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Older stuff that I don't want cluttering up the main group page goes here.

Old Updates:

Update for August '07

Huh... oh, hi again. I just got back from a crazy Remember Pluto party in the south. So, I... wait, what? It's September?! Holy s#@t, I really blacked out there. Lemme start over...
Update for SEPTEMBER '07
Okay, I had to be filled in on a few things, but apparently, after Red Rum members pissed off some people and left the PKA, CGR and some others declared war on Red Rum. Well, you know me and Headless Gunner have always been close, so BOTR is joining the party to help knock some sense into the Rummers. What this means for us... well, uh, that's a good question. You know, I think I'll just leave my boy D. Rod in charge of this one. I'm going back down south for a while. I have a belated birthday party to get to. Later.

Update for July '07

Been kind of a slow summer for me. I probably should have handed over wiki detail to someone else. As I'm the only one who updates this page, it's pretty much been collecting cyber-dust since May. Anyway, things should be picking back up soon. [spoiler alert!] I'm back, and I'm itching for a fight. >:)

Update for April 6th:

19009.jpg Vote Pro Life! Vote Vois!
Vote for life, Vote for Vois !

Also, Rolt Heights is screwed. :D

Update for March 16th:

Idesofmarch.jpg CAVETE IDES MARTIAE!
This User or Group Participated In The Ides Of March Killings In Ackland Mall

Yeah, that's about it.

Update for March 3rd:

Cherub.gif I was a St. Valentine's Cherub
This user or group has been celebrating St. Valentine's Day at Bale Mall.

Wicked plans are still being orchestrated. In case you hadn't heard by now, Bale got torched overnight on Valentine's Day by a massive swarm of PKers, and BOTR was there. Hmm... I wonder what we'll do for an encore... Muahahahaha!!!

Man, evil laughs don't really work in text, do they? :/

Also, it seems we've been nominated for an award of some kind. The James Earl Jones Awards. How flattering! Hmm... strange, though. It seems a lot of award shows are popping up lately...

Minor Update:

I realized that the 'anyone can join' ads were really false advertising. See Recruitment above for details.

Update for February:

What a magical time this is. The Brotherhood of the Reckoning is 1 year old this month. The exact date is sometime toward the end of the month, but I don't remember it, so I'm just going to celebrate all month long. The previously mentioned huge plans will be carried out this month, though that's really just coincidal.

Update for Jan. somethingth:

Chillin' somewhere in the NW. Not much to report right now. We're kind of preparing for something big soon, though. It will be grand. It will be phenomenal. It will kick ass.

Update for Dec. 12th:

For once, I think we have a clear goal. Tynte Mall is now in our possession, and we intend to keep it that way. Other survivors may use the mall for gathering supplies, but you may not sleep in the mall. Furthermore, you may not change the graffiti inside the mall. No more stupid group recruitment messages. The mall is not your personal billboard. Furthermore, I definitely don't want to see any more of those "keep the barricades up" messages. Do you really think those are necessary? We're not idiots, we know the barricades need to stay up. You're not helping by spraying that over my art.

More information on the holding and maintaining of Tynte Mall is available to fellow Reckoners only on the forums.

Update for Nov. 19, 2006:

The Brotherhood of the Reckoning is currently undergoing a major reevalutation. I'm going on a journey to figure out what I can do to make things better. I'm not actually going anywhere, but calling it a journey just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I'm thinking about inventing a new PKing game and hosting it on Brainstock. I don't know how kindly they'll take to it, but it's at least worth a try. More on this as the story develops. Back to you in the studio.

Update for November 11th:

Wow, I should really update this thing more often. Anyway, we're not around Creedy anymore, though we've still got unfinished business with a few members of CDF. In the meantime, we've found a new target in the vicinity of the other fort.

Our forum is undergoing a little aesthetic update. Same color scheme and such, but I'm putting in a new music player. Hopefully, it won't break anyone's computer this time.

Seriously, isn't this sweet? We're probably the only forum in UD that has music.

Update for October 19th:

Wow, I actually wrote the second installment to the History of the Brotherhood. Who would have guessed it? Hell, even I thought I'd never write it, but I did. Check out the link above in History.

Update for October 18th:

Trying out a new logo and theme song on our forum. Buy Nickelback's new cd All the Right Reasons so they won't sue.

Update for October 16th:

Mostly, we're still having our fun in the general area around Fort Creedy, but we still need people to help out with a secret project for the PKA.

Update for September 30th:

Not really anything to report. Just letting people know we're still here. In fact, expect something big from us very soon.

Update for September 6th:

Still moving stuff around on the page. Old updates got moved to their own page (link at the bottom of this one). I'm thinking we need more images still. I'll look into it.

Update for September 5th:

Dumped the BS membership application because it's really not that funny. The group's time has been pretty evenly divided between helping PKA and generally pissing people off. Still, that stuff is top secret, so I'm not about to tell you all about it.

Oh, and I'm going to change the quote at the top. The one we've got now is good, but takes up too much room at the top of the page. I'm going to move it elsewhere and put the Axl Rose quote at the top.

Update for August 8th:

I've decided to start a recruitment drive. I've updated the Recruitment section of the page here with drive info, and moved it to the top of the page so it's easier to find. There are threads about it on Resensitised and Proboards.

Update for August 2nd:

A new month is here, and I really have nothing special to talk about. Just that Giddings is about to be cracked like an egg, marking the beginning of a new age in which the PKers will rule Malton by conquering all survivor stongholds one at a time and claiming them as our own. You know, just the usual.

Update for July 13th:

It occurs to me I forgot to update this thing. Whatever, it's not like much of anyone reads it. Anyway, in case you haven't heard yet, The PKer Alliance lives, and the Brotherhood was among the first to join. Works out great for me, since I don't really need to tell my group what to do anymore. All the big plans are decided on by everyone, so all I really need to do is show up and be my fun-loving self. I almost feel guilty about the fact that I'm not being a proper leader and role model for my PKer brethren. Almost.

Update for June 28th:

I converted our membership requirements into a handy application. It's short, sweet, and to the point. Not unlike myself.

Update for late June:

Okay, the month thing isn't working. Maybe I should just give the full date of all these updates. Anyway, I've decided to take the Most Wanted Dead list off the page. I never update it anymore anyway. If anyone wants to see the actual list, I'm going to make it visible on the forum. There's some other news as well, but it's very hush-hush, so I'm not telling.

Update for June (for real this time):

PK Day was pretty cool, and we got a decent body count. The RNG gods were not smiling on us that day, but we still did fairly well. It's a shame no one knew about it or cared. I'm going to add that event and others to our history page at some point, but I can't say when. I still need to work up the motivation to take the time to write them.

  • Update to the update: I wrote things here I probably shouldn't have. God, I'm stupid.

Update for June 2006:

Well, it's not really June just yet, but I need to update things a bit. I've always had a bit of a cold shoulder toward newcomers, but now that Desensitised is shut down, it's almost impossible for bloodthirsty newbies to contact me. So, I've decided to open our private forum to the public. The majority of group-related stuff is off-limits to anyone but my fellow Reckoners and myself, but there is a public section. It currently contains the following: a discussion board, a recruitment board, an off-topic discussion board, and a board for those who desperately need psychiatric help, but cannot afford it.

Also, I plan to add on some of our more recent exploits to the history page soon, though I can't say when.

Update for May 2006:

We're still hanging out in Southeast Malton, and just carried out another successful attack, with more on the way. Also, I finished compiling the History of the Brotherhood, so check it out. Perhaps it isn't the greatest peice of writing of all time, but it has its moments. It will be updated as time goes on. Finally, I got an invitation for the Brotherhood to join in the fun on PK Day.

Pkdaythumb.jpg PK-Day
Remember that 6/6/6 was Pk-day!

You know we're there.

Update for April 2006:

In the past, the Brotherhood has largely been about defending our turf, but lately we've realized how easily any one area can be overrun by the undead. As such, we have been on the move quite a bit lately. After leaving Dunell Hills for the Shining Ones to devastate, we arrived in Lockettside. At that point, a brief PK/graffiti war broke out with the Sons of Anarchy, until that whole Nazi-Hunters thing started. It was irritating, and really spoiling our fun, so after one last day of fun with firearms at the St. Alexander's Massacre, we have decided to move on yet again. Now, our little road trip has carried us to the South-East Malton area, and we're looking to start something soon. So, my advice to anyone in that area would be to not get in the way of our merry-making, unless you want to be staring down the barrel of a shotgun.

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