Blythville Reinforcement Troopers

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A new group. Under construction RPing is encouraged in this group The RP MUST be based on BRT (Blythville Reinforcement Troopers) story


Since the outbreak occurred, Reinforcements were sent around Malton, as some elite troopers landed on North Blythville, 500 of them died on an assault in North Blythville, yet only a few of them remain, and they formed a group called Blythville Reinforcement Troopers



-Basic Firearms Training OR First Aid/Diagnosis


-Need to insert Blythville Reinforcement Troopers in your groups slot.
-MUST stay in Blythville,(North and South) unless you got a reason. Our HQ is at N.B. but our stockhouse (mall) is at S.B

How to join

To join add me to the contact list (killerzkings) and post your name right here.You can put the link to your name if you want. Also after you put your name here meet me at our base. list of members

OR if you want to, register on the forums (coming soon) and go to the section that is called "Hiring Center" and post your name, and your information there and meet at our base.

Key Buildings

We have some key buildings here,

The Hebditch Building (North Blythville)-Our NT building because It's the only one in N.B.
The Saul Arms-Our base, because it attracts less attention to zeds
Marven Mall-Our stockhouse, very useful. It's in south blythville because north doesn't have any malls
Club Doran-Stay in this building after you looted Marven Mall
Neot General Hospital-Right next to our base. Doctors operate here
Junkyard 20,64-Our supply room if you don't want to go to the mall.
Leonard Street (North Blythville)Our revive point(under construction)


Our goal is to repel all zombie hordes ,aid other zombie killin' groups in blythville,clearing zombie infested buildings and repairing them if they are ransacked

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