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burning chiton

cephalopods aside: non-point of view statement

burning chiton is a player-killer group open to anyone willing and able. They will kill at their own discretion, paying little heed to group affiliation.

oneirology (comma) duck sauce

We are the morpho-syntactical backbone of a city full of blurry-eyed, blurry-faced flustering flurries that once called themselves the human race. We assure the meaning of life in its meaningless and its victory in its defeat. We set alight the chitons of the Muses of antiquity, burning beauty 'til the charred husks are stellified and shining brighter than Orion in the sky.

cur, cur, cur?

Malton is just rife with indeterminate outcomes. The absorptive kind of living that stability and ignorance builds - the socioeconomic safety valve that keeps complete existential chaos at bay - has sunk into the hearts and minds of the city dwellers. We're here to break the reverie. We're here to bring light to darkness and darkness to light. The compulsions, convulsions of convolution will ease the tension of the great unknowing, and allow Maltonians to accept their fate: living is dead, death is living.

invertebrates petrified and breathing

Killers, murderers, squidbeaked cavaliers - we will take you all. We don't care much for any thing but the massacre of everyone and everything, but if you want to smash a radio or generator, the light- and sound-wave mediums will thank you. Leave a message on the talk page if you're interested in joining our mayhem and butchery.


No alt abuse. No zerging. Period.
Don't be rude. Be ruthless and cruel, but never rude.
Don't spy on other groups. If the information isn't readily and publicly available, you're spying.

dead among dead + the order of things
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