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History of the BMC

Back in the early days of Urban Dead, the BMC was a small but active group in the suburb of Whittenside. Faced with the threats attracted to Fort Perryn and the ever present Feral Undead, they faced a tough battle from the earliest days, but never gave up on the suburb! In 2021, a former member of the ruling council of the BMC, i am the police, returned to Malton for the first time in 10 years, and wanted to see the legacy of this small group live on. The old BMC page still exists at BMC Archive as a monument to the group that was.

Our Mission

Keep Whittenside safe! We work closely with the Fort Perryn Defense Force, and share a Discord channel with them, to make Whittenside as safe as it can be! The BMC is focused mainly on the suburb of Whittenside, not the fort or surrounding suburbs, keeping barricades up, resource buildings repaired and lit, and survivors alive. We'll still take part in strikes on the fort, as giving the zeds a big target is one of the best ways to maintain the safety of the suburb, but if it falls, we won't be retreating to neighboring suburbs to restock and regroup, we'll be doing all we can to keep the suburb standing!


We are actively recruiting as of 2021! Level doesn't matter, if you want to make a new alt to fight with the BMC while your other characters are off fighting elsewhere in Malton, that's no problem, we'll do our best to help you level them up and help keep Whittenside safe. The only exception is if you have another character active in Whittenside. If you're interested, please head over to the Discord and let us know! Our close allies in the FPDF will be there to help as well, to keep you up and fighting!

Recent History

The March Siege:

On the 7th of March 2021, the FPDF launched a new strike against the undead-held Fort Perryn, and the BMC leant it's support. The entire BMC bravely attended, with i am the police selflessly keeping an eye on the barricades and telling other people to actually do the work, and Johnny Zankov valorously stabbing his own allies to keep them awake. Thanks to this, the tireless work of the FPDF and the noble inhabitants of Whittenside, the fort stood, besieged but holding strong, for the longest period in many years. Sadly, early on the 10th day, i am the police fell in combat, and not long after the 10th day drew to a close, the fort was lost. Nevertheless, the proud members of the BMC were happy to have helped hold the fort against overwhelming numbers for so long.

Fort skirmishes:

Throughout the rest of March and April, there were no huge pushes on the fort, but the suburb remained safe. The BMC, along with the locals, nonetheless took advantage of any weakness in the fort defenses, rushing in and defending individual empty buildings or on a couple of occasions the gatehouse itself.

The fall of [84, 95]:

The warehouse at [84, 95] fell on the 8th of May 2021. This warehouse is home to i am the police, and the loss was devastating. Truly, the darkest day for all of Whittenside in recent history.

Past Members

While no one else from the old BMC seems to still be active, certain members stand out in my memory all these years later. Here's to CaptainScarlet, Chris Storvik, ElMarto, roflwaffles and SASF Snake. Even Nuke Texas, the former BMC member who went rogue and started targeting his former comrades in a PK war. There were so many more of you back at it's prime, but these names stick out to me.