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Border Guard
Abbreviation: BG
Group Numbers: 10+
Leadership: Clone 101
Goals: Stop anyone or thing getting across the border from Malton
Recruitment Policy: Go toForum
Contact: Forum

Stop those zeds reaching the border!

How To Join

Step 1) Log in to your account.
Step 2) Click on your name to be taken to your profile.
Step 3) Put Border Guard as your group.  


We must stop all zombies from getting anywhere near the border of Malton. Since they also have to get through 3 layers of razor wire, 2 napalm trenches, a landmine field and a 3ft thick concrete wall, we don't always have to be on duty. But it would help if you were.

Ways to kill

Repeated attacks:

It takes a lot of attacks to kill a zombie, and it will stand up after awhile anyway but for some of you this is the only way, so remember: Cade, heal, kill, DUMP.

Headshot: This will put a zombie down for a while longer and take more to get back up as well.

Burn the body: After a headshot, burning the body is the only way to ensure permanent death, but nobody carries lighters around with them anymore and the fire would attract too much unwanted attention...

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