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The Black Templars are a Chapter of the most zealous, aggressive, and fanatical Space Marines in the Imperium. After making combat drop into Hive Malton now Castellan Garviel Loken has set out to regroup the Crusade's forces and drive back the mutant hordes that infest Malton in accordance with other forces of the Imperium of Man!

Recruitment Video

This group, like the Imperium, is an RP group based on the Warhammer 40k universe.

We are a fighting force based on the squad system who believe in taking the fight to the enemy wherever they may be, our main enemies are the mutant hordes that roam through the streets of Hive Malton as well as the PKers who aid them with their murderous, hedonistic, and vile ways. We have a base of operations where we train our newest recruits in the ways of the Black Templars before sending them into the maelstrom of battle, beyond that we could be anywhere, striking against the enemy at any time without warning or mercy.

We have fought against some of the most dangerous hordes Malton has seen, standing on the line on three separate occasions against Big Bash 2 and fought against the Militant Order of Barhah in Dulston.

Any who are interested we are accepting all non-scientist characters, please apply here, post that you wish access to the Black Templars and we'll find a place for you to fight against the enemies of the Emperor and Mankind!

No Pity! No Remorse! No Fear!

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