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Broforce Icon
Abbreviation: BroFo
Group Numbers: 5 (+52 allied survivors)
Leadership: JimJerusalem
Goals: Teamplay & freedom, building a network
Recruitment Policy: Special Policy (look below)
Contact: JimJerusalem


First of all: we don't fill the cliche picture of a Bro. Since we're german, the term has a little different meaning over here and just stands for a friend. Now that that's out of the way...

The Broforce is a pro-survivor group which is focused on having a network of survivors working together, based all over Malton. We want to work as a decentralised group with local branches "everywhere". The principle is easy: the Broforce as survivors who want to help other survivors. In theory, every survivor can start a division. You can lead your own division (of course a Level 1 character should not start right away a division, at lesat not of that is his first character here - we hope you use your common sense here). So, you pick a place where you want to stay for a while, write that down here on the page and do whatever you want to do there. You can play exactly the way you want, there is only one important thing to consider: Broforce members help, and only help, Broforce members or Broforce allies!
So, you want to be a PK? That's fine with us, in general. But don't start PKing other Broforce members or members of our allies. You want to start GKing? Okay, sure. Just don't hit generators in houses where other Broforce members or their allies need them at the moment. It's completly up to you how you play. These are the commandments of Broseidon, ruler of the Brocean, and thus we will follow them.

We are a Bro-Survivor group and as thus, we will shoot every Zombie on sight (if we have the ammo an AP). But most important is: when a Bro is in need, and he calls out to the other Bros, we come to help. No matter how far away we are from each other, we still are one team.
Our typical sign is the Brofist (or Fistbump). As mentioned before, we worship Broseidon, ruler of the Brocean & Brownage all over Malton. We stand together as Bros, we fight together as Bros. You don't have to know all of his commandments, but you have to know how to behave towards other Bros. We don't want to start a religious cult, they are more... guidelines.
May the Broforce be with you.


We don't want to save the world, we just want to survive.Unlike other groups the Broforce doesn't believe in the dream that the humans can win the war against the Undead. There are too many of them and they are infectious - but we can survive. The Undead may ruin Malton, but not our lives, no sir! We stand together and fight side by side and never alone, even if we wander the city of Malton alone.
The real big goal is to create a network of little Broforce cells all over Malton. So, how shall it done? Well, like said before, everyone can start a Division. That means nothing more than having a squad of which you are the leader. The leader, the so called Bropreme Brommander, decides what kind of group he wants and is making the decision on all troopmovings et cetera. If you are a Bropreme Brommander you have to take the responsibility for your actions and the actions of your squadmembers, the Broldiers. If they screw up, you might have to take the punishment. Of course; no Brommander will be shot if one of his members will go renegade, but the Brommander will have to take down the Broldier then and maybe make up for the damage he did.
So, you have your own Division. Give it a name, write down it here on the discussions page and there you go: done! Start having fun with your Bro-Squad, whatever it may be. Now all you need is a Brohouse, a kind of Safehouse. The Brommander chooses the house which shall be the Squad's headquarters.

Following this kind of target will have on VERY vital upside, for everyone in the Broforce at least: once the network has become a bit bigger, you will be able to find shelters almost everywhere. You just have to look up here where the next Broforce-cell is, if you want a safehouse to rest or need somewhere to escape a group of PKers to, for example. And it doesn't matter if you need shelter or something else. Let's say you are under siege by a little horde of Zombies. You call out for help and the Divisions who are near to you come in to get you out, if possible. Either they come for healing, help building the barricades up again or just help you fighting off the Undead. Of course this is thought out by the long shot, but every Broforce member will brofit from this. Until the network will be so tight, many Braineaters will die by lone hands - but together, we can make it and build a better Malton for all Bros. It is Unity that makes US stronger then them, always remember that.

So you see, the Broforce isn't a group in the regular sense. We're aiming for teamplay and a high level of freedom for evey member who wants it, combined with the highest effectiveness for every member. We might never win the war, but with a working network we have good chances to win every big fight they try to start.

Joining Policy

Any player can become a member of the Broforce, your class, level, gender or anything else doesn't really matter. The only condition that must be met is that you are not a Braineater, because, well, we are a bro-survivor group. With joining the Broforce you automatically agree to the rules written down here. We always need new and more members so if you want to join, leave a note on our discussion page. After all, we all want to know who our Bros are. You may also join with your alts if you have any, at least as long as they are legitimate alts.
If you ever decide to turn into a braineater it's fine. But please delete the "Broforce" as your group in your profile and leave a notice. You will be remembered.

Broseidon's commandments

As the Broforce we pray to Broseidon, ruler of the Brocean.

  1. A Bro above all.
  2. The Bro of your Bro is your Bro.
  3. If a Bro is in need: be a Bro, help your Bro! Either with guns or with healing.
  4. Don't waste precious items. There is always a Bro who could use that First-Aid-Kit more than you.
  5. Don't join the Broforce just temporarily to gain advantages for a moment, then leave the group again. To be Bro means not only to take, but to give.
  6. If you meet a Bro who has turned into a Braineater, help them get to the next reviving point. If necessary brotect your Bro from everyone who wants to hurt him/her, even if it means PKing.
  7. Either you flee together or you fight together. A Bro never leaves a Bro behind.
  8. If you have a Brotip, share it with your Bros. Advice is always needed, especially for newbie-Bros.
  9. If your Bros are down, brotivate them to keep on going.

If you wish, you can also take the pilgermage to bronor Broseidon. The first station of the Pilgermage is St. Perpetua's Church in [Lukinswood]. Stay there for one whole day and speak out loud a prayer to Broseidon.
Then make your way to the Burrell Way Police Department in [Molebank]. Again: stay there for one whole day and speak out loud a prayer to Broseidon.
Finally move to Haag Plaza Police Plaza in [Tapton]. Stay there for one day and pray out loud to the ruler of the Brocean three times during this day, then return whereever you came from. The Pilgermage can bring you closer to our patron and thus strenghten the feeling of unity to your Bros. Not only that, you will get the blessing of Broseidon for your future travels and fights. You will gain wisdom and insight... if you believe.

Bro Table

This is a table with all our members, including their level and other useful informations. The "Free Users" are users without a division. You can update your level yourself, it doesn't HAVE to be up-to-date, but update it from time to time please. If you change into a division, please make notice in the discussion page. JimJerusalem will change the information here then.

Bro Profile Level Class Division Rank
Division Bros
JimJerusalem Link 20 Brote --- ---
Deathman90 Link 10 Firefighter Test Bropreme Brommander
Corporal Drebin Link 3 Soldier Test Broldier
Doctor Haid Link 1 Scientist Test Broldier
Free Bros
Versuchskaninchen Link 9 Scout Free User Bropreme Commander
Former Bros
Kampfzwerg Link --- --- --- No reason stated


These are our allies. While no direct members of the Broforce, these are also our Bros. Every Bro can find shelter in their homes and so can members of these groups always find shelter in the Safehouses of the Broforce. We aid each other in fight or with health, if needed. Technically, almost any group can become an ally. Just use our discussion page to contact us.
Our allies are (alphabetical order):


General Questions

  • How can I join the Broforce?

Just type in the name in your profile and introduce yourself on the discussion page in the section for new members.

  • I don't want to be part of a Division, can I still join?

Of course! No one is forced to join a Division, it's an option for people who like to act in groups, be they little or big. If you want to be a lone wolf, than that's perfectly fine.

  • I am zombified, do I have to leave the group now?

Only if you want to be a Zombie furhter on. Otherweise not. Walk to a revival point or ask a fellow Bro to revive you. You may also request revival through our discussion site.

  • I saw a Broforce member acting against Bros, what should I do now?

Report it on the discussion site. Remember the name, and in best case, the profile link and make a screenshot.

  • If I leave the Broforce, can I join again later?

Of course, as long as you contribute. We don't want people to join for a day to have some help with a task, then leaving again.

  • I want revenge on somebody!

While that's perfectly okay to have a target you want to kill for something, you can't naturally expect your Bros to follow your cause. While not helping you when you are a Brommander and they are members of your division is a case of disobedience because of the chain of command, this is just a personal cause. Naturally a good Bro would just help you, at least unless he doesn't have anything better to do. But don't harass someone if he doesn't want to be your angel of revenge. You can also write down the name of anyone you want to see dead on the list of the discussion site.

Brommander Questions

  • I want to have an alliance between my Division and another group, is that okay?

Sure! After all, you are responsible for your Division and their acts, since the Broforce is no group in the ordinary sense. You can make alliances with any group you want, or fight them if you like, as long as it doesn't violate any of the Broforce rules.

  • Can I have a safehouse in a block, when there already is an active cell of the Broforce?

Of course! As long as you don't try to steal their safehouse through hostile takeover, that is no problem. But as a sidenote it would be more wise to join them in their safehouse, so you have an united defense in a case of attack.

  • My Division is under attack, I need help.

Either you use a radio and hope someone is hearing your call, or you use the discussion page to call for help.

Broforce Banner

To be fair

Broseidon was maybe not created by Scott Ramsoomair | [1] - but I saw it there the first time, so he gets the credit for it. Also, the idea all of these stupid "bro"jokes base on this comic...

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