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Brain Rot Revive Clinic Archives

Below follows the record of the events that lead to the current state of affairs whatever that might currently be. Those invovled in more notable events are invited to expand upon them and add, politely, their own perspective, so our rich history may be better appreciated.


The Brain Rot Revive Clinic Archives are created.


December 4th 2007 Any updates on whether Pippard is back up and running? I need a revive but do not want to go all the way to Pippard from my current position unless they are up and running again. Let me know. Thanks.--Luch 18:24, 4 December 2007 (UTC)

November 8th 2007 I was just wondering, are you guys still doing revives at Pippard? I'm in desperate need of a Rotter Revive, but I woke up outside the building and headshot, and someone had brought the barricades back up all the way to EHB. What's going on?--Reborn777 20:39, 8 November 2007 (UTC)

21 October 2007 Pippard is wiped out. Many zombies occupy the ruins. This wasn't entirely unexpected. Recovery will begin in a couple of days, probably starting with establishing some sort of basic security for survivors in South Bly. Chimmy noticed that the zombies attacked immediately whenever, wherever she began to barricade and suspects the zombies might be using scripts. If you have brain rot and want a revive, Pippard will be operational when it is both lit, and there isn't a major horde operating in South Bly.--Jack's Cold Sweat 03:39, 22 October 2007 (BST)

5 October 2007 Lord Rutherford is a day away from the clinic and is looking to get it up and running again. He asks that any survivors with similar career aspirations post here. Of all the currently documented rotter's revive clinics, this one is the closest to a mall and has two other necrotechs nearby. As such, it is an ideal location for securing medical supplies as well as syringes. We all know that some rotters can bite, but there are also those who are lost without us. Members of the BRRC, it is time to step out of the shadows and into the light. Who else is with me? Lord Rutherford 09:44, 5 October 2007 (BST)

Interesting. I'd like to help as well. I'll need to spend my next experience points on the necessary ability, though. I'll be there in two days or so. But how do you intend to reclaim the facility for the BRRC? There are a number of people in there at any given time, at least when I was scouting the area last week. Shall we just inform them that from now on the barricades will be kept at nothing? -- Eric Herboso 01:17, 6 October 2007 (BST)
Yes, I think a few friendly tags around the area followed by some not-so-friendly barricade lowering should do the trick. Obviously we'll start with the tags informing people that the BRRC is back in business and asking for volunteers. Once we have enough people to keep it running we can start hacking at cades. --Lord Rutherford 01:48, 6 October 2007 (BST)
Pippard will continue to operate in the manner it has. Which maintains maximum usefulness for survivors and availability and security for rotters who deserve revives. That you (Eric) do not understand this is irrelevant. I can assure you a lack of appreciation for this fact will result in Pippard being completely unusable. As it stands, it is trivial for a rotter to tear down the cades (attack NO ONE in the building), "Mrh?," and receive a very prompt revive; as there are a half dozen people in there ready to revive them. 3 of them BRRC members. "But why this method?" you may ask. 50 ap isn't a lot to ask of a rotter for a brain rot revive. On the other hand this method all but assures a powered, fueled NT building and plenty of syringes. No fetching generators, no fetching multiple fuel cans a day. Should you wish to improve this system, may I suggest your managing of appointments for revives? Opening Pippard to the street will not be tolerated. It will result in war, and the end of Pippard's functionality as anything but a ruined building and entry point. Feel free to drop by Pippard any time.--Jack's Cold Sweat 21:16, 7 October 2007 (BST)
So, Jack, you've given up griefing? ;) Either way, I'm one of the BRRC old guard, and still vaguely lurking around. I'm willing to give things another go. No sockpuppets though please? (you know who I mean..) --Docdead 15:44, 11 October 2007 (BST) [[1]]
We and what remains of the BRRC have reached a kind of peace. All we really wanted was for the BRRC to stop reviving RRF, et al. An "F you and F off" later and things got nasty, and well, we're all friends now. Currently "we" (The Malton Skeet Club) more or less maintain Pippard security out of habbit. But should some group take issue with how Pippard is maintained, we'd head over to Rogue's Gallery and make the formal declaration of war (so all involved are outside the bounty system) and it would be similar to our original conflict with the BRRC. Only, thanks to the experience with the BRRC, we're MUCH better at it now. We're larger, and we've got a better repertoire of tactics to employ. Ironically, if the BRRC did things the way we do things now, there would have been very little we could have done to change things had we so wished. I noticed you dead on the street again. When you've got the ap, feel free to claw your way in for a jab.--Jack's Cold Sweat 02:15, 12 October 2007 (BST)
I've just spotted a problem with your "break in for rev's" policy - I just threw 50 ap at the barricade on pip, and it's still up. --Docdead 10:48, 12 October 2007 (BST)[2]
Be luckier? Ideally, it would work best with an appointment system. Which I don't want to manage. But something like 5 rotters have been revived in pippard in the last 2 days. I'll be getting fuel tomorrow. But I won't be needing to fetch a genny, and fuel tomorrow, after having done so today. Part of the trade off for leaving the doors open vs caded. --Jack's Cold Sweat 01:31, 13 October 2007 (BST)

26 September 2007 Is your group still active? Your boards are dead, and no one is seeming to handle reviving brain rotters anymore. If a member is still active, please respond to this comment immediately. If no BRRC members are left, then either we need to update this page to reflect that the group has disbanded, or else new blood should be found to try and restart the group. Reviving rotters is an important service, especially here in South Blythville, where there are no hospitals on hand. If no one in the group is left, I volunteer to help with rebuilding the group, but I'll be unable to do so without other volunteers that can help as well. Eric Herboso 03:29, 27 September 2007 (BST)

4 September 2007

guys this is really annoying, i need to be revived and this is the only group that can and is willing to revive brain rotters, i mistakenly added that to my arsenal of skills when i started and am now regretting every minute of it...please, can BRRC retake the pippard building?


22nd June 2007

It's been over three weeks since I've been attempting to get in to the Pippard building: several people keep killing us where we stand outside, especially Chimera7. The griefers inside say that if people want to go in, they'll rebuild the barricade up afterwards, which DEFEATS THE ENTIRE PURPOSE. Apologies for the shouting, but this has been very fustrating and my character has come to a virtual standstill. Please, BRRC, if you're still active, please retake the Pippard building!

PS - Even if you can't retake the building, could somebody please tag the outside of the building to correct the Blackmore building tag that's currently there? Blackmore is in Ridleybank, and I doubt that there is a revive center -there-. Thanks!

I'll see what I can do to get some members of the Blythville Gang to help out on this ... I really think the BRRC is in shutdown mode, though... Troutman

10th June 2007

Various zombies (myself included) have been trying to get in, with little success, into the Pippard building. Somebody has tagged the outside with "BRRC has been moved to the Blackmore building", but the wiki shows nothing about this. If you're in the area, could somebody please correct this tag and help with the barricades? They're constantly being rebuilt to EHB, + who knows how much.

25th May 2007

We've had a rotter turn up at Gee Avenue, requesting a revive, and directed him to the BRRC. We're a little unclear; is the BRRC still operating out of Pippard? It's powered (we're helping to keep it that way), but I've not seen any BRRC members lately. You guys still needling the rotten?

Please be aware: the Blythville Gang considers the BRRC allies and friends, and we help keep their clinic powered, and we help clean up the mess when they get the wrong crowd, but we're not the Rotter Revivers. Not our gig. If the BRRC is out of commission, you need to go talk to the folks over at Rotter's Relief. Maybe they can help you. Stand around Gee, and we'll just shoot you.

There are people still trying to run BRRC, but a bunch of griefers are intent on keeping it from functioning. For months everyone was basically dead. Slowly revives overtook the constant re-dying. At the moment (for about a week) Pippard is barricaded and full of genny killers and others who aren't running a revive point. I at least appreciate the power, because I've been able to stock up on needles, but rotters need to get IN to be revived and that's not possible at the moment. So when you drop off gennies, maybe you could scrape a couple levels off the barricades before you leave?

8th May 2007

Of course the biggest problem with this clinic is the lack of communications or consensus on how to operate. The "members" with one philosophy, such as the dedicated ransackers that flip you off when you revive them and leave the clinic useless for searching, versus those healers who actually want a functioning clinic. Oh, and don't try to join their forums. They're not interested in your opinions.

Many thanks for recent revives. Sadly the 'hood is still so infested I haven't lasted more than a day each time.

EDIT: Tried to join your forums. Sadly my registration TWO MONTHS AGO has never been activated by the administrator.

20th Feb 2007

And now we're all just dead. No reviving going on. Because we're all just dead.

16th Jan 2007

Still no new news. We're still in operation, and still suffering from malicious graffiti and overbarricading by persons mostly unknown. As before, feel free pop by our talk page, or even our forum.

And don't forget to check the DNR list!


31st August 2006

Nope, we haven't closed or moved - we're just being treated to malicious graffiti and overbarricading by persons unknown. If you'd like to discuss it with us, please consider using the talk page or the Brain Rot Revive Clinic forum, for which you don't even have to register.

Clinic operation continues, albeit with a slightly larger focus on de-barricading than usual.

Work begins on our DNR list.

21st July 2006

In this frantic period, it's hard to keep an eye on our neighbors. If you, as a zombie, are killed by a passing "good Samaritan," please shrug it off and stand up again. Some people are unaware of our policies. Particularly of note is one ActingUpAgain, who is alternately killing and yelling at zombies in the Clinic. Please don't be alarmed by his antics.

17th July 2006

The Big Bash has wandered on, and we slowly, slowly rebuild. If you are not Brain rotted, we still suggest that you look for a revive elsewhere.

If you are rotted, don't despair; we will eventually revive you, but we ask for a little help. Now more than ever, we need you to report (and ZK, if so inclined) anyone you see destroying a generator in the Clinic or killing a clinician in the Clinic. You can use the Brain Rot Revive Clinic forum without creating an account, or you can contact us on our talk page.

If you are waiting in the clinic, you can also speed your revival by making a revive request at the above forum or the talk page. Please remember to include your profile number.

7th July 2006

With the arrival of The Big Bash in South Blythville, Brain Rot Revive Clinic staffers are finding it harder to locate generators and fuel, not to mention the usual difficulties in remaining living. If you are not Brain rotted, please consider shambling out of the besieged suburb and finding a revive elsewhere.

For our clients, we urge patience. Life in Malton is cyclical; the malls will fall and rise and fall again. It may be a few days before we are able to restore reliable service. Thank you for your understanding.

Karen Elliot also created the BRRC Current events on this day, thus closing the book on the BRRC prehistoric era.

July 1st 2006

Karen Elliot added the last update to the policy about survivors sleeping in Pippard. Due to changes in this policy and the barricade policy, indeed the very method by which rotter revives are provided, this policy is cast to the obscure rememberances of history.

If you are directed to this area of the guide, please note:

Sleeping in a Brain Rot Revive Clinic location is not a wise choice. As our patients are zombies, it is necessary to keep the entrances free of barricades. Resource buildings are first-strike targets of all zombie hordes; revive clinics are doubly attractive to zombies due to the services provided. So sleeping in a Clinic is akin to sleeping on a zombie magnet. Please do not do this.

Please do not barricade revive clinics. We Clinicians are trying to provide a non-discriminatory service, and taking down barricades takes up time that is already taxed by high syringe-use costs and high search rates for generators and fuel. The barricades will come down anyway, either by Clinician crowbar or cold zombie claws. Barricading is a waste of your time as well.

If you are looking for a human-habitable NecroTech building we suggest the Preston Building, two blocks south and two blocks east of the Pippard Building. It is a quick three blocks' Free Run away, and it is that much closer to the prosperous Marven Mall.

Every effort will be made to provide a very strongly barricaded safe haven for those without free-running near the Clinic, but in the interest of security, we cannot provide the location here.

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