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Brain Rot Revive Clinic
Abbreviation: BRRC
Group Numbers: Under audit
Leadership: DocDead & Chimera
Goals: To provide free and equal aid to those most profoundly affected by the recent outbreak
Recruitment Policy: Introduce yourself on the board and tune your radio to 27.21.

BRRC is under attack

To all rotters who need a revive: TZH is trying to take over the Pippard Building and they are keeping the cades at EHB at all times, so no rotters can be revived. They are also PKing BRRC staff members. We need help keeping the cades down so we can keep up the revives, so please lend a hand! Cades should NEVER be above VSB+0.

About the BRRC

The Brain Rot Revive Clinic is a group of like-minded survivors (and occasional zombie allies) dedicated to the revival of Brain rotted zombies. The BRRC operates out of the Pippard Building (29,72) in South Blythville, and maintains a casual affiliation with Rotter's Relief out of Houldenbank.

Staff Reference Materials

All staff members and allied parties should consult the official BRRC-specific DNR List before reviving any customers in the clinic, as well as the Blythville Gang's local Do Not Revive list. Also, be sure to keep your copy of the Current Member List with you at all times.

Current Events

Please use the talk page for discussion of events, especially if you are not a member of the BRRC.

April 1, 2008

The suburb is much safer now, although Pippard is being routinely attacked. We are doing limited brain rot revives, but are keeping the barricades at high levels because the other Necrotech buildings in the area are usually ruined. We will be back to normal operations when the danger level decreases and when there are other Necrotech buildings open for use to the general population.

March, 2008

The Big Bash is in town, so operations are slowed. We will update with future developments. Hopefully we will be able to coordinate a time for revives, and just revive everything in Pippard at that time. --Docdead 20:22, 3 March 2008 (UTC) (Edited on behalf of Chimera)

About the Clinic

In recently performed autopsies, it has been noted that the most advanced cases of infection have exhibited a swiss cheese-like disintegration in the cerebral cortex, colloquially known as brain rot. With the accompanying loss of cerebral tissue comes a marked decrease in effectiveness with the Mark II Revivification Syringe. However, for those affected by such debilitating infection, there is hope. With specialized equipment located in NecroTech Facilities throughout Malton, and after months of research, it has become possible to revive even the most diminished Rotters.

With that noted, a survey of brain rot cases also revealed that many affected individuals lacked health insurance. A volunteer movement was formed in Malton to open a free clinic at the Harbord Building in Nixbank available to all Maltonites, regardless of such factors as economic station or rotted cortex.

After successful operations in Nixbank, the doctors decided to take the show on the road to South Blythville in order to better serve the community. South Blythville is home to four Necrotech centers and provides a more central location for treatment and recovery.

All members should put 'Brain Rot Revive Clinic' in their profile. All members must sign up in the forums.

Please do not revive random zombies in the Clinic, or cover our graffiti. Destroying barricades is not okay unless an appointment has been made for a Rotter to come in.

There are good reasons for these requests. We have a list of zombies who are hostile to our cause (and check the list of local PKers before we revive). We do not want to be known as a no-questions-asked PKer revival point, and we do not want to revive people who earlier destroyed our hard-won generators or attacked our staff members.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Brain Rot Revive Clinic Archives

For more information on what transpired before and in an effort to clean up the front page, we invite those who visit us to make use of the BRRC Archives.

BRRC Archives

For Our Patients

We are located in the Pippard Building in South Blythville, four blocks north of Marven Mall. Those with a GPS can find it at coordinates [29,72].

Once inside, please wait peacefully for our volunteer physicians. Do not attack anyone with "Brain Rot Revive Clinic" in their profile; attacking a staffer while in the Clinic can get you added to our Do Not Revive list.

Please refrain from destroying our portable generators, as procuring these items is time consuming for our staffers. Destroying the generator in the Clinic can also add you to the DNR list.

If you are waiting in line and witness antisocial behavior from other patients or vandalism by non-affiliated survivors, please consider telling the staff at our talk page or the Clinic forum. This will help us to streamline our operation and ensure you a shorter wait should you become a repeat client.

The revivification process can often cause undue strain to the human body, coupled with stresses incurred during unlife. Hospitals nearby include St. George's [31, 71] in neighboring Greentown, as well as four general hospitals in North Blythville. We recommend that patients suffering from 'rising sickness' include a brief stay at these locations for continued treatment.

Looking for Volunteers

We need able-bodied souls who can perform any of the following duties:

  • First Aid treatment for those suffering from "Rising Sickness."
  • Maintenance of the clinic:
    • Installation and fueling of portable generators
    • Maintenance of barricades
  • Tagging for advertisement, both inside and outside the clinic (The tinyurl for this page is )

Do Not Revive List

BRRC-specific DNR List

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