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Brutal Deluxe Brewery
Brutal Deluxe Brewery is primarily a human group that is dedicated toward brewing beer and keeping the pubs and Brewery locations repaired, powered and serving beer. We have some zombies that actively deliver our beer and our message throughout Malton. As a zombie, simply agree not to destroy pubs or brewery locations. Otherwise enjoy some human flesh with some Brutal Deluxe Brewery beer, we recommend the Apocalyptic Porter. It really brings out the meaty taste.
We recruit anyone who loves beer and their fellow beer drinkers.
In Beer we trust!

<span-style="color: #000000; text-align: center">Goals and Guidelines</span>

We are a production brewery that distributes throughout the city and hopefully someday into the surrounding cities. We make beer for both the living and the undead of Malton. If you enjoy beer, do your part to keep the brewery active. This means that rather than destroying pubs, keep them intact. Contact us at brutaldeluxe @ gmail dot com and we will see what employment opportunities we have for you. Our first brewpub was opened in New Arkham you can help expand the brewery by claiming a pub as a Brutal Deluxe Brewery Alehouse or Pub. The two highest ranks are Brewmaster and Alehouse Manager, you can choose to apply for any position, including Brewery Security or Brewery Delivery Person. More duties will likely be added as the Brewery grows.

<span-style="color: #000000; text-align: center">Joining the Brewery</span>

Brutal Deluxe Brewery is actively recruiting and is open to anyone who wants to spread our fine brews. You can just enter Brutal Deluxe Brewery in as a group and send us an email at brutaldeluxe @ gmail dot com. If you have a pub in mind that you would like to take ownership, let us know. If you just want to deliver our beer and our message that is fine also. But we still encourage you to work toward keeping all pubs repaired and powered. Most of all we want to have fun, and if you have an idea for a new beer we want to hear that as well.
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