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Blue Aegis Group
Abbreviation: BAG
Group Numbers: N/A
Leadership: Ferrum Leo
Goals: Get Paid, Do the job
Recruitment Policy: Active[[1]]
Contact: Forum[2]

Professionalism, Responsibility, Ingenuity, Dedication, Efficiency

The Blue Aegis Group is a private military company within the city of malton. Blue Aegis Group seeks to provide clients with a motivated, and well disciplined force to achieve the client's agenda. The Blue Aegis Group is one of the few groups in Malton which requires an actual payment of currency(see below: Payment).

Blue Aegis Group

The Blue aegis group is a PMC. As such, the Blue Aegis Group takes on missions within malton on behalf of the client.The mission depends on the client, but the Blue Aegis Group will accept any mission, provided that it pays well enough.

Current Activities

Freedom War

We are engaged in a defensive action to protect the citizens of Pashenton from Autobot Tyranny. This defense of our northern neighbors is free of charge, and is done in recognition of life as a fundamental right and not something to be taken in the name of Optimus Prime (as the Autobots have claimed).

Freedom War II

Due to a terrorist organization calling themselves "Hobos of ******" attacking civilians and commit atrocities throughout Grayside we are forced to keep order in the suburb. All members of this terrorist organization are considered KOS. These cowardly attacks will not be allowed to continue, upon us or upon the residents of East Grayside.


Blue Aegis Group manintains accounts upon the Kingdom Of Loathing MMO, and will accept payment in the form of KoL's currency: Meat. The Blue Aegis Group also maintains accounts upon other Online MMOs, but payment in the form of meat is preferred. If a prospective client wishes to pay in an alternative form other than meat, they should contact a Blue Aegis Group member or on our discusion page to start a dialogue.


The Blue Aegis Group will accept any mission provided that payment is sufficient to warrant the execution of that mission. The price of individual missions may vary significantly from mission to mission even if the mission is of a similar type; A Mission to protect a facility in Yagoton will have be cheaper than a mission to protect a facility in Dakerstown. The price of a mission reflects the risks, workload and liabilities present in the mission. Missions may be more expensive due to a tithe payment which artificially raises the cost of certain operations in that area depending on the size and type of tithe.

We are currently booked up until January 17,2010


1Q. Is Blue Aegis a mercenary group?

1A. Not really, the Blue Aegis Group is simply a provider of services to a client.

2Q. Many mercenary groups are often seen as cover stories for pker groups, how is Blue Aegis Group different?

2A. The Blue Aegis Group does not engage pking in unless in retaliation/defense or our contract mandates such action on behalf of the client, and unlike nearly all other mercenary groups; we require payment in the form of currency.

3Q. In the event that a survivor was killed by Blue Aegis Group personnel, what can they do?

3A. The Blue Aegis Group offers several options to make such scenarios unlikely- A personal tithe can be purchased relatively inexpensively for nearly anyone. In the event that a tithe is violated the person may choose to recieve a free revivication immediately and the cancellation (but not the protection) of tithe payments. Some missions may offer anyone inconvenieced by Blue Aegis Group operations monetary redress if they choose to execute that option.


The Blue Aegis Group will accept anyone into the group, including remnants of other freelance groups. Any remnants are free to follow their existing commander(s) and their history and customs shall be respected. Remants will be considered freelance formations unless they are able to meet Blue Aegis Group unit requirements. Blue Aegis is one of the few groups that will accept those who posses brain rot, regardless of the circumstances.


The Blue Aegis Group is highly egalitarian in that few structured ranks exist. The main divisions come in the form of whether the unit is a Blue Aegis Group unit or if it is a freelance unit. Freelance units vary in size from one to more than ten, but have not undegone the Blue Aegis Group certification process. In the certified units, there is a dual command chain, A mission commision and a Board of Review.

The Mission Commision is responsible for seeing to mission management and prepartion and delivery of mission briefings. In a Blue Aegis Group Operaton Unit, the mission commison's representative is the Unit Coordinator.

The Board Of Review sees to the moral and conduct of a unit after every mission, as repeated missions may wear down the will to fight; regardless of high incentive due to pay.In a Blue Aegis Group Operation Unit the Board of review's representative is the Unit Chaplain.

The standard sanctioned unit is the Blue Aegis Group Operation Unit- A five person team, two members of the team will hold positions within the CoC. Blue Aegis Group Operation Units rarely have a single leader in which all decision making is dependant upon that leader, each Blue Aegis Group Operation Unit member is capable enough that they can operate relatively independently to ensure the successful completion of the mission.


The Blue Aegis Group understands that value of confidentiality and offers a confidentiality service for an additional charge on a mission. Clients have the right to demand a full refund if the Operation Unit has demonstrated gross negligence and failed the mission as a result of that negligence. The Blue Aegis Group does not guarantee a refund for certain high risk missions unless the client requests such a clause in the contract, however such clauses are not inexpensive.


The Blue Aegis Group has several agreements regulating the conduct and operation of Blue Aegis Group members in that respective suburb available for purchase. These agreements will often limit Blue Aegis Group actions in exchange for a regular payment. Some agreements will raise the cost of operations in an area as a way to limit Blue Aegis operations by making the cost of mission high enough that potential clients will dissuaded by the raised expenses.

Tithes: Tithes will raise the cost of operations against a specific person, area, group, etc, depending on the tithe. Tithes are effective for a specified amount of time. The cost of a tithe is weighed against the estimated likelihood of mission profit concerning the entity.

Subsidy Payment: These are the opposite of tithes, Subsidy Payments will make operations of a given type cheaper. The Subsidy Payment has a balancing effect when applied against a tithe of equal strength.

Ironclad Agreements: These are the most expensive agreements because they cannot be outbid. The Blue Aegis Group will only provide these agreements upon careful analysis of the agreement. Ironclad Agreements often come in the form of guarantees that the Blue Aegis Group will not take on missions against the client. Ironclads are among the most expensive agreements.

Garrison Agreements: Garrison Agreements allow the Blue Aegis Group to set up operations within a suburb in exchange for privileged status when dealing with the Blue Aegis Group.


There are several Advantages to enlisting the service of a group with a structure like that of the Blue Aegis Group:

  • Incentive:
Because we pay our members for their efforts, the Blue Aegis Group maintains extremely high morale and establishes a personal incentive for the success of every mission.
  • We appear only when needed:
After a major conflict, alliances of neccesity break down and the risk for internal suburb conflicts are at their highest. The Blue Aegis Group provides it's services when they're needed and leaves when the job is done, thus eliminating any risk of civil war.
  • Clarity
Payment in the form of a currency means that we won't ask for an ambigous favor in the future, we are clear and honest about our requirements from the start. This method of payment is often far more affordable than some painful "favor" that may be asked in the future.
  • Availability
Requiring payment means that an individual client can acquire our services as readily as a large multi-group organization, provided that they have the funds. In the past, only large groups could use freelance or otherwise private services because a "favor" was the only currency that they had to trade, and the bigger a group the more valuable the "favor" could be. Our method of payment helps eliminate the unequal opportunity between large and small and we're proud of that.
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