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Hello there, we're the BMC. We're a small but fun group. We operate out of the suburb of Whittenside. We're your typical stubborn survivor group, we stand our ground, not because it always works but because it is a fun way to play this game. If you want to join us, propose an alliance, discuss game matters, or simply just relax and have a chat then you can find us at our forums. We play this game for FUN! Hope to see you out there.
Best regards, the BMC


  • Survive.
  • Maintain the safety of Whittenside and its residents.
  • Defend the public revive services (Woolley).
  • Find a pie shop and a bar so we can have pies & pints.



  • PKing: The BMC does not attack survivors except in retaliation to attacks on our members. If the PKer in question is a member of another group, our problem is with the individual only and we will not hold the group responsible.
  • Zerging: The BMC is against Zerging. Any alts belonging to BMC members must be kept at least 1 suburbs length apart - approx. 10 squares (i.e. you can't have them right next to each other on the borders of different suburbs).
  • Graffiti: We do not spray BMC graffiti over that of allied groups and will not spraypaint any graffiti whatsoever on their HQs (inside or out). Being a Whittenside based group, we will not put recruiting graffiti up in allied suburbs and ask that our allies based outside Whittenside refrain from spraying their equivalent graffiti here.
  • Barricading and Sacred Ground Policies: The BMC broadly support the Uniform Barricade Policy but at times when the suburb is under heavy attack will adopt the Whittenside Barricade Plan in its place. We also support the Sacred ground policy insofar as we will not target zombies at cemeteries (unless we know them to be Brain Rotters or members of a known enemy zombie group), but the best place to get revived in Whittenside is Woolley Grove [86, 94].
  • Having a laugh: The BMC is all about being laid back and having a laugh, so chill out and join us at our forums. Bring beer and pie.

Heroes of Times Past

This section might require some explaining. It is a section where we list former members who made an impact on the group. It consists of names and a small comment about them. The comment is meant as fun, and is not indicative of what they did. Not all of our previous members can be found on this list, some, while fun, simply came and went. Others might have done things that outweighed the good they did. And finally, some might have simply slipped away from memory, I always feel someone is missing from this list. Anyhow, the purpose is simple: so that we do not forget those who made our group fun, and that we try to honour them by keeping our group fun.
Andre Whitehouse: Too many reasons to list.
Arpstorm: Kept selflessly reviving the BMC while the suburb was being pummelled in 2007.
CaptainScarlet: He would tell us whenever he was having pie and other good foods.. bastard.
Cerdo Gomez: He caused many a laugh and tricked us all with his claims of being French.
Charlie Chaplan: A fun guy, even after he left he would still stop by and have a laugh with us.
Dualwolf: Known for blossoming the flowers of friendship with neighbouring groups.
ElMarto: He seemed to have a thing for ninja turtles and atomic scorpion bears.
Evert: Served with honour. Defended the south west of the suburb when no one wanted.
IainC: Not sure if he is coming or going, he will be a great loss.
Jaime: Created this group, realised it was a mistake and tossed away the keys.
Killphil: A really nice guy, he duelled with a zombie once, he lost.
London Calling: LC had a thing for writing really long posts. Jeez, they took ages to read!
SGT Jenkins: Though accidentally the cause of many a laugh he was well liked by the group.
Siddarth: Tough as nails! He was a nice guy, and didn't take crap from no one.
Sinaris: A random sense of humour, always up for a laugh, obviously he would fit in.
Treanor: Notable for being the first person to register on the old BMC forum but having only ever made 2 posts.
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