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Brain-rotted pirates? Y'ar, matey!  


Arguably the most challenging situation in Urban Dead is that of dedicated survivor with brain-rot. We're taking that up a notch...

We are currently the only fully brain-rotted survivor group, and we also quite like shooting people. Are we crazy? Well, yes, but it isn't really about sanity – it's all about style. Most, if not all group members will be 42nd level characters with a long history of misdeeds, be those from life or from beyond the grave – nothing says "scallywag" like a PKer with a big fat bounty AND Brain Rot who still can't be stopped. However, we welcome anybody with Brain Rot, and have roles for dedicated zombies, or peaceful survivors.

So, if you want to help us end the scourge of the pink brains, become a brain brother and then get in touch. Or hey, just buy brain rot and keep playing as a survivor – you're still a brain brother, and that's good enough to get you out from under our guns. If you decide to join, you can always find us on the We're in it for the challenge. And the giggles. And the tingle under our scalps.

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