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The Brikwarriors
Abbreviation: BRIK
Group Numbers: ~10 Brikwarriors
Leadership: Collective
Goals: Having a Riotous Good Time
Recruitment Policy: Any Interested Gamers

...somebody has spraypainted an image of a red 2x2 lego brick onto a wall...

The Brikwarriors are an externally-organized group of wargaming-founded players hailing from a thousand backgrounds, play styles, and levels of ridiculousness, that are all mucking about in Malton.

Regardless of the fact that we don't actually have a thousand members. We've got like, three.

Actually, I think SnakeMittens said he might join, should I go find him?

Oh great, four! Yeah, that'll help. Tell him to bring some FAKs, I think the hospital fell again.

First Day in Malton - Official Starting Guide to Urban Dead

The Zombie Survival Pamphlet - Unofficial Starting Guide to Urban Dead

Use our Discussion page to drop us a line.


Mike Rayhawk said:
The Law of Fudge: Fudge anything your opponents will let you get away with.

Brikwars! This wargame is spoken of in hallowed, muttered tones, throughout the wargaming community. The ultimate crossover between Lego and Wargaming, it signals the ultimate of gaming tract and epicness!

At least, it did, until the zombies kinda eradicated any thought of anything besides survival from most of humanity's minds.

However, Malton was once a popular destination for conventions and gatherings, with several gamer-inhabited malls throughout the city and easy, cheap transportation into and out of the city. It was at one said convention where Cadians and RossV set out into Malton from the Nolan Hotel, towards the legendary gaming shop Hangar 42 in Caiger Mall.

And then all that happened. And here we are, a few years later, picking up the pieces.


Mike Rayhawk said:
Things you'll need: First and most importantly: fun. It seems obvious, but this item is so often bizarrely forgotten by all types of gamers (especially wargamers) that it bears repeating: don't play a game if you don't mean to have fun. And for the love of God make sure you bring enough to share, because it's not all about you.

Zombies are a bit of a big deal, sure, but we can still kick their collective asses and survive anyway. The Brikwarriors are intent on survival, first, and the creation of a safe gaming haven for anyone's entertainment, second.

Group Name -

We are #61 on the Game Stats page, as of 1/8/2012.

Graffiti Tags -

"Somebody has spraypainted an image of a red 2x2 lego brick onto a wall" - You're in Brikwarrior territory. We're in the area and will help with revival efforts, siege support, and survivor aid, so long as you get in contact with us.
"Somebody has spraypainted a large image of the Dread Pirate 2x2 Brick onto a wall" - You've found a Brikwarrior hangout. It's likely that one or more of the survivors here have the Red 2x2 sewn onto their outfit somewhere. Feel free to stick around and talk.
"Somebody has spraypainted a link to The Brikwarriors - onto a wall" - It's just a simple wiki link, man. Nothing to worry about.

Player Descriptions -

The Red 2x2 Brick - Most Brikwarriors have this sewn onto their clothing or somewhere in their description.

Radio Programs -

28.82 - Latenight Broadcast with RossV, with classic rock-n-roll music and news from East Becktown.

Hangouts -

A Factory - Current holiday residence of the crew as we regather our scattered members.


Mike Rayhawk said:
Inhabitants of a plastic-brick universe heed no laws of logic, continuity, decency, or moderation.

Unrestricted mayhem is the rule of the day.

Use this list to add each member of the group to your contacts list. The contacts list allows you to keep everyone's profile handy and is helpful with revival and long-distance contact. More Info.

Leadership -

The Brikwarriors do not have an established leader. Some of our members (501st, Das, and RoC, among others) have been around Malton for far longer than others, however, and their opinions are given the most weight when we decide on a plan of action. Most plottage is resolved on our home forum.

RossV, Profile

501stCadians, Profile

Das Pirate, Profile

DarthBrik, Profile

Suge Eskularru, Profile

Thomas Keely, Profile

Roc77, Profile

Bean1, Profile

Bilbo T Bagins, Profile


Mike Rayhawk said:
BrikWars is spelled without a 'c.' This is not a typo; this is part of its intrinsik nature. BrikWars is about the celebration of mayhem; it turns a suspicious eye towards infidels who believe that rules are made to be followed. If there's a "right" way of doing things, including spelling, BrikWars stands in opposition to it.

We have one simple initiation ritual. Please describe the following image.

Epic 600.jpg

If you think that looks epic, congratulations. We'll be happy to have you join our ranks. Add the Red 2x2 Brick Patch somewhere in your description and come and hang out. Heck, you're welcome if you don't want to join anyway.

In any case, we are the Brikwarriors, and we'll see you in Malton. Keep the 'cades, mates... --RossV 04:04, 3 January 2012 (UTC)

BrikWars is copyright ©1995-2010 Mike Rayhawk.
For more epic, please visit


+Any Brikwarrior can add information relevant to The Brikwarriors below, Recent Updates at the top.+

1/8/2012 Brikwarriors hit the Group Stats page.

1/3/2012 Creation of the Wiki page for the group.

1/2/2012 Formation of The Brikwarriors.

~12/2011 Claim of The Factory held by Das Pirate and 501stCadians.

~5/2011 Initial gathering of The Brikwarriors.

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