Blythville Gang

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Blythville Gang
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Abbreviation: None
Group Numbers: ?
Leadership: None
Goals: Maintaining the Blythville area's most efficient revivification clinics; keeping Malton safe for humanity.
Recruitment Policy: As we do not 'officially' exist as a group, other affiliations are not considered conflicts.
Contact: McTrout (Troutman), Fath3r0f4, Mcbride (in-game)


The Blythville Gang is a survivors group that operates the revivification point at Gee Avenue and Park Walk in the suburb of South Blythville. The Gang also operates a revivification point at Shallet Crescent in the suburb of North Blythville, another at Corless Way in Dartside, and a fifth one at North Square in Greentown.

RAWK and the 9th Infantry

The beginning of the Gang took place in the vaults of Harnap Bank, in January of 2006. Members of RAWK and the 9th Infantry took up residence there and, along with various unaffiliated survivors, started an impromptu revive clinic at Gee Avenue. These survivors also began to work together for the common defense.

The Harnap Bank Massacre

In mid-January of 2006, Harnap Bank was breached by a large number of feral zombies, and members of The Dark Order of Armageddon. Most of the RAWK and 9th Infantry members escaped, but several other Bank refugees were killed in the attack, and the survivors were harried through nearby Land Bank and Isgar Towers. This event marked the realization that more organization would be needed to survive on the mean streets of South Blythville.

The Blythville Gang is Formed

The first steps the survivors of the Bank Massacre - those who would become the nucleus of the Blythville Gang - took was to seek out and revive their fallen comrades. After this was successfully completed, Mcbride (one of the Gang's founding members) established a message board for the Gang to coordinate on. The primary function of this board is for zombies seeking revivification to have a forum to do so. Another important aspect of this board is its Do Not Revive list, maintained by Troutman and Fath3r0f4. This list contains links to profiles of known members of the Dark Order of Armageddon, and other groups/individuals who are to be killed on sight and not revived under any circumstances.

Revive Points

The Blythville Gang runs five very successful revive points: Gee Avenue, Park Walk, Shallet Crescent, Corless Way, and North Square. Three are located in South Blythville and North Blythville. Corless Way is located in Dartside, and North Square is located in Greentown.

Revives are typically frequent, but the Gang does maintain a few rules for using its revive points:

One: Players must create a new topic for each character. This is so board moderators may respond as needed and delete completed requests.

Two: All requests must contain a link to the player's user profile (found by clicking on the username - i.e., "You are _________ and you are ..."). This is required to keep technicians from having to waste AP using DNA extractors to find the right patient, as well as to ensure that no dedicated zombies, PKers, or brain-rotters have needles wasted on them. This greatly improves the Gang's efficiency at reviving.

Three: Those requesting revive must present themselves at the proper city block (the spaces listed above) and request a revival on that revive point's specific board. This is so revivers do not have to waste valuable Action Points searching for wayward zombies.

Four: While revives are typically doled out on a first-come, first-serve basis, patients are asked to understand that we will sometimes prioritize, reviving accomplished necrotechnicians before low-level survivors (in hopes that necrotechnician will, in turn, revive others). Our 'pay it forward' program relies on the honor system; if you have needles and the know-how to use them, let us know. The life you save could be your own!

Five: The Gang takes a dim view on death cultists, known PKers, et cetera. The moderators of the board reserve the right to delete a request without notice.

Radio Free Blythville

When the military re-opened shortwave radio frequencies for use, members of the Gang immediately began hunting up radio transmitters and the means to power them. The Gang now operates a broadcast station that operates on 27.44 MHz on your radio dial.

Updates and Notices

May 16, 2017 The Gang is providing revivifications at all its revive clinics. As always, the Gang extends an invitation to any freelance revivification technicians looking for a place to call home! --Father 5:51, 05/16/2017 (EST)