Branagan Row Fire Station

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Branagan Row Fire Station
trashed, doors open
SomethingSomething.gif 20:19, 14 September 2018 (UTC)
Branagan Row Fire Station

Greentown [32,79]

a warehouse the Maudslay Museum St Dionysius's Church
Puckle Bank Branagan Row Fire Station Eley Way Police Dept
St. Matthew's Hospital
Pooll Towers
Morliere Avenue Railway Station

Basic Info:

  • Can be barricaded normally.
Branagan Row Fire Station


Branagan Row Fire Station is a fire station located in the suburb of Greentown.


Like its neighbor, Eley Way Police Department, Branagan Row Fire Station was actually built to supplement the stretched fire department in nearby Tapton. Like Eley Way, it was also able to supplement the forces of Greentown's small fire department, although the firemen here are formally part of Tapton.

Barricading Policy

Uniform Barricading Policy suggests that since the Fire Station is an essential resource building, it should be barricaded to Very Strongly Barricaded +2 (which means, barricade it up unto the point where it says "further barricading will prevent people from entering" and stop so that people without free running can still enter). --Alice Cuinn 07:05, 4 June 2007 (BST)

Current Status

November 2011 Vhb++. 2 survivors. Out of fuel. Anarcocurious 15:28, 31 October 2011 (UTC)

September, 2009 - There are one survivor inside. Currently EHB. A genny it's running low of fuel.--User:RoyKirk 23:15 PM, 16 September 2009.

October, 2008 - Branagan Row Fire Station is pretty clear right now, has 7 people and is strongly barricaded. We do really need FUEL! we have no power, so our transmitter doesn't work! --User:Sorakairi 10:39 PM, 17 October 2008.

March, 2008 - Building is completely ransacked on the inside, and all free running routes are blocked off. There is a group of around 10 zombies inside and about 5 zombies outside. --User:Paw Teotwawki 05:36, 08 March 2008

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