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The Blues Brothers Band
Blues Brothers.jpg
Abbreviation: BB
Group Numbers: A mind-boggling two
Leadership: Elwood, Jake
Goals: We're on a mission from God.
Recruitment Policy: Speak to us in-game
Contact: Speak to us in-game/post to this page

The zombies won't catch us. We're on a mission from God. In the absence of a seven-litre Dodge Monaco, we're unfortunately stuck in Malton with nothing but outdated suits and lots of AP to spend on snappy remarks.


Picture the scene: a cold, wet, February night. Two bored friends discover Urban Dead, after watching the Blues Brothers and partaking of much beer and popcorn. Minutes later, the Blues Brothers are formed, albeit about three suburbs away from each other. Hours later, one is completely lost, the other dead. Yeah, he slept in the street. What we lacked in Free-Running we made up for in dress code, in those days. Days later, they're both in the merry, green region in Dartside with ninety million hospitals, dropping the occasional zed with the few AP remaining after forty or so consecutive unsuccessful searches of a lit PD..

Who are the Blues Brothers?

'Jake Blues'

'Elwood Blues'

Current Headquarters

We're based in the Sertin Building (on occasional sweet, sweet moments when it's not in Zack hands), which houses the mobile phone mast serving Stanbury Village. We don't like mobile phones, preferring to communicate by driving around town in a Dodge Monaco with a megaphone lashed to the roof, but when your group only has two members you kinda have to take what you can get, employment-wise..

Past Missions/Objectives

When we've done something worthwhile, we'll tell you.

But don't keep your hopes up.

Current Status/Aims

Currently, we're still based in Stanbury Village, which yo-yos between RRF and Kilt Store hands on an almost weekly basis. Set up camp in the Sertin Building and taken over guardianship of the phone mast from MalTel, who were last seen in Stanbury Village in 1948 establishing a phone network of cups connected by string.

Previously in the area around Nichols mall, spending more time refueling generators than fighting zeds. If this is what an actual zombie invasion is like; god they're boring! The future belongs to dull people with lots of petrol..

Previously in St Helier's Hospital (amusingly sharing a name with a real-life South London hospital!) in Rhodenbank considering a counterattack on local PKers but mostly just looking for an opportunity to put some green back into Malton's map..

Previously in the Joachim/Lumber Mall area, wondering why there are only thirty or so zeds outside one of The Dead's biggest remaining targets. Maybe they're all still busy 'conquering' Ridleybank..

Previously in Tapton, a town whose streets are paved with gold and level one zeds sleep alone on every corner and - in a refreshing change from Dartside - there are buildings you can enter! Intend to grab a bit of XP and then head over to Tompson Mall, which recent radio broadcasts would suggest is the place to be, nowadays..

Previously in sunny Dartside, wandering around between the few buildings that haven't been over'caded to a Houdini-imprisoning degree, beginning the slow and tortuous process of levelling up.


GoogleChat or email, chat to us in-game or post to this page. Any pro-survivor group alliances welcome, recruitment selective (sense of humour a must, genuine musical ability frowned upon but tolerated).

You guys FBI?

No, ma'am.

We're musicians.

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