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Brome Library
HB, unlit
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Brome Library

Stanbury Village [56,53]

Bently Towers Boyd Bank Brougham Way
Bateman Way Brome Library Stribling Library
Burgess Street Maxwell Walk a warehouse

Basic Info:

  • Libraries have no internal descriptions.
  • Libraries can be barricaded normally.


The Brome Library.

A fire-damaged red-brick building. A medieval library, its wood-panelled rooms lined with countless tomes, grimoires and monographs.


The Brome Room.

Dating back to the mid-12th century, the Brome Library is undoubtedly the oldest and finest in Malton. Named after its founder, Sir Perceval de Brome (pron. 'broom'), the library collection ranges from priceless religious manuscripts to Anglo-Saxon epic poems, from documents relating Stanbury Village's history to signed first editions of Barry Potter novels.

The most famous part of the library is the Brome Room, still furnished with the original tables and chairs, oak panelling and medieval bossed ceiling, restored thanks to generous donations by Sir Thomas, Lord Wymbourne. Since the outbreak, the fittings have occasionally been marred by splashes of blood and smeared handprints.

In the mid-twentieth century the library and its subterranean stacks finally ran out of room, leading to the controversial extension to the east known as the Stribling Library.

Barricade Policy

Library cards must be presented on entry. No books should be borrowed, although a few Maltonites flout this rule in search of knowledge.

Current Status

January 21, 2012 Currently ruined, but has been changing hands over the past few days. The Grey Tide call this their home.

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