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brainROT RUM
Note: brainROT RUM ☣ was on vacation from 30-9-07 to 30-1-08. We're BA-aaack...

Arguably the most challenging situation in Urban Dead is that of survivor with brain-rot.
As an entire GROUP of outrageous survivors with Brain Rot, we're taking that up a notch...

brainROT RUM ☣
180}px BrrLOGO8-7-07SDW.png
DuxBrrLogo.png BrrLogo8-5-2007-Swiers.png
Abbreviation: brr
Membership: Recruiting
Motto: Rot is Hot!
Goals: turn pink brains into brain brothers.
Recruitment: Get Brain Rot. Get revived. Get busy.
Contact: forum
Rot front.jpg

==brainROT RUM ☣ == Are we crazy? Well, yes, but it isn't really about sanity- it's all about STYLE.

You could stay a pink brain for months or even years, but why not step up to level 42?

Official Policies

  • brainROT RUM ☣
accepts only members who have brain rot. 
  • brainROT RUM ☣
does not kill survivors who have brain rot.  They are brain brothers.
  • Pink brains have a chance to become brain brothers whenever we kill them. By refusing to embrace this opportunity, they prove they are cowards who deserve to be hunted like vermin.
  • brainROT RUM ☣
provides support to all rot revive clinics.

Who is this for?

brainROT RUM ☣

is for players who want to take on the extra challenge of playing in a survivor group that embraces brain rot.

Within the official policies above, brainROT RUM ☣

members are free to do whatever they like when alive without reprisal (direct or indirect) from other members of brainROT RUM ☣


brainROT RUM ☣

members are free to spend time as zombies when desired, but are encouraged to play as survivors whenever possible.

brainROT RUM ☣

members are most often level 42 characters with a long history of violent deeds before or after death.  We are proud of this heritage, but assert independence from any zombie or PKer group, and welcome all survivors who have Brain Rot, regardless of level or history.


Given that we all have brain rot and are more or less obviously NOT normal humans, we make rather poor spies for the zombies, don'tcha think? If all we wanted to do was feed information to zombies, we wouldn't bother with all this- we'd use characters who looked just like yours. Or the pinkbrain standing next to you...

brainROT RUM ☣

does NOT pass information to any other group, zombie or otherwise.  We are a fellowship of individuals who have evolved past the pathetically human need for a cerebral immune system and hope to aid others in doing the same.  We are just as much targets of zombie attacks as any survivor.  We would not have it any other way- safety from zombies would make it too easy!  Many of us make good use of our zombie skills, but we don't organize with zombies from other groups.  brainROT RUM ☣
is all about role playing and taking on new challenges, not about deceiving people with simple lies.  Our lies are much more complex than that...

Is this the same as Red Rum?

brainROT RUM ☣

was inspired by Red Rum and considers it an honor to carry their patrynomic and stylistic imprint.    Indeed, one of Red Rum's founding members has taken up residence in this group.  However, brainROT RUM ☣
was founded as an independent member of the PKER'S HUB, does not any longer make PKing an official focus (indeed, we likely do more bounty hunting these days) and does not interact with Red Rum in any way that other groups do not.
brainROT RUM ☣ has also since moved its forum operations to because they offer free Belgium waffles instead of pancakes.

Special Note

As of October 8, 2012, gwrrty is the only known remaining active member of brainROT RUM ☣ . He has been acting solo for quite some time, and will start recruiting shortly. Consider him de facto Leader of the group until any former members of higher rank become active once more. While the rest of the page remains for posterity, PKing and influencing the spread of Brain Rot is the primary focus of the group, and we are now willing to make alliances with like-minded groups and individuals. More to come.

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