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Bounty Hunters Unltd.

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FEB 09

Ending Post: If for some reason you remain interested in BHU, user:Mikhos heads up Rogue Agency, a freelance group that concentrates on contracts centering around security of other pro-survivor groups.

October 9, 10:11 PM EST: BHU is preparing for Crusade '08. They will be in full operation shortly.

September 2, 10:17 AM EST BHU is fighting to retake The Whitlock Building, along with the rest of the DA. Dulston is not looking good right now.

July 21, 3:32 PM EST: ZHU is now known as BHU.

June 15, 3:13 PM EST: ZHU welcomes 2 new members to the team.

May 30, 9:44 PM EST: ZHU is departing from Gibsonton.
May 19, 5:32 PM EST: Zombie Hunters Unltd. have started waging their part in the Invasion of Gibsonton.
May 15, 4:26 PM EST: Zombie Hunters Unltd. have left for Gibsonton until the Pker problem is resolved.
May 13, 4:58 PM EST: Zombie Hunters Unltd. have accepted LinkHoT into their ranks, as well as letting Tommy Marco and Try Liven go. Obviously these two members are gone for good, and if they so choose to return, will be welcomed with open arms.
May 11, 3:39 AM EST: Zombie Hunters Unlimited are now members of the Dulston Alliance. Members are urged to go to the forums regularly.