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Brooksville Freelance
Abbreviation: BF
Group Numbers: Unconfirmed
Leadership: None
Goals: To protect Brooksville where necessary and to stop zombies from holding the suburb.
Recruitment Policy: Open - See 'Recruiting'
Contact: The Group Talk page

Basic Information

Brooksville Freelance are just that, Freelance. Going to where needed in Brooksville, healing, 'cading, killing and sorting out what could be a particularly bad mess in the suburb.

As a group and individuals we are friendly and follow rules of conduct so that you know we are here to help you and be decent people while doing so.

If you require our services then leave a message on our talk page and we'll set off to help the building in question. We won't actively ask anything in return for this, however from time to time we may require some assisstance in the suburb so would be grateful if you could help.

Aims for Brooksville Freelance

There are 3 simple aims which the group want

  1. To keep Brooksville safe for everyone.
  2. To stop zombies from taking over the suburb for as long as possible.
  3. To reclaim Brooksville if and when zombies take over.

These simple but achievable aims keep the group focused on the task in hand.

Where to find us

Due to the fact that we are a freelance group finding our members may be quite difficult, so unless you have seen us in a building, you have a better chance at asking us on our talk page.


If you're a human who doesn't zerg, moonlight PK or grief then you can join. Level isn't an issue with us as collectively the group has over 4 years experience of the game, so can easily provide you with tips on how to level up the fastest. However, it comes recommended that anyone wanting to join has free running as a lot of the buildings in the suburb are at EHB.


Being a member of the group means that there are these simple expectations to be had from you.

  1. Put Brooksville Freelance in the group box in your profile,
  2. Watch the 'cades! Without 'cades a building is nothing more than a sitting duck,
  3. Don't be a jackass when speaking. Nobody likes a person who uses too many CAPS and shorthand to make their message need a translator to be read,
  4. Watch out for P/R/Gkers. They are the bane of any suburb and as such must be dealt with.
  5. If you witness a crime against anyone or anything in a building, screenshot it! Evidence is very important and means that you have something to back your case up with if questioned about it.
  6. Be friendly. Going around and being a general jackass isn't exactly the best thing in the world. So instead, just occasionally go round to check on the local buildings, say hi to whoever's in there.
  7. Common Courtesy Costs Nothing. If you see a newbie or a veteran or anyone needing a FAK then give them a couple. That newbie you heal today could be one fighting next to you a couple of months down the line. Also, this includes respecting revive points! I.e. not firing upon anyone in them (unless it is a rotter as they stop people reviving).

Essentially, Courtesy and Evidence are the two main principles to follow. Although people may not give you the same courtesy there will be plenty more that do.


The Zombie Spy Policy

For this policy you must remember that zombies are players too, hence instead of mercilessly killing them 1 chance and 1 chance only is given to them. They are welcome to stay inside the respective building (and won't be killed by us) so long as they don't grief. If they do that then they are instantly KOS. This policy is only modified when there is a zombie attack imminent and the group that is attacking will be immediately cautioned to leave the respective building if they are seen as humans inside. If they are not gone within a time period of 7 hours from the time of the caution then they are to be 'helped' out of the building.


We won't kill you as a suspected griefer unless there is sufficient evidence to prove that you did do something.

The same applies for our other actions. Legitimate BF actions regarding the safety of the suburb will come with evidence to verify our claims. If you still think we're in the wrong then tell us about it and show us some evidence to back up your claim. As you can be sure we'll have ours.


Any groups wishing to affiliate themselves with Brooksville Freelance should leave an application ingame or on the talk page. Thank you.

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