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Malton chronicle.jpg This story is part of the Malton Chronicles.
This story is fan-made, and is not officially part of any background history for Urban Dead.

So, you want to hear about the history of the Brotherhood? Well, I have a tendency to ramble on a bit, but here it goes...

Note: The following events are true. Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty. (The guilty being everyone in and allied with the Brotherhood except me. All other names are unaltered)

Update: Part 2 was finally written. You can read it here: Brotherhood of the Reckoning/History of the Brotherhood: Two Drink Minimum

A Humble Beginning

I guess it all started in early February. I had been basically living it up on my own in the Dunell Hills area. I didn't need anyone else's help to get by. I was my own man, you know? However, one day I started to get this feeling like something was missing. Maybe it was the fact that I had been dead for a while and was suddenly revived. That syringe stuff does something crazy to your head. Anyway, around that time I met a guy by the name of Bob. He said he was in a group with a bunch of guys who just like to hang out, have fun, and indulge in the occasional narcotics. I liked the idea, but something about it sparked a better idea. It sounded all well and good to be in that group, but I had this urge to be a leader, not a follower. And so, I came up with the Brotherhood.

Now, at first the Brotherhood was nothing special. Hell, there wasn't even a name yet. It was just me and some graffiti telling people about the formation of a new group of rebels. Basically, a group for those who don't like to follow conventions. Yes, it was going to be a group of murderers.

Something I hadn't counted on, however, was the way another group of people in the area would react to my arrival.

A Preemptive Strike

Not a day after putting up messages about recruiting for my group, a cop from the Dunell Hills Police Dept. named Willr1 entered my temporary recruitment office (an abandoned office building) and shot me, though not fatally. He then said something like "Consider that a warning." Without another word, he left me there. Obviously, I'm not one to take something like that lying down. After getting patched up, I found the guy and asked him just what that was about. I don't recall his exact words, but he said something similar to the following. "You're the one try to form a group of murderers in this suburb, right? DHPD will not tolerate your kind in our suburb. If you're going to kill innocent people, you can expect us to retaliate."

Now, to understand my anger at this point, it is important to realize that I had yet to kill a single soul in Dunell Hills, so I thought his preemptive strike was uncalled for. More than that, though, he was trying to tell me how to act, how to live my life. He wanted me to follow the laws of his group. Who died and put them in charge? There is no government in a zombie-infested city, and frankly, I like it that way. I grew up going to a damn military school, constantly being told to follow orders. Coming to Malton was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was finally able to do what I wanted when I wanted, and this arrogant pig was trying to take that away from me? As the young people say, it was on.

It's On

I continued with my ad campaign for new members, and managed to get a few interested parties. Still, DHPD tried to change me. This time, they weren't so violent about it. A guy named Gregor Ibram came by the recruiting office and tried to reason with us. "So, you wish to join an anarchist's group to bring down the DHPD. I can tell you now your efforts will be in vain. Gentlemen, we protect innocents from the threat of unlife and from unjustified PKers. Yet you would seek to bring our well oiled machine into disrepair even as we help those in need? I cannot begin to fathom why you would wish to stoop to such atrocities. We as surviving humans need to band together in unity, not fight blindly in and amongst ourselves. Please, reconsider your choices. I would not wish to encounter you as enemies of mankind. Good day."

That in itself wasn't so bad, but some clown sprayed The DHPD will not tolerate terrorists! on the wall in my office. Again, I had yet to kill anyone at that time. I hadn't even declared war out loud on DHPD. I had expressed my anger toward the guy who shot me, but that was it. And yet they continue painting a portrait of me as some horrible creature with no soul whose goal was to destroy DHPD for no reason. Well, after that day, it was my goal. I was sick of them harassing me just because I don't want to play by their rules. Still, though, I kept my anger in check. I didn't lash out. I had to be patient. Soon I would have enough recruits to mount a decent offensive. Until then, it was best not to declare all-out war. Still, I couldn't let DHPD's actions go completely unpunished.

Retaliation...sort of...

Since they vandalized my office, I decided to return the favor. A couple days later, I headed over to Broadbelt Grove Police Dept., and inside I saw the following message on the wall: "DHPD - The sexiest zombie killers around." Oh, I just couldn't resist. I may be a pretty cold-blooded guy, but I am not without a sense of humor, and this situation was begging for a crude joke. While no one was looking, I quickly sprayed my own message, then ran out of there, not wanting to see how they might react to their official police branch office having this on their wall: "DHPD - That flak jacket makes you look fat." Okay, not my best work, but I did better later.

First Blood

So, life rolls on, and I get a few members, as well as finalizing the name of the group. About a week after my spraycan fun, I received a visit from Detectve Collins. "Your Clan needs to leave, D4rkness. Although some of yout tags have been funny, your just anoying us now. And considering your propensity for BS on the Message board,(OOC: BS on the message board? The hell is he talking about? I'm a damn saint next to most of Desensitised.) the DHPD will no longer stand for it. Conn is isuing a warrant on you and Larry if you dont leave the DMZ (Dunell Hills, and its surounding 5 suburbs. We really dont like shooting fellow survivors but we will if they cant act right...Thats 24 hours from 14:45 GMT 23 Feb 2006." I was going to tell the guy off, but a guy I just met a few days before named Larry beat me to it. "Detectve Collins, you should play a Zombie~! Also learn to spell, and keep your mouth shut. Thank you have a nice day." He then killed Detective Collins. Larry, I love you, man. Anyone who says "have a nice day" before committing homicide is officially my best friend.

Malton's Most Wanted

Only a day later, Larry made DHPD's Most Wanted list.

5. Larry Conspiracy, Assault, and Murder Warrant Issued Conndraka 23:46, 23 February 2006 (GMT)

Good for him, but I don't take kindly to being outdone. So, I decided to step up and blew away a few cops myself. It took me about 4 days of slaughter, but I made the list right behind Larry.

6. D4rkness Conspiracy, Assault, Murder of DHPD Officer (CSM), Revive Point Vagrancy. Warrant Verifide Conndraka 20:02, 25 February 2006 (GMT)

Also, during that time period, I made another tag on one of DHPD's branches. This time it's good, I swear. Imagine how pissed they were to see "DHPD, my penile code is bigger than yours."

A few days later, my warrant got an amendment:

Also two counts murder of a DHPD officer (Officer O'Delaw and Staff Sergeant Fox) on Mar 1st in Cotty St Precinct. Suspect is considered armed and dangerous. Warrant requested by Jet City PD #0347.

I'm kind of proud of that, actually. Little things like that make it all worthwhile.


Around the beginning of March, DHPD caught up with me. "D4rkness You are wanted for Violation of the DHPD criminal code. Conspiracy, Assault, Murder of DHPD Officer are not allowed here." That's what I heard before Willr3 shot me. (OOC: Just notice something here. I was threatened by Willr1, and killed by Willr3. Just throwing this out there. More on the matter later) Of course, I was revived with little trouble, but it's the principle of the thing, right?

Madness and Mayhem Tour

So, about another week passed, and by now our numbers have swelled a bit more. Planning had also begun for a group activity of sorts. We were just sort of throwing ideas around, and Bill said "How about we rob a bank or something?" It seemed a little odd, considering most of the banks have already been looted to hell. Still, most of us liked the idea of robbing a bank. In the end, it wouldn't be so much of a robbery, but we had an idea that maybe we could use this as a way to make DHPD comply with us.

Stop #1: Help Bank

So, on March 12th, the Bank Tour (now more commonly know as the Madness and Mayhem Tour) begun with the raid on Help Bank. We actually unintentionally broke up into two groups, my group going to Help Bank, the other going to Mather Bank. Upon arriving at Help Bank, there was absolutely no one there, and all the vaults and such were empty. The place was a ravaged mess. So, I calmly knocked over the one divider rope that was still standing, and declared "Our work here is done!".

Stop #2: Mather Bank

So, we met up with group 2 at Mather Bank. There was a decent number of people inside, so we did our thing. I must admit, waving my pistol around and yelling "This is a robbery! Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt." was loads of fun. Of course, I was lying to their faces. We killed most of them, and held that last one as a hostage. We then compiled a list of demands for DHPD, which I promptly sent to them. The letter read as follows:

To whom it may concern,

I wish to inform you that the Brotherhood of the Reckoning, having become fed up with your totalitarian leadership and abuse of power, have taken action. Myself and several representatives from the Brotherhood have taken a hostage inside an undisclosed location, and have killed the others in the building. We will kill the hostage and anyone else who tries to interfere unless you meet our demands, which are as follows:

1. We wish to be compensated for the misery your organization has caused us in the past. I personally will require:

a. an SMG with extra ammo

b. some shotgun shells

c. $2500 cash

My colleagues have also requested:

d. cigarettes

e. lemonade

f. vodka

g. 47 mobile phones

h. condoms

i. 10 DVD players

j. a midwife (we have a pregnant woman with us)

k. DHPD badges of honour, with the words 'Villain of the Year' on them, in gold if possible

l. some DHPD hookers. Don't play dumb, we know you have them.

2. We demand air transport to a location of our choosing. Specifically, two cool-looking black helicopters. I will only disclose our location to the pilots flying the choppers to us. No other DHPD staff or associates may know, and should anyone affiliated with DHPD show up at our location without my clearance, they will be shot on sight.

3. Furthermore, my colleagues have demanded the total deletion of the DHPD Most Wanted list. I am inclined to agree with them.

Thank you for your attention, and we hope you will meet the demands I have laid out for you above. If you do not, you can expect even more innocent people will die, and you wouldn't want that on your conscience, would you?

Sincerely Yours,


FingFangFoom, a member of DHPD, sent me the following reply:


We're sorry to see that it has come to this. Hostage-taking is a very serious business, but we can work on this, together. Maybe you could let the hostage go, and work on a deal. You'll still have to do time, but maybe as a GKer rather than the more serious charge. I mean, hostage-taking, that could get you up the river for life. Or worse, the chair (or shotgun). Let's work together on this. Tell me what happened. We've got to give the press something. I mean, I'm on YOUR side.

Regarding your requests:

1. A submachine gun could prove difficult. Try having a friend repeatedly request that they be made available through the local armories and we might be able to do this. How much ammo is 'extra?'

2. Shotgun shells. Again, amount?

3. Yes yes. It's getting put into briefcases as we speak, but please, take it easy, and don't KILL anyone!

Your colleagues? How many are in there with you? Yes yes, I know you can't tell us the EXACT number, but please, a rounded number... more than five, ten?

d. I'm afraid cigarettes are rare in the city. Trenchcoaters seem to have looted most of them. All we can offer you is an old carton of Marlboro Menthols.

e. Will Country Time work?

f. Ick, if you really want it, sure.

g. 47 mobile phones, we got 47 mobile phones. 43 of them are camera-capable, but their memories are all full of strange snapshots of giggling Japanese girls squinting and flashing the 'peace' sign. Hope that works for you ok.

h. The kind with the stuff?

i. If you request 11 DVD players, we can throw in a free copy of American Ninja III

j. We have a shortage of midwives. How about three spectacled Necrotech lab assistants?

k. No gold, silver. Do you require a particular font? Apologies, but Dunell is mispelled on the badges. We don't, as of yet, understand or know why.


2. Okay, we're working on the choppers. It's going to take awhile, bureaucracy, y'know? By cool-looking, do you mean they've got airbrushed pictures of a rhino fighting the Green Goblin in a desert and stuff? 'cause, uh, that's what our mechanics thought. But still, fueling times, flight times, it's difficult. I'm working with my superiors, but look, we need proof that the hostage is still alive. And we need the location so we can get you all your demands, and verify that the hostage is okay, I'm trying to work with you here, but there are certain protocols we need to follow otherwise the press and the DA and mayor will be breathing down our necks. So, as a sign of good faith, I'll send over those Marlboro Menthols, okay?

Your friendly hostage negotiator,


After this, I sent him two letters back:


I appreciate your speedy response. I believe we may be able to reach a deal, hookers or none, but I will have to take it up with my colleagues and make sure they're okay with your terms. Also, someone has another request: a carton of Pizza-licious Pringles. Your ability to fulfil that request may be the determining factor in whether this comes to an end without any more bloodshed. I would personally rather let the hostage go, but Walter has really been on edge lately. Anway, I will find out what the others want to do and respond shortly.

Sincerely yours,



We have not yet reached an agreement, but I felt I should inform you that the hostage has been set free. He is now dead, but free nonetheless. My apologies, but I did not realize Walter had a personal issue with this individual. I hope this will not affect your willingness to cooperate with us.

Sincerely Yours,


That last one also had a few notes scribbled on the back from my colleagues:

William wrote: He is indeed a wreck, hasn't slept for days, high on revive, blood on his hands....and only some bloody menthol cigarettes! 'Ryan' was a zerger. And some level 30 Caiger Mall Survivor tried to rescue him! A decision he came to regret...

Carl Smith wrote: Yeah poor Walter the man keeps shotting himself in the head so he has a reason to get revived. He is a damn junkie. Oh and Ryan may want these *holds up scrotum with testicles*. Removed those when I was torturing him. You DHPDers need to be better cops.

Larry wrote: And I want my damned Pringles~! Don't forget "Pizza-licious" flavor.

Yeah, we screwed up. The hostage was dead, we had no bargaining chips. And I came to the sudden realization that the people I associate with are bat-s**t insane. I was perhaps more shocked by the realization that the first realization didn't bother me. Yeah, they're a bunch of loons, but they're like family to me.

Anyway, I got two letters after that. The first was as follows:

Dear 'the D4rkness'

I am in receipt of your letter, as well as the scribblings in various other handwritings on the back. I am very disappointed that the hostage is dead, and can't help but feel this is a stumbling block in our professional relationship. Unfortunately, upon hearing the news of the hostage's death and dismemberment, one of our erstwhile and impressionable beat cops hefted a shoulder-launched anti-air missile and shot the black helicopters out of the sky in retaliation. He has been reprimanded, I assure you, but it means the helicopter is also off the table. It also means Caiger will be without their anti-zombie-hive-mind-balloon defense, but that is another issue.

I am confused by the scribblings. So is now the deal, I get you pizzalicious pringles, and I get a severed unidentified scrotum? If I throw in hi-energy protein bars and the Bauhaus 'Burning on the Inside' album on vinyl, could I get a couple of ears and maybe a face in there? Actually, we need the teeth too, for indentification purposes in our extensive databases.

Please, don't let the communication between us close. It is the only thing preventing more senseless slaughter, when our real enemy should be the enemy without: the obvious Marxist-influenced zombie hive mind.



The second letter has been shredded and burned, so I can't tell you what it said. (OOC: Really, how high do you have to be to ask a guy like D4rkness if he wants to work for DHPD? What have the cops been sniffing, and where can I get some?)

Well, in the end we didn't really get what we wanted, and were still rather unsatisfied with the backup offer, so we decided that the tour must continue.

Stop #3: Maggs Bank

On March 18th, we hit Stop #3: Maggs Bank. This time, we got three hostages, and were confident our plan would succede. Perhaps a little overconfident. A guy named Vance Strickland caught us off-guard and freed the hostages, as well as shooting several of us. So, we had to retreat for the time being. There was a happy ending, though, as Vance later got his brains blown out by yours truly.

Forum Drama

(OOC: Around this time, the DHPD zerg controversy was heating up. The result of this being that DHPD's leadership was exposed, and a large number of accounts in DHPD were deleted by Kevan. I mostly tried to stay out of the argument, but I said a few things I somewhat regret. Fortunately for me, the records of the event were lost when Desensitised was shut down)

Road Trip

Well, as March was drawing to a close, we found that a large horde of zombies was quickly pouring into Dunell Hills. That was our cue to get the hell outta dodge. Let that mess be DHPD's problem. So, we took a little road trip down to Lockettside.

From the STREETS

After getting there, we saw the work of the Sons of Anarchy: tags reading Streets is Watchin on every single building. This was downright irritating. So, we spent the next couple weeks finding and killing these guys, as well as covering up their retarded tags with some creative ones of our own.

After doing this for a while, we started running out of Sons of Anarchy members to kill, and most of the sprays were gone. Meanwhile, we all had loads of ammo and nothing to do with it. We started making plans to leave Lockettside, but not before one last raid. This next assault, possibly one of our greatest coordinated efforts, has come to be known as the St. Alexander's Massacre, so named for the hospital we attacked, just north of Tompson Mall.

M&M Stop #4: The St. Alexander's Massacre

In the days leading up to the attack, we heard word of a massive horde heading our way, so we knew we'd have to get the hell out of there right after the attack was over.

The attack went quite smoothly. There was no show-boating this time, though. No threats or demands or hostages. None of us had killed anything in almost a week, and we were just itching to spill some blood. Hence, my pet name for the massacre: Saturday, Bloody Saturday. In all, we reached a body count of 13. We actually kept track of all their names, too. Here is the list of bodys from the St. Alexander's Massacre (profiles missing for the first 3):

MedicBoy, Dr Karl Kennedy, macdjord, Aktsioonimees, Jorge Pasado, s1c1h9i1s1m, Lewis Dark, Janni, Johnny'Fedora, Ephram Mason, Lord Visnae, Deadfli, Steve Dallas

And after that, the horde arrived, and we got the hell out of there. I had a close encounter with them, but in all no real harm done.

The Tour Continues...

So, after leaving Lockettside, we headed toward the South-East Malton area, which is where we still are today. Plenty is happening there, but I cannot reveal our plans until after the fact. But rest assured, as long as we are there, as long as our guns are loaded, and as long as the narcotics don't wear off, no one is safe.

Author Update:

It's been months since I wrote this. We're not in the Southeast anymore. I'm going to try to write a sequel to this soon, and it promises to be even better than the original.

Keep your eyes peeled for History of the Brotherhood: Two Drink Minimum

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