Brentnall Grove Police Department

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Brentnall Grove Police Department
EthrDemon (talk) 05:58, 17 February 2020 (UTC)
Brentnall Grove Police Department

Judgewood [15,12]

the Perceval Building Colglough Library a cemetery
the Bubwith Hotel Brentnall Grove Police Department the Hebdon Museum
the Boylin Arms Shervord Place Budgen Lane

Basic Info:

  • Police Stations can be barricaded normally.


Brentnall Grove Police Department is the only police station in the suburb of Judgewood. As it is the only police department in Judgewood, it is the only source of guns and ammunition without trecking to either Calvert Mall or Caiger Mall. It is also the biggest safehouse in Judgewood and prior to the invade from The Feral Undead had around 120 people in sleeping inside. It can be found on a GPS Unit with the coordinates of [15,12]. So if you are in Judgewood and want a populated place to stay then this is the place for you which can be guarenteed to have a high survivor presence.


This was taken shortly before the outbreak occured, almost 18 months earlier. It is one of the only pictures left of this building in Malton.


Barricading Policy

According to the Judgewood Barricade Plan, Brentnall Grove PD is kept extremely heavily barricaded at all times. Although this prevents low-level survivors from collecting ammunition, this is necessary due to the building being a very high profile target. The designated entry points are the Bubwith Hotel and Colglough Library. This building is meant to serve as a safehouse for Malton's veteran survivors, and thus requires the Free Running skill to be properly utilized. Survivors who find the building's barricades below their assigned level are asked to assist in raising them back up in order to help ensure the safety of all the survivors staying inside the building. Any survivor found lowering the barricades may be directly "put to the question" by any survivors present at that time. If this happens the accused survivor must present a valid reason for their actions or be labelled a zombie spy/death cultist and be judged accordingly.


3/16/2009: THe building is extremely heavily barricaded, this NEEDS to be fixed. As the only police department in judgewood, this building provides not only a safe place for players to end their turns but also the main source of XP for private and cop classes. Additionally, this building is designated by the local barricade plan to be VSB. Lower to VSB++ as soon as possible please. --ScaredPlayer 016:57, 16 March 2009 (UTC)

5/17/08: It appears from the outside that the building has been restored. It is currently being maintained at Extremely Heavily Barricaded. Be warned that is is not the safe house that it once was for those without the free running skill. There are also two zombies currently outside.--Trunkimpaired 09:28, 17 May 2008 (BST)

2/01/08: The building is in ruin and there is a mob of ten zombies outside. --Jesant13 20:38, 1 February 2008 (UTC)

This PD has previously found itself a target of the Lance of Rehel, a zerging group and zerging in which almost the whole PD was killed by The Lance of Rehel in a major zerging attack but since then people have continued to flock back to the PD making it the largest safehouse in Judgewood. This is also the place where the original members of The Grove met and then decided to form a group which ultimately led to the creation of The Coalition of Judgewood. For a full history of the involement of Brentnall Grove see History of the Grove. (See bottom of the page)


The Grove - Brentnall Grove Police Department also gave The Grove its group name which was orginally BGPD before it was shortened to The Grove. The Keyblade masters - They also founded their group here and while advertising for members, decided to think that The Grove had something against them and tryed to declare war on them. For details on the whole shady affair see The Judgewood war. Lance of Rehel - The survivoring characters from the zerging attack that weren't removed by Kevan continued to attack the PD barricades and breaking in but since the attack from The Feral Undead they seem to have died out too.