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Black Templars Malton Crusade
Abbreviation: +
Group Numbers: Classified
Leadership: Marshal Leo Berafort answerable to Imperial Command
Goals: To serve the Imperium and purge Malton of the forces of Chaos.
Recruitment Policy: Open to new recruits, sign up at the forums and post requesting admission.
Contact: Imperium Group RP Forum
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You carry the Emperor's will as your torch, with it destroy the shadows.

Verses of Sigismund, Book CIV, Verse I

After making combat drop into Hive Malton now Marshal Garviel Loken has set out to regroup the Crusade's forces and drive back the mutant hordes that infest Malton in accordance with other forces of the Imperium of Man. This group, like the Imperium, is an RP group based on the Warhammer 40k universe.


Fast Attack.JPG Mobile Operations
This group may use temporary bases but its main focus is engaging their foes in the thickest of the fighting
SM Icon.jpg Adeptus Astartes
The Black Templars are Space Marines in service of the Imperium of Man
Syringe.jpg Planned Revivification
This user or group supports
organized revivification.
UwarS.GIF Supporter of Urban Warfare Doctrine
I fight block by block

We are strongly opposed to Zerging and Spying as both are grossly dishonorable tactics and spit in the face of what a Marine is and does. We seek open, honorable engagements with our foe, not the skulduggery and deception of dishonored units such as the Alpha Legion. Furthermore, while our forces may on occasion operate in conjunction with other agents and agencies of the Imperium, we more often then not will be operating behind enemy lines on our own. As such any support from alts is frowned upon and regular abuse of alts will be handled with disciplinary action.

We do NOT Random Revive. Given our objectives and organization we will not be able to maintain revive points and as such should work first to revive our own, then other Imperial agents, and only then to move on to those who are not of the Imperium if known to be friendly.


We are currently accepting all male aspirants, go to the link provided above for our forum and sign up. For any women interested in serving the Emperor in the similar fashion you will serve as Sisters of Battle attached to the Chapter until such a time as there are enough Sisters to found an independent Order. Any who sign up will be fully trained for battle through direct experience and instruction by their Brothers and superiors.


No Pity! No Remorse! No Fear!


The Black Templars are a Chapter of the most zealous, aggressive, and fanatical Space Marines in the Imperium. Where other troops under heavy fire and losses would fall back to a safer position, the need to avenge the deaths of their Battle Brothers drives the Black Templars ever more furiously forward into the fray.

As such, the Black Templars seek, once re-establishing the Chapter's forces and creating a permanent Chapter Keep for training of Novices are complete, to engage in aggressive crusades against the Mutant hordes that currently infest Hive Malton. No mercy will be shown to the mutants or to any traitors and heretics in the eyes of the Imperium who seek to impede this Holy task in His name.



The story of the Black Templars begins well before the breaking of the Legions with Sigismund, the Captain of the Imperial Fists Legion 1st Company and most favored of the Primarch Rogal Dorn. It was during the Siege of the Emperor's Palace at the height of the Horus Heresy that Sigismund inaugurated the oldest tradition of the Black Templars and the spirit of the Chapter.

During the Siege the followers of Horus devoted themselves to the foul Dark Gods of Chaos, many being gifted and chosen as Champions of Chaos to further their dark agenda. In response to this Dorn named Sigismund the Emperor's Champion, his duty was to seek out these damned blasphemers on the field of battle and defeat them in honorable single combat in the Emperor's Name. In these brutal confrontations Sigismund slew hundreds of Champions of the Ruinous Powers winning every single combat he engaged in.

The Breaking of the Legion

Following the end of the Horus Heresy and the breaking of the Legions to ensure the Heresy could not happen again, Rogal Dorn initially resisted all efforts to break up his beloved Legion reaching the point that the Imperium teetered on the brink of a new civil war to the point that Imperial Fists ships were fired on by vessels of the Imperial Navy.

Dorn eventually backed down recognizing that while he could no longer serve the Emperor directly he must do all he could to uphold his father's realm. As such he consented to the Codex Astartes and the breaking of his beloved VII Legion. The Imperial Fists were broken into three Chapters, the Imperial Fists, the Crimson Fists, and the Black Templars. Sigismund, who was chosen as Emperor's Champion by Dorn, led the more zealous of the Imperial Fists as the Black Templar Chapter and was elevated to the rank of first High Marshal of the Black Templars. Sigismund swore an oath that upon leaving Terra, he and his new chapter would prove their loyalty by never resting in his duties against enemies of the Emperor and set out on a Crusade to prove their loyalty to the Imperium. Every High Marshal after him has renewed this oath, continuing the age-old Crusade.

That Crusade has lasted ten thousand years up to present day.

Present Day

The Black Templars are arguably the largest Chapter of Space Marines in existence and do not confine themselves in terms of scale to the Codex Astartes, only the High Marshal truly knows how many Black Templars there truly are. They are a fleet-based chapter, enabling them to push forward in the name of the Imperium and deploy rapidly to where the fighting is hottest. As such they keep Chapter Keeps on worlds they liberate to recruit new novices for the Chapter to continue.


Rather than organize into Companies as their largest formation just below the Chapter as a whole, the Chapter is organized into purpose-driven Crusades each of which easily can rival a Chapter in size in the larger cases and in smaller instances still deploy numbers that would match easily four standing Marine companies of any other Chapter.

The Crusade

The whole of the Malton Crusade is commanded nominally by a Marshal. A Marshal will be chosen when our strength reaches a point where we have need of such a figure. The Crusade consists of all Fighting Companies, Squads, and the Training Cadre in Hive Malton regardless of location.

Fighting Companies

A Fighting Company consists of between two and five squads of Marines, preferably full strength squads but given the circumstances some exceptions are willing to be made.

Each Company is commanded by a Company Castellan who is seconded by the Company Chaplain. Each officer is expected to also directly command a squad of their own.


Squads consist of between five and ten marines with squads holding a specific purpose and are commanded by a Squad Sergeant. The specialization of the squads allows them to accomplish their mission with a high degree of efficiency.

Squads are grouped not to fill out numbers but by the time zones of the users who are stationed in them to make real-time operations easier to conduct as well as having an established strike time for each squad.

New novices are immediately assigned to the squad most appropriate for their time zone and period of regular activity so that they learn in the field as well as gain practical first-hand experience at real-time coordination.

Squad Sergeants are selected from within the ranks of the squad when it is first established and the Sergeant serves until they are no longer able to or are determined unfit for duty by their superiors. Squad members remain in the same squad to help build camaraderie as well as an espirit de corps unless they are truly fit for a command role at which point they may be transferred to a new Training Squad to take command there if their Castellan or the Marshal allows it.

Squad Types

There are five types of squads, three are functional, one circumstantial, and one partially an honorific.

Combat Squad

Combat Squads consist of squads where all the members are combat-oriented. These squads focus on clearing and direct engagement operations against the enemy while adhering to the standard doctrine of the Chapter in Malton.

Support Squad

Support Squads focus on medical aid and revival. These squads consist mostly or entirely of Apothecaries. This does not mean they don't see action, rather their main focus is on reviving fallen Brothers and keeping local revive points clear and ready for use as well as felling Brain-Rotted mutants found there. When needed Support Squads can and will directly engage, but their main task is revival and medical.

Command Squad

Command Squads are those Marines directly attached to a Castellan or Marshal. Command Squads consist of between three and five counting the commanding officer and the Company or Crusade Chaplain. These units do the tasks as needed by their commander to support other Squads in the Fighting Company while on operations at the discretion of the commanding officer. To be assigned to a Command Squad is a great honor reserved only for the best.

Training Squad

These are squads that consist of new Marines, be they level 1 or 41, who are in need of training in procedure. Training Squads are often commanded directly by a Chaplain, Castellan, or Marshal until they are fit for Command Trials at which point their Sergeant is selected from among the ranks and they are assigned a role.

Terminator Squad

These are the most formidable units in the Black Templars. Consisting of Brothers who are all Sword Brethren, they hit hard and can perform any role. This is as much an honorific as it is functional, such units also are often highly experienced in coordination and are used where this experience and skill is needed most.



Supreme Commander of the Malton Crusade. The highest rank any Marine in the Black Templars can aspire to short of special positions granted by the Lord General Militant in charge of the Imperium in Malton. The Marshal and his squad are unique in that they are not part of any particular Fighting Company. The squad, at the Marshal's discretion, may be attached to any Fighting Company during an operation but they are not part of that Company in and of itself.


Commander of a Fighting Company and all forces contained within. Is also required to possess a command squad which they lead personally into battle as well as command of their Company.


Second in command of a Fighting Company, they both serve as commander when the Company Castellan is unable to and as the one who administers to the faith and moral well-being of those in his company. Due to the demanding duties of this position Chaplains are almost never considered for promotion to holding the position of Castellan as they must devote so much time to the spiritual health of their charges. They serve as both a back-channel for Brothers to address issues with their commanders and as a means of upholding morale when the situation is at its most grim. All Chaplains are expected to take part in the training of new Novices.

Emperor's Champion

This is a special position given to a Marine who does not hold a command position within the Crusade. An Emperor's Champion is chosen just before the beginning of a new operation from among the eligible Veterans and Sword Brethren (if all of the above are in command positions then a Battle Brother will suffice). They are to embody all that it is to be a Black Templar and to engage the most dangerous and fell foes of the Crusade in honorable combat. The squad they are part of is expected to undertake the most difficult targets and assignments in the coming operation and the Champion must always be the first in charge and last in retreat. Often the Champion will also be given a list of targets known to be in the area such as prominent mutants or infamous traitors who are in the operational zone. While the position gives no command responsibilities, they are always considered senior to any Marine not in a command position.


Commander of a Squad within a given Fighting Company. The banner bearer of the Crusade or a Fighting Company Command Squad is bestowed the rank of Sergeant as an honorific. Particularly skilled Sergeants may be considered for promotion to Castellan of a Fighting Company if such position is open.

Battle Brother

The rank and file of the Chapter, these men form the bulk of the Crusade's forces. They are further divided based on their skill and seniority, while this does not reflect chain of command within a squad it does denote their accomplishments, dedication, and abilities.

Sword Brethren

Our most elite warriors, they may or may not hold a command position, this rank is a mark of their achievements in battle against the enemies of Man. These Templars are the most fearsome on the battlefield and are rightly feared for their might and skill at arms.


Those who are known for their great experience in battle and are honored for this wisdom and skill and known for their ability to excel at their given role within the Crusade.

Battle Brother

The rank and file of the Chapter, these warriors are those who have finished their Novitiate but are not yet tempered by the fires of war.


New recruits seeking to fight for the Chapter and aspire to achieve the status of a Battle Brother. All new Black Templars start at this rank.


All Marines are to have the following uniform at all times as possible:

Black long-sleeved shirt, black jacket, a white coat, black trousers, and black leather boots.

Apothecaries are to wear a white hooded sweater or long-sleeved shirt, a black greatcoat or coat, a pair of black leather or regular trousers and a pair of black leather or regular boots

If bloodied please change for a fresh set when possible with the exception of the white coat, this is a sign of having been seriously wounded in battle and should be worn with pride.

Battle Honors

Like any military organization, service and achievements are rewarded and recognized in this Crusade. As such the following honors are employed by the Malton Crusade.

Battle Honors

Crusade Banner

Carried by the Standard Bearer of the Crusade, this is a high honor and marks the bearer as a member of the command squad for the entire Crusade.

Company Banner

Each Fighting Company is allowed their own banner, while not as prestigious to carry this is still an honor to be given the privilege to carry the company standard.

Merits and Commendations

The Black Templars are awarded all the standard merits of the Imperium.

Ron Burgundy Purity Seal

Upon hearing of his retirement Castellan Loken ordered the awarding of a heavily decorated, special Seal to be made for Ron Burgundy bearing all of the honors any Marine could aspire to attain save for that of the Iron Halo. This seal was presented to his followers on May 6th, 2008.


Previous Operations

Operation: Vigilant Watch

Here we made our stand against the oncoming hordes of the mutants of Big Bash 2 to defend the citizens of this Hive against the approaching threat. We did the best as we were able with limited resources to hold northern Santlerville and fought in the assault on Dowdney Mall. In spite of the valor and devotion of the Marines serving there Dowdney Mall fell partially due to the mass panic inflicted by heretical preaching and broadcasts just before the main assault began but also to the tenacity of the attacking mutants.

Operation: Unquestioning Resolve

Made our stand against the return of Big Bash 2 in Santerville to buy time for any survivors who cannot fight to evacuate the suburb and make ready to rebuild. We fought against our foes long and hard, holding them off from complete victory for four days until all Marines were slain and forced to seek revive in Gibsonton to avoid jamming revive queues in Santlerville further.

Operation: Iron Citadel

Reclaimed a portion of northwest Gibsonton for the Imperium to serve as a training facility for any and all Imperial agents.

Operation: Iron Line

Worked to hold Dulston alongside our allies in the Dulston Alliance against the returned hordes of BB2 and possibly the Dead. We fought hard and held along with our allies during a week of constant fighting until the position became untenable and fall back to Gibsonton was necessary.

Operation: Cleansing Flame

Kept classified to outsiders in the details until its completion, Cleansing Flame was the liberation of Rolt Heights and Gibsonton from mutant infestation following the return of Imperial forces in the wake of the devastation wrought by the Dead. This operation tested out new theories such as Rat Tactics in reclaiming overrun suburbs and due to the new approach, exceedingly high difficulty, and feeling of helplessness all who participated were awarded the Fist of Dorn.

Operation: Burning Pyres

While the operation was a serious defeat, Burning Pyres saw the Black Templars combat the invading traitors during the Invasion of Gibsonton. Ultimately a defeat, it nonetheless was a valiant effort.

Operation: Swift Vengeance

This operation combated the forces of Mall Tour '09 in Santlerville both before, during, and after the fall of the Mall sustaining no losses by enemy forces while reclaiming several vital buildings in the area for the survivor war effort including St. Benedict's Hospital, Popham Auto, and Cotterell Crescent PD along with other buildings in the area and assisted in taking back the Dewes and Hall Buildings.

Current Operations

Operation: Glorious Host

An extended operation in Dulston to combat the recent upsurge of feral mutants.