black sheep logo.gif
Abbreviation: BS
Group Numbers: Any Bikers or Outlaws looking to make some cash
Leadership: Skuzball
Goals: End these so Called "Bounty Hunters" Careers
Recruitment Policy: Ravenwood
Contact: Ravenwood


The Black Sheep are a mix of Bikers,Ex Cons, Prostitues and Drug Addicts. Well adapted in the arts of murder and mayhem they will kill if prevoked

If you are a Bounty Hunter-Expect to Die. As official employees of Ravenwood-Our word is Law and no Bounty Hunting,Revenge Killing,Ect in our Territories. None will be tolorated-and only Ravenwood Employees are Exemt from our rules.

Its ridiculous how Infamous
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